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  • January 2017 Horoscope

    Get a sneak peak into your January fortunes with Pt. Punarvasu's January Horoscope. It will be your guide to career, love life, finances and health in January 2017.

Leo, January 2017 would bring mixed results for you. Your physical stamina and strength would improve during this month and you are quite likely to spend time practicing sports. However, you may feel a bit uncomfortable at home. Any hurdles in inheritance matters would clear off now.  
Venus-Mars would be conjunct in your 8th house of transformations on 27th January 2017. Things might get a bit bumpy in love matters. You should avoid aggression to maintain a stable relationship. Some irresolution and confusions may persist in life.

Moreover, Saturn is also changing sign on 26th and moving into your 5th house so you are anyways likely to experience delay in any new plans. This is the month to play steady and take it slow. Here is how the celestial movement would impact different areas of your life in January.

Career: Career would take a turn for the better in January. You might get a new direction in your work life, probably due to getting a job you always wanted. Boss and seniors would be quite satisfied with your performance. Any new business in partnership would turn out well for you. You might think of setting up your own business this month. Success is ensured if you make serious efforts.

Love and Marriage: Someone who fancies you a lot might propose you. This is a good proposal so better not turn it down. You are likely to share a romantic bond so think twice before rejecting. January is a positive period for existing relationships as well. You would spend quality time with your love partner.

You would fulfill each other’s desires and wishes too but keep anger in control towards the end of the month. Married folks would also have a good time overall. However, some clash of opinions and confusions may create distance. You need to increase communication to work out the differences and clear any misunderstandings.

Money and Finance:
January is a positive period for money matters. You would observe an increase in income. You might spend a lot on material comforts this month. Your financial position would improve though. This is also a good period for investments and speculation too. Previous investments would give good returns now. Those in business should avoid starting a new project or deal after 27th January 2017.

Children and Students: Children would be quite focused in studies and would bring positive results. Leo students need to focus more to get good scores in their exams and to progress in studies. Your results may be satisfactory this month. Success and achievement are possible if efforts are made. This is a good period to get desired rank in competitive examinations.

Health and Family: Health might go downhill. Some old disease may keep you troubled this month. This dip in fitness could also take a toll on your work life. Family would be supportive through this tough time. Your mother may suffer on the health front this month so take good care of her.

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