1. Composite Astrology
  2. An all-in-one reading, running over 50 pages
  3. Provides visibility into your life's next 20 years
  4. Covers the most detailed analysis on all aspects of your life for 20 years
What is Composite Astrology Report?

If you had ever wanted to know with complete details how your life is going to be in the next 20 years, then Composite Astrology is the reading for you! It is a super astrological reading that would run into more than 50 pages of your life predictions in so much detail that your life would not be a mystery to you anymore.

This report will cover if you would settle abroad or visit foreign lands, will marry or find a sudden excitement in your love life or an extra marital love possibility and the timing for such events. Critical aspects like health in the next 20 years and your bank balance and financial status will no longer be a thing to brood over and imagine about. Your life would an open book for you! Composite Astrology reading is a strong amalgamation & concentrate of many reports put together. For the convenience of our esteemed members, we have combined many different readings into one Composite Reading and have made it into the most intuitive, detailed and exhaustive reading ever.

Why you should ask for your Composite Astrology Reading?
Composite Astrology reading is prepared with deep analysis by Pt. Punarvasu. Not every other astrology expert is capable of an analysis of so many different combinations in a birth chart. Therefore your composite astrology report will be by far the most superior reading and many levels up a Horoscope Reading that merely reads the strength of stars when you were born. This reading would provide the visibility of your next 20 years. It may also throw up some unexpected events which you had never imagined. Like a bumper financial gain after 6 years from now or a foreign posting or the birth of a child in so and so year or your job into a top fortune 500 company.

You would need a Composite Astrology Report if you want to build an entire framework of your life for the next 20 years! And if you would like to know all important aspects; events; their probable time of occurrence; the problem areas; their possible remedies; the do’s and the don’s to follow for the life you aspire to lead in the next twenty years. Apart from covering the all important life events, you get well acquainted with the areas / paths not to tread in your life based on the composite analysis of your chart.

You will also be given answers to some of the problems plaguing your life all these years. You can write upto 5 very important questions to Pt. Punarvasu when you place a request for this report.

What you can expect from your Composite Astrology Reading?
You will be given a complete run down of your life 20 years hence, explained to you under the following aspects of your life:

  • Health
  • Your love and marital life
  • Your attitude, demeanor, mood through the life’s important years
  • Breakdown of next 20 years into 11 'effective' sub divisional periods
  • Suitable method of earning a living
  • Service/self employed/business suitable sectors/ areas of activity
  • Investment modes suitable for next 20 years
  • Any combinations holding back monetary success
  • A special note on 'remedies' & timing when to apply it
  • The do's & don'ts for your life ahead
  • Sub period wise detailed reading for the following areas
    • Health
    • Career
    • Love/ marital life
    • Children
  • 5 specific queries answered in detail by Pt. Punarvasu


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