1. Know your life partner thru the lens of Vedic Astrology!
  2. physical & psychological description of your future love partner/life partner.
  3. a better understanding of your own love nature.
  4. astrological remedies for a great love life ahead.
  5. complete confidentiality.

What will my Life Partner be like?
“What will my Life Partner be like” is a special love/marriage report on our site that will, as the name suggests, tell you all about your future love partner or spouse, including his or her physical attributes, the overall personality, the psychological outlook, intellectual level, etc. and many more exciting things. This report is one of the best sellers on the site as the predictions about your life partner given in this report are highly accurate and prepared using a combination of ancient Vedic principles and modern astrological tools.

How is this report prepared?
Vedic Astrology claims that The One meant for you in your life is predestined and things like when you will meet him or her and how he or she will look like are written all over the stars. Using your birth details, our expert Vedic Astrologer will first prepare your birth chart. To look into marriage and relationship prospects of an individual, the 7th house in the birth chart is analyzed along with the strength of planet of love and romance - Venus and planet of luck and abundance - Jupiter. All this and some more configurations are taken into consideration to prepare this report. For instance sub divisional charts which are exclusive to Vedic astrology only like the “Navamsa” chart is studied to find the description of your life partner.

How will this report benefit me?
If you are single, then it will be exciting to know what kind of person is destined to be with you in life. If you are already attached, you will get to know if the person you are with is a part of your destiny or not. This report will also feature other interesting things like the description of your love nature, the kind of people you get attracted to, the kind of relationship you are going to have, etc. It also covers the chances of multiple relationship if they exist. In case there are any troublesome aspects seen in your love life, this report will give you practical astrological remedies. This would help appease the planetary combinations causing relationship failures on a cyclical basis.
How to go about it?
To get to know how your future husband or wife will be like, you have to give us your birth details, i.e. date, time and place of birth. If possible, you must also give a brief background about any past relationships in your life, any troubles you’re facing in your current relationship, etc.


  • "Thank you Pt. Punarvasu. Your forecast on my Career Analysis is bang on. I wish I had this earlier! Thanks for suggesting that I need to wait & continue at my current workplace for six months before starting my job hunt. It has worked as I have got the much need salary hike here. Now I will look for another job, as suggested in the report by you."
    Dheeraj Sarin, India
  • "This is the first report that I ever bought on Astrology. And I must say that I wonder how I made it thus far without it. It is amazingly accurate as I can see after five months of receiving it. I regularly refer back to it whenever there are trying times as well as when I have had those success points it predicted!"
    Anna, California
  • "Indastro is a wonderful site - I cannot praise it enough! All orders are processed in a timely fashion, and the insights the astrologers provide are valuable. I would recommend Indastro to anyone!"
    Emily Lamond, Canada