Leo Love Horoscope - Marriage

Leo is a fire sign and ruled by the royal planet in the zodiac the Sun. The symbol of Leo is the king of animals, which is the Lion. They are the combination of fire energy and the king. They are royal, passionate fiery and very intense. Even though the Sun is a fiery planet, in astrology, the Sun indicates love, romance, arts, and creative energies. This is a very surprising factor. So, Leos also will have the same interest for arts and romance. They like the soft part of life. They are party people who like to enjoy their life.

They will catch the attention wherever they go as they do have an aura. So, people will get naturally attracted to them. A Leo is very playful and nothing can stop them from being a romantic person. It is not a hard task for a Leo to find a romantic partner. Anybody will love them, but it is difficult for them to get into a long lasting relationship. They are highly playful and outgoing and that can be seen as a positive as well as a negative aspect of a Leo.

 They are very kingly, so they want a person who can match up to their standards in all aspects. Whether it is personal or professional life, what Leo needs is a high-quality life. They can’t stick with a low IQ person. If you dating a Leo, then always have high standards as you are in a royal association.

Leos, despite, male and female are proud and feeling great about their family history. Leo indicates power, knowledge and emotional intelligence. We can see most of the country’s great leaders having a string Leo sign. They like to be in the forefront.   So, don’t underestimate a Leo, if you want to win their heart.

Leos are highly optimistic and showing light to others. You will see them as teachers and guides. They have goodwill for the entire human civilization, so you may see them as big revolutionaries. If you don’t have that desire for the social cause, then it will be difficult for you to win a Leo's heart.

They are kind people and they don’t like unkind people. Their straightforwardness may be misunderstood as their rude nature. In reality, they don’t like to be unfaithful, so they like to make everything very clear about them. This nature may bring some issues with their spouse. If the spouse is also a Leo, then, there is no doubt there will be ego clashes.

Even though they are so vibrant, they have a dark side too. It is common with all the matters in the universe. Every coin has a double side. They can be very arrogant. This will be a big turn off for their spouse. They are always lost in their aura, so that may make them less considerate about their spouse talents and capabilities. For them, they are the ultimate royal person.  If you are interested in a Leo, then you should have the real guts to tolerate the arrogant vibes from your spouse.

Normally when a Leo is in a relationship with Capricorn and Aquarius, these ego clashes will be very prominent. Both the signs are ruled by the Saturn and Sun is the arch-enemy of Saturn. The equation with Saturn and the Sun is very less.

Leos are highly egoistic. They don’t like anyone to take their accountability. They like to rule everyone, but they don’t like to get ruled. This nature can bring some issues when a Leo is in a relationship with Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.  The Earth sign needs accountability and that’s not Leo’s forte. So, if you are an earth sign, then stop taking daily reports from Leos.

Like a King, Leos like to dominate. If you want to date a Leo for a long lasting and happy relationship, then you should acquire the toughest quality that is submissiveness. Leos doesn’t like anyone dominates them in any relationship. Despite love, even in friendship, a Leo’s ego will get hurt if someone questions them. It will be ideal for their partner to make them the decision makers.

They are impatient as well. If you want to date a Leo, learn to do everything fast. They don’t like waiting for anything. They want everything ASAP. They don’t like any imperfect things. Leos like everything to be perfect and beautiful. Looking beautiful is very essential to impress a Leo.

They like creative skills, so, if you have any creative talent, then you have a great chance to conquer a Leo’s heart. It is not easy to make a Leo love you, whichever sign you are as they are highly self –centered.


If you are in a relationship with a Leo, then you should remember all these matters for a happy relationship.

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