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  • September Horoscope

    Get a sneak peak into your September fortunes with Pt. Punarvasu's September Horoscope. It will be your guide to career, love life, finances and health in September 2016.

August 2016 would turn out to be positive in a number of ways. Planetary configuration in your 11th house of income and gains is likely to shoot up your earnings substantially. You would be able to manage your money quite effectively. Saturn’s return to direct motion on 13th August may cast a strong influence upon your financial standing. Thereafter, you would observe that you have a better understanding of your financial position and prospects.

Moreover, you may get an opportunity to go abroad after 25th of the month. But after that, you would observe a sudden spike in expenses too. Your primary focus this month would be on earning more and spending more and you may end up ignoring your immediate family in doing that. Here is a detailed August horoscope for Libra to better prepare for the month.

Career: Career may become your focal point of attention. No doubt, your efforts would be rewarding, but you may have to work extra hard to understand the requirements of supervisors and meet their expectations. Stars indicate that you would be successful in toppling your opponents. However, you need to be vigilant at work. Conflicts with boss or seniors or any false charge against you could get you into troubles. Teammates would be reluctant to render support thus do not expect much and try to be self-reliant and careful throughout.

Love and Marriage: Those having troubled times concerning love life would finally observe improvement. However, some misunderstandings and communication gap may still persist, causing unnecessary problems with partner. Singles may get a chance to embark upon a new relationship. And those married will have a steady period too. Spouse may have to suffer in terms of health and overall wellbeing.  Moreover, some disputes may spoil the cordiality between the couple but this is transitory so have patience.

Money and Finance: This is a very positive period in terms of finance. A lot of money-spinning opportunities may knock the door. You need to act fast and embrace the prospects to keep your income levels high. Practicing such habits would help you get income from sources more than one. However, this is not a rewarding period in terms of investment matters, so better keep on hold.

Children and Students: Children would feel elated, active & energetic throughout the month. There will be a lot to keep them occupied and on the go. Students however may struggle to direct their concentration towards studies so you may need to proffer some guidance. Exam results however would still be average on account of hard work they have put in earlier.

Health and Family: In terms of personal health, you need to be very careful. You may struggle to keep yourself energized and healthy due to recurrent fluctuations in health. Due attention shall be paid after 25th August when health is likely to go downhill. Family life does not seem to be content either, due to occasional clashes and lack of harmony and support among members.

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