Sagittarius 2015 Love Horoscope

Introduction in the months of March – April and falling in love during June – July is the precise forecast for you if like a true Sagittarius you are a lover of freedom and appreciate a good life. This is more valid for the single or not bound by a commitment so far. Similarly the good period for you is the month of June to August 2014, if married.

For the singles, this year promises to be a good one. You could well come in contact with a person who could be fit to be your life partner. You may be courting him or her. Regardless of your past experience, you would find most part of this year a very pleasing one. You are not likely to miss any invitation to attend the party or a social function such as engagement ceremony, marriage etc. The chart of Sagittarius further suggests that you would be quite confident and extrovert and naturally this will only help to expand your social circle and network of friends. In short, you rock this year!

The reason behind this observation is the presence of great planet Jupiter in your 7th house, which will make you not only very popular in the social circle but you will be seen as a sort of leader of the gang and the life of the parties. This will be a process of reciprocation. People will accept you and adore you. Friends will celebrate your presence and members of opposite sex will love you. In return, you will also be a great party animal and care for each and every person in your group of friends. The word selfish will not be found in your dictionary.

The transit of the planets during the year 2014 also indicates that you will not wait for the opportunity to knock at your door. You will control your department of love and romance. You will throw parties, wine, dine and dance as the king of your social circle. Most importantly, you will have enough courage and guts to express your feelings and emotions to the person you like with confidence and full grace.

You will follow your heart’s desires like never before and will most likely achieve most of them.

A few exclusive tips for you
During the periods when Mars and Venus are opposing each other (around May 2014), your passions are likely to get too fired up. But make sure that you don’t hurt the feelings of your family members – most of all your parents.

Even if you are otherwise healthy, you will need to maintain a healthy life style lest too much partying or the over indulging life style takes a toll on your health. Be especially careful with your alcohol intake if you already have a lifestyle disease.

And finally
Venus being your planet of health may also interfere with your desire to look good. Therefore, an excessive use of chemicals (cosmetics) may harm your skin or body. Similarly overindulgence in the purchase of cosmetics or high fashion clothes and accessories is going to be an expensive preposition. Also I have already talked about your obsession with throwing parties frequently. These are likely to burn a hole in your pocket. So stay within the limits everywhere.