Leo Love Horoscope

Leo is the second fire sign and comprise the ‘sigma’ personality. This gives them an aggressive or controlling nature. They are often into various relationships which are short-term, until they meet their ideal match.

Leo Love Horoscope


A Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It comes under three constellation, each very different from the other. Simultaneously, they all have a common format which is the need to be flattered by everyone around, else they find a way to do it themselves.

They fall under the masculine zodiac signs which includes all the air and fire signs. Their basic nature represents the same. Feminine signs are mostly vulnerable or emotional, but masculine signs are pretty much the opposite.

Traits of a Leo

  • Ruled by Sun, Leo are creative, warm-hearted, passionate, ambitious, and generous. They are bold, courageous, and are the natural leaders of the zodiac. They possess high self-esteem and are protective of their surroundings. They are usually cheerful and thrive on social interactions.
  • On the downside, Leo is arrogant, egoistic, and stubborn. They may come across as rigid individuals, at times, and can be selfish.
  • They love to be in the limelight and like to be admired. They have a penchant for luxury, branded, and expensive things. A Leo man would have difficulty in facing or accepting the truth.
  • Ignorance is something they cannot stand, and they crave a high social status.

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Leo Man in Love

  • A Leo Moon sign born man is very romantic and passionate. They can be possessive about their love interest and will often shower them with expensive gifts, dinners, and vacations. As a lover, they will treat you like a queen and would like to be treated like a king, in return.
  • They will always make their partner feel special by generously showing compliments on them. They will expect the same level of generosity from you.
  • They are the warmest and most loving all zodiacs but touch upon their supreme egos, and they will not blink an eyelid to call off the relationship.
  • A Leo man would like to have control of the marital relationship. He will be generous, loving, affectionate, and protective.
  • He likes being the dominant one in the relationship and will want his wife to present herself to the world according to his wishes.


Leo Woman in Love

  • A Leo woman falls in love pretty easily. She’s easy to please with material things and sex. As long as her physical and material needs are met, she’s good to go.
  • She isn’t someone that you’ll be chasing. There’s hardly a Leo woman who’ll be someone taking a lot of time to get into a relationship, and they generally have multiple relationships from a young age.
  • She’s someone who equates sex and sensuality with love often and the person who she has this connect with becomes her partner. She can be dominating in relationships using manipulation as a tact, also shows of emotional theatrics which she’s good at. The very next moment, her emotions will change like nothing ever happened,
  • She’s demanding materialistically and goes for someone who can fulfill it, mostly she doesn’t do it herself. She likes things to be served on a platter and can act entitled for no reason.
  • Any show of affection is either because there’s something to receive in return or given as an award for abiding by her wishes, never free of cost.


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Love Guide for Leo

Leo Moons are best paired with Aquarius and Leo.

Leo and Aquarius Moon Love Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius are considered partner signs when it comes to Moon signs. They can both inspire each other and match each other’s potential, the understanding and the desires in life are almost the same. They both look for material pleasures above all which can be fulfilled by the other and emotions are generally gauged according to the sexual quotient for both.

Leo and Leo Moon Love Compatibility

Leo and Leo Moon can easily gel together with the only issue being who would dominate whom? This is because they can both have a very similar nature, however, different nakshatras can be best paired with the other and in cases, where the matching of horoscopes are done, a fruitful relationship is very much possible. They have the same love language and expectations. As long as they know how to work towards fulfilling the expectations of the other, and not just expecting in return, this relationship is next best to the one with Aquarius Moon.

To Make Their Love Relationship Perfect, Leo Should

They have relatively less control over their anger and can be very loud when annoyed. This should be worked upon as well as over-expectations from a partner and controlling nature which has no place in a romantic relationship, no matter what excuse.


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