Detailed Life Reading

This report is the most comprehensive report offered in term of an all purpose reading. The reports are prepared by both Pt Punarvasu and Pt Onkar Nath.

The Vedic system is used to make a comprehensive report by analyzing:

  • The basic strength of planets.
  • Operating Dasas.
  • Transits based on Moon, Sun sign as well as ascendant (Gochar).

The reports are based on two systems:

Detailed Life Reading

A specific reading covering Career, Finance, Love, Marriage, Family and Health. This is available for 5, 10 or 20yrs and comes with a detailed analysis of planets and the potential of the chart.



5 Year Report - USD 49 / Rs.2450

10 Year Report - USD 70 / Rs.3500

20 Year Report - USD 119 / Rs.5950

Indian Annual Birthday Report

A year wise readings into a parts based on annual solar calendar. It will give a break down based on your birth year and gives a break up of the year in 9 parts.

Appropriate if you require a monthly reading:

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1 Year Report - USD 35 / Rs.1750

2 Year Report - USD 62 / Rs.3100

5 Year Report - USD 138 / Rs.6900