Love Transit Report

Love & Relationship are governed by multiple factors like movement of Venus, Moon and Jupiter in your Birth Chart. We have experienced that being and doing things at the right time could bring about a good development in Love & Relationship.

Our Special Love Transit Report tells you the good period to increase your chances of success and further the period to avoid, so that you do not face disappointment. It examines and covers the following to tell you the potentially good and difficult time phase so that you plan your love life better:
  • Movement of Venus
  • Placement of Jupiter
  • Effects on the 5th house (governing love & emotions)
  • Effects on the 7th house (governing permanent relationship & marriage)
  • Comparative placement of Moon

This very analytical & intuitive report is prepared by Pundit Onkar Nath. You would require your birth details for best results.

Further, you can also request the report for a friend in order to find out the best periods to make your friendship special and make the proposal you were thinking about.

Please go ahead and request your love transit report here:


3 Month Report - USD 25 / Rs.1250

6 Month Report - USD 35 / Rs.1750

1 Year Report - USD 50 / Rs.2500