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Vedic Horoscope: Aries

(Based on Moon Sign)
Vedic Horoscope

Today's Horoscope (14 Oct 2015)

Wonderful day for people in business as well as partnerships. Waste no more time and get going with your latest plans for expansion or enter pricey deals—your luck is with you today. Positive developments are possible on all fronts. Be it romance or... More

Monthly Horoscope (Oct 2015)

Aries would have an excellent month during October 2015. There would be many opportunities of growth, progress and new areas of work would open up during this month. You might find yourself very short tempered and over aggressive at times during... More

Yearly Horoscope (2015)

Career during 2014 would be in a very powerful & active phase. You should be conscious of the fact that good times don?t last forever & so you should make the most of the powerful period that would be in operation till the 2nd of November.... More

Vedic Astrology and Horoscope

Vedic Astrology, about 7000 years old is the oldest branch of astrology known. This science finds mentions in the Vedas and has been carried down through generations. Vedic Astrology uses a unique system of date and time of birth.

Super Benific Combination
12 Oct, 2015


  • NSE / BSE - Bearish Indications after 15th Oct till 9th November .
  • S&P 500/ DJI - Caution advised after 18th Oct till 8th November.
  • Gold / Silver - Looking positive between 18th Oct & 05th November.
  • Yahoo - Mildly bullish after 03rd October.
  • Indices Closings (09th October 2015)

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Today's Ephemeris / Panchanga

Panchanga or Ephemeris is the placement of planet as well as specific vedic combinations which help us decide the auspicious & inauspicious times during a day.

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