What will my Life Partner be Like

When we are single, we have at sometime or the other tried to imagine, what would be the person you fall in love with or get married to, be like. Books, movies and various other mediums put in some notions in our mind, which are used as props to imagine our life partners.

Astrology holds vital clues on what would your spouse / partner be like. Vedic astrology uses the 7th house, planets Jupiter & Venus and various other clues we find in sub divisional charts ( exclusive to Vedic astrology ) like the ‘ Navamsa” to find description of your life partner.

Our expert astrologers can determine the physical attributes, description of the person and the kind of relationship you would enjoy with your partners. All effects that we describe, would be the effect and experience you would experience in relation to your life partner.

Our report would describe what you tend to seek in relationships, the experiences you could have in relationship, description both physical & psychological of the kind of persons, you could be in a relationship with. The report would also cover, chances of multiple relationships and certain advice and remedies in case there are troublesome combinations that cause relationships failures on a cyclical basis.

For best results try and give us a brief background of your past experiences. That would help our experts give their best advice and analysis.

USD 49 / Rs.2450