Career Analysis Report will precisely tell you how you will fare in the next up to 20 years in Career and some suitable ways & means you would need to get there.

A matter as important as ‘Career’ needs a thorough analysis,be it any stage of your life. A deep dive into your Career so far can tell you how your career is progressing & your career goals are being met. And this will probably help you come up with a future career strategy & plan of action to minimize the gap between the target & achievement of your Career Goals. This is exactly what a Vedic Astrologer would also do. The difference here is that the situations will no longer be hypothetical since an expert Vedic Astrologer would completely analyze your Career by studying your birth chart and applying principles of Vedic Astrology. What you get in return would be a ready analysis & a suggested plan of action for your Career in form of a Career Analysis Report.

How is it prepared?

An experienced Vedic Astrologer reads through your birth chart and interprets the effect of planets for their good and bad effects on your career & profession; dasa system & planetary transits to predict events in your professional life and to spot the specific trends like timing of maximum growth and time to stay cautious at work; growth opportunity within the present job and the growth achieved by the job change; timing of finding a more paying job; work environment and support of colleagues and superiors and the right timing of taking the key decisions in your career are analyzed.

What to expect from Career Analysis Report?

You can expect the following themes covered for you in your Career Analysis reading –
  • Overview of Career for the next 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 years.
  • Line of career/ areas suitable to you for attaining success
  • List of industries suitable to you
  • Suitable mode of making a living - Business( with or w/o partner);  job ; self practice
  • Within job - private sector or government job
  • What kind of product / category is suitable: art & culture, banking & investment, chemical  engineering & architecture, luxury items, entertainment, metal / mining, farming, real estate, research, science & technology etc.
  • Predictions for the next (up to) 10 years in career - time of promotions / transfers / problems   setbacks & periods within which you should avoid changes and need to be cautious.
  • Work life issues like delegation of authority, relationship with superiors as well as subordinates and the advice on crucial times of decision making in Career
    Your Career Analysis report would continue to guide you through your career and help you achieve your career goals.



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