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About Love Matters/ Marriage Compatibility Report:
Love Matters & Marriage is one of the foremost decisions of your life. Going wrong with it has a bearing on your entire life and affects all other aspects adversely. That’s why we all desire peace and harmony on our personal front so that we can battle out the hardships of life, when we step out of home. A good life partner provides a great support to face life’s challenges. Marriage & Love Astrology is a robust branch of Vedic Astrology that provides us the reasons to choose a person as our life partner or reject him or her as incompatible, and thus unsuitable to spend our entire life with him. This reasoning is provided in form of Love Matters and Marriage Compatibility Report.

How is it prepared?
We require the birth details of the two prospective partners for the match making. Their birth charts are drawn and matched on 8 point basis. This system is also called Guna Milan or Kundli Milan in Vedic Astrology and is a foolproof system of taking a decision whether the duo can spend their life together without any distress.

The placement of Moon in their birth charts is considered to allot points to 8 different factors which add up to a maximum of 36. These factors include mental and physical compatibility, longevity, financial stability and progeny. Their detail is as below -

  • Mental (thinking & intellectual) Compatibility.
  • Physical compatibility in term of sexual compatibility.
  • Wealth & luck generated due to the match.
  • Longevity of attraction between the couple.
  • Longevity of life of each spouse - By checking the chart for Mangal Dosha
  • Growth of family and name by virtue of being together
  • Happiness with regard to children
  • Match of personalities

If the Match Making Score is less than 18, the match should be rejected. Anything between 18 to 24 points is an acceptable match and between 25 to 32 points is considered a very good or an above average match. If the score is above 32 then technically the match is excellent but a lot of other factors have to be checked since both persons will be of same nature and that is not conducive to a long term relationship.


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