It is going to be a slightly difficult day for you owing to the low self-esteem. Lack of confidence might interfere with your work performance. You might feel lethargic due to which handling things may not happen in a perfect manner. All factors combined with your distracted mood make it important for you to reserve the important matters for some other favorable day.

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- Ashburn, US
Planet Position Rashi Star
Ascendent 12° 18' 17" Gem Ardra
Sun 9° 48' 41" Can Pushya
Moon 3° 28' 46" Ari Ashwini
Mars 3° 24' 12" Sco Anuradha
Mercury 29° 0' 48" Can Ashlesha
Jupiter 26° 59' 26" Leo U.Phalguni
Venus 23° 25' 16" Can Ashlesha
Saturn(R) 15° 56' 55" Sco Anuradha
Rahu 19° 17' 16" Leo P.Phalguni
Ketu 19° 17' 16" Aqu Satabhisaj
Uranus 0° 24' 54" Ari Ashwini
Neptune(R) 17° 29' 43" Aqu Satabhisaj
Pluto(R) 21° 40' 7" Sag P.Asadha


  Planet Ashtami upto 15:21
  Yoga Shula upto 19:29
  Nakshatra Ashwini upto 09:41
  Rahukala 12:27 - 14:08  
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  • Business deals

    Unfavourable day. stick to routine throughout.

  • Love & relationships

    Not good. There will be stress and short-tempered attitude, which could spoil soft and effectionate thoughts. You should wait for another day.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Avoid all kinds of monetary transactions.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Not suitable at all.

  • Important letters or email communication

    Not suitable. wait for tomorrow..  

  • Journey

    Unfavourable day throughout.

  • Purchase of new house/ car

    Not suitable. There could be difficulties in possession or ownership.

  • Moving into new house

    Not a favourable day.

  • Gambling

    Not suitable chances of losses.

  • Start new medicine /surgery

    Unfavourable day for both such activity. Surgery could be counter productive or faulty

  • Initiating legal proceedings /notices

    Unfavourable day except for initiating criminal action.

  • Offensive action involving violence or aggression.

    Favourable day throughout for such activity.

  • Construction/Building activity

    Avoid all kinds of activity today.

  • Educational activity /admissions

    Not a favourable day throughout.

  • Commence religious ceremonies

    Unfavourable day mostly good for sacrifices / fasting etc only.

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