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Vedic Horoscope: Aries

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Vedic Horoscope

Today's Horoscope (24 Nov 2014)

Till : evening Your mind may remain disturbed for most part of the day. Disturbing thoughts do not allow you to focus on anything important. You should restrict yourself from indulging in important tasks and work on your routine activities... More

Monthly Horoscope (Nov 2014)

November 2014 would be a challenging month. While on one hand you will find a new dynamism and opportunity at work, at the other end there would be a rise in hurdles, issues with health and a general slowdown in life in general. Your luck would rise... More

Yearly Horoscope (2015)

Career during 2014 would be in a very powerful & active phase. You should be conscious of the fact that good times don?t last forever & so you should make the most of the powerful period that would be in operation till the 2nd of November.... More

Vedic Astrology and Horoscope

Vedic Astrology, about 7000 years old is the oldest branch of astrology known. This science finds mentions in the Vedas and has been carried down through generations. Vedic Astrology uses a unique system of date and time of birth.

Today's Ephemeris / Panchanga

Panchanga or Ephemeris is the placement of planet as well as specific vedic combinations which help us decide the auspicious & inauspicious times during a day.

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