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Pisces, the month of August 2016 will begin on a positive note with a lot of peace of mind and progress in all areas of life. Things will be much better once Jupiter moves to Virgo in your 7th house on 11th August. This transit is favorable in terms of health as well as income prospects. Moreover, your siblings would also enjoy a positive period. Due to Jupiter’s influence, your decision-making will be better and you are likely to put in more efforts and energy into tasks. However, 6th house is under malefic influence that may disturb your married life. Jupiter however would begin rendering support once it moves to the 7th house of partner.

After 19th August, things will improve a little with further betterment after 25th August. You would be able to annihilate enemies and opponents despite the hurdles. Saturn is also turning direct on 13th August and this change will help you to topple opposition and fetch gains from your own efforts. Saturn may also give benefits in litigation. Overall, August is a positive time for Pisces natives. To know more about how the month would unfold, here is a detailed August horoscope for Pisces.

Career: Your career ride will be smooth and effortless. Your work will be recognized and rewarded by seniors so continue putting in best efforts. Promotion is also possible after 11th August. After 29th August, you would observe further improvement on the career front. Boss or supervisor may also render support after 13th August. Moreover, you will share a harmonious relationship with colleagues, which would further help progress at work, especially after 25th of the month.

Love & Marriage: it is the time to nurture your love for each other. While your mind may not function at its best, you would somehow manage to have an untroubled love life. if you feel a little friction in the relationship, try to relax and give space to each other to foster individual growth.  Having some “me” time would certainly help to understand each other’s value and strengthen the bond. Married life would be complicated until 19th but afterwards, you would see some improvement. Love and affection would gradually increase thereafter.

Money and Finance: Pisces natives will do average in terms of finance. The month may not begin in full swing but eventually after 13th August, you would begin seeing improvement in money matters owing to Saturn resuming its direct motion. Some business specific journeys may turn out to be fruitful. Moreover, August also seems to be opportune for speculation and investment.

Children and Students: Children would be in an elated state. They would have an enjoyable time throughout and will flourish. Students would also observe improvement in their concentration level. Exam results will be average though.

Health and Family: You may have to struggle initially in terms of personal health until 11th August. Thereafter, there would be some respite. Family life would mostly be content and calm. And after 19th August, there would be further improvement. Nevertheless, little issues every now and then may call for attention. Try to be calm and composed and things shall turn out fine.

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