Capricorn (Makara)

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    Get a sneak peak into your September fortunes with Pt. Punarvasu's September Horoscope. It will be your guide to career, love life, finances and health in September 2016.

Capricorn, this month will see a lot of ups and downs. Some sudden incident may give your life a new direction in August 2016. Jupiter‘s transit to Virgo on 11th August is likely to bring significant changes in your life. It may bring positive outcomes in education and is rewarding in terms of progeny prospects too. Siblings may also enjoy a positive period. Saturn is also returning to direct motion on 13th August. And since it is placed in your 11th house with conjunct Mars, the complications in career would gradually ease off and there will be rise in income as well. You may refer to Mars-Saturn Conjunction for it.

However, your 8th house of mysteries and suddenness has malefic influence. You would enjoy some sudden gains as well as unexpected losses. Injury is also possible during this month so drive carefully. Overall, this seems to be a hectic month. Keep reading further for a detailed August horoscope for Capricorn.

Career will see hurdles for the most part but there will be some improvement nearing the end of the month after 25th August. Be careful when dealing with colleagues and seniors and avoid being part of a controversy or scandal. Better not keep company of cunning people at work. Seniors are unlikely to proffer support but situations will slightly improve after 11th August as Jupiter changes sign.  Luck would begin to favor from then onwards and teammates would also render support when needed.

Love and Marriage: 
Love life seems to be undergoing rough times. There could be recurrent conflicts with partner. For singles, there is a possibility of indulging in new relationship after 25th August. Married couples would have a hassle free time. Nevertheless, Capricorn natives may have to struggle with in-laws. There exists a possibility of some clashes or disagreements with them so be cautious.

Money and Finance: There will be substantial growth in income but gradually. You may have to encounter a few hurdles on the way but improvement would come about after 14th August and you would be out of financial troubles for a long time. After 19th August, there will be ample progress in financial matters. Speculation and investment may not work out in your favor thus better keep on hold.

Children and Students:
Children may struggle to enjoy their life because of high level of irritability in their behavior. Furthermore, health issues may also add to their problems. Students may also struggle in academics. There would be lack of interest in learning anything new, which may lower their performance level. Results may be average.

Health and Family:
You need to be cautious in terms of health. While there would be considerable improvement after 11th August and further after 13th August, there are slight chances of accident while driving so you better be careful. Jupiter transit and Saturn’s return to direct motion would be favorable in terms of health yet caution is advised. Some health issues related to private parts may trouble you. Family would be supportive throughout and there will be good understanding with everyone at home, except elder siblings who may cause trouble.

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