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  • January 2017 Horoscope

    Get a sneak peak into your January fortunes with Pt. Punarvasu's January Horoscope. It will be your guide to career, love life, finances and health in January 2017.

Your progress seems to have come to a halt in December, both internal and external. But don’t worry, the wheel of fortune would soon move into your favor. You are likely to struggle to attain peace of mind this month. A lot would demand your attention and presence. This overwhelming need to be omnipresent in different aspects of life may interfere with your personal satisfaction. This is the period to have some “me” time and possibly reinvent yourself. You should get into the habit of practicing meditation on daily basis to be one with yourself, lessen mental stress and organize your life in a better way. If you have pile of work mounting at your desk, stop getting worried and learn to prioritize. There is no need to work ridiculous hours to get things done.

Saturn is conjunct Sun in your 10th house and this may interfere with your coordination with spouse and even business partner. This is a perplexing period for you but have patience as once Sun changes sign on 15th December, your mental state would return back to normal. Nevertheless, some irritation may persist throughout this month since Mars is conjunct Ketu, the dragon’s tail in your ascendant. This is where you need to work upon. A short trip or pursuing your hobby or creative pursuits would help you a lot this month. Broadly speaking, December is an average month for you.

Business partnerships may not turn out to be lucrative this month. You may observe unwanted developments and legal issues at work. Nevertheless, situation would be back to normal post 15th December when Sun changes sign. December is a period to put your best foot forward and work hard. Coworkers would continue to create a competitive environment and may pose challenges in your way until 15th December, but thereafter, you could expect support from them. Seniors however are unlikely to appreciate you during December.

Love and Marriage:
Your love life would see considerable growth in December. Expect to have some romantic whispers and talks this month. However, make sure that there is no communication gap between you after 19th as chances of a misunderstanding are there. If you spend enough time with your partner, you could definitely avoid communication failures. A new sensual relationship is also possible in the month of December. Married folks may have a troubled time. Your spouse’s health or temperament may cause some disturbance in the flow of life. 

Money and Finance: This month, your expenses may rise and at the same time, income may also halt after 19th. This is the period to be careful in money matters and save for the rainy day. Use the period before 19th to earn enough as income would be substantial then. You should also try to cut down on unexpected expenditure or you could land in trouble. The period before 19th is also favorable to consider investment or speculation.

Children and Students: Children seem to be happy-go-lucky during this month. They would be keen to expand their knowledge base and learn a new skill or two. They would also do well in the extracurricular field. After 11th December, you would also observe considerable improvement in their health if they have been feeling low lately. Exam results would be positive too so broadly; this is a progressive period for children and student.

Health and Family:
You may have to encounter issues on the health front. Work pressure may disturb your schedule, ultimately affecting your mental peace. This restlessness could also influence your health adversely. Moreover, you need to control your excessive sensual thoughts too. Some tensions may persist in familial matters until 15th December but thereafter, positivity and happiness would make way into your domestic life.

To mitigate the negative influence of cosmic movements on your career growth this month, you could request astrological remedial measures by Pt. Punarvasu.

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  • November Horoscope

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