Love/Marriage compatibility report

Love Compatibility Report-on a point system of 1 to 36 points

  • Mental (thinking & intellectual) Compatibility.
  • Physical compatibility in term of sexual compatibility.
  • Wealth & luck generated due to the match.
  • Longevity of attraction between the couple.
  • Longevity of life of each spouse - By checking the chart for Mangal Dosha
  • Growth of family and name by virtue of being together
  • Happiness with regard to children
  • Match of personalities

All these factors combine together to make up 36 points or GUNAS. If a couple scores less than 18 then the match should be rejected .If the score is between 18 - 24, then the match is acceptable (average). If the score is between 25 - 32 then the match is very good (above average).If the score is above 32 then technically the match is excellent but a lot of other factors have to checked since both persons will be of same nature and that is not conducive to long term relationship.

USD 20 / Rs.1000