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Sade Sati for Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer is ruled by Moon, which is a sworn enemy with Saturn. This inimical relationship affects the native negatively during Shani Sade Sati. Their water and air elements collide in a way to cause an emotional whirlwind in your life.

You need to be very careful in your married life during this time. This is certainly not the time to trust people blindly, especially your spouse and business partner.

The results of Shani Sade Sati for Cancer natives is positive in terms of research projects. You may even get sudden benefits from a long-lost investment or find a hidden treasure in some way. Saturn would majorly affect your mental health during Sade Sati. You may think excessively and land into depression or anxiety.

The feeling of loneliness would pervade your life and you would feel quite heavy-hearted. This is the time to give your morale and spirit a boost!

Here is how Cancer Sade Sati effects roll by. You may like to check or confirm your Moon Sign for understanding these results.

First Phase

The first phase of Shani Sade Sati for Cancer is quite stable as it begins with Saturn’s move in the 12th house from the natal Moon, which means Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, a friend of Saturn.

You would travel a lot during the first phase of Sade Sati. You seek an indulgent & relaxed lifestyle and might spend a lot to get it. You would feel inclined to explore the mystery and hidden realities of life. This phase would bring respite from any health issues that you would have been facing lately.

Second Phase

The second phase is relatively bad compared to the first 2 ½ years. Saturn this time is conjunct natal Moon, an enemy planet. This could lead to domestic issues. You might run into problems due to a key female association in your life.

You may also face health issues during the second phase of Sade Sati. Some tensions from the maternal side may also persist. Property and land-related matters wouldn’t be smooth either.

You would feel alone and depressed during this time. Life would fall short of mental peace and harmony. Singles may also experience a delay in marriage.

Moreover, your career would also remain unsteady. This is the hardest phase of all three so you need to maintain your patience and calm.

Third Phase

During this phase, Saturn would be placed in the 2nd house from Moon, meaning Leo, ruled by Sun, which is again an enemy of Saturn.

While the relationship between Sun and Saturn is of son and father in Hindu mythology, this doesn’t make things any better for you. In fact, you might experience conflicts with your father during this time.

Your language would become harsh. Shani Sade Sati for Cancer also causes distance from family, especially parents during the third phase. Finances losses and some accusations are also possible.


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