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Are you looking for your soulmate – the one who will make you unravel your deepest desires within or someone very special with whom you would want to enhance your connection and take your relationship to the next level. Or are you looking to resolve compatibility issues in marriage or love life. Are you eager to know the timing of your marriage and the quality of your relationship. Vedic Astrology can provide all the answers related with love, relationship & marriage. Our expert Vedic astrologer will apply the Vedic Astrology principles to carefully analyze your birth chart and issues related with love and successful relationship.

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Get a 8 point compatibility covering your physical, mental,financial, social aspect aspect........ more
Your birth details :
Your birth details :
An intuitive report to help you lead a happy married life. From the description of your spouse, compatibility with his/ her, family life and kids, family luck to good and bad times – it covers it all to give you a complete lowdown on the married life. .........more
Know how your relationship will fare with your partner. Get a complete personality match , point by point and advice on how to fill the deficient areas for a happier love life.........more

What Will My Life Partner be like?

Get the description of your potential life partner and know how your love life will be like with him. It will describe what you tend to seek in your relationship, the experiences you could have in the relationship, description - both physical & psychological, of the kind of person, you could be in relationship with .........more
Plan your love life by knowing good and bad times as per planetary transits. So that you avoid making those first moves in times which are not favourable. And ensure success of your love proposal made at auspicious times .........more

Love / Marriage Live Phone / Web Chat

Chat live with Pt. Punarvasu ji to discuss matters related with relationship & marriage. He will work on your Vedic Chart to provide you with the instant remedial measures. Be assured that he will, with his years of experience on Vedic Astrology behind him, will give you a patient hearing and .........more
Will I have a love marriage or an arranged one? Is it a delayed Marriage? What will be the time of my marriage? Should I go ahead with the relationship? Consult our astrologer to get your answers.........more
We sketch out different personalities – your probable love partners on varied parameters. This report gives amazing insights on their temperaments, thus helping you identify the most suited personality type for your love life. Thus you can make a comparison between the two .........more

Love & Marriage Cartography report

Locationat Astrology works on finding out the country, city, region & direction from your birth or current location to understand where you could find your true love or life partner. So you would know if you will find love/ marriage at home or at a distant location and the timing & possibility .........more
This year brings mixed results in terms of relationships and love for Arians. Saturn transiting in the Seventh house from Aries, in Libra may cause delays, some ups & downs in your relationship.........more
The trends in your love life in 2015, with a monthly break up. So that you know when to make that first move and the time when to step back for a better result in your relationship .........more
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