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  • January 2017 Horoscope

    Get a sneak peak into your January fortunes with Pt. Punarvasu's January Horoscope. It will be your guide to career, love life, finances and health in January 2017.

2017 begins on a positive note for Aries. Luck is on your side so your efforts would fetch good rewards in January. Disputes would get resolved during this time. The pressure you have been feeling lately would alleviate now. You would stop taking extra burden and work as per your capabilities. If you have been facing any stomach related issues, expect some relief.

Venus-Mars would be conjunct in your 12th house from 27th January 2017. Thereafter, you would experience an increase in your passion and obsession in love life. You might also behave a little more aggressive than before. You would become quite upfront with your partner when it comes to expressing your needs and desires. You may also spend a lot on your partner towards the ends of the month. Saturn would also change sign this month on 26th January, moving into your 9th house. While you may not experience a sudden change, there would be an eventual improvement in income prospects and relief from hurdles too.

Career: Your business would be profitable in January. Salaried individuals are likely to get a promotion too. You would be able to get rid of any conspiracies and accusations by colleagues. Nevertheless, you should follow a cautious approach at work as chances of a sudden loss are still there.

Love and Marriage: Love is in the air this month! You might fall for someone special. If you already feel for a close friend, try to spend more time with them because there is a strong possibility that they might fall for you too. Caution is advised towards the end of the month. January is a good period for married folks too. Your bonding and understanding with spouse would increase.

Money and Finance: This is a positive time concerning finance. You would observe growth in income prospects. You would be able to pay back any loans you have incurred lately but might take someone’s help in this regard.  You would spend wisely and expenditure would be quite lower than before. Overall, this is a steady period for finances.

Children and Students: Children might feel confused in terms of studies. They should avoid making independent decisions in career or education. There is a strong need for your guidance and support to keep them on the right path. If Aries students have to choose a new subject, the first half of the month is more promising. Exam results would be satisfactory this month. 

Health and Family:
Your health would be in a positive state as compared to before. However, some stomach related issue might bother you in between. While you would get a satisfactory treatment, it is necessary to be cautious concerning your eating habits. Family life would be average. Some sort of confusion may persist among all members.

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A lot of action is lined up in the sky in 2017. So many events together in a single year would provide a cosmic push to materialize significant changes in your love life & relationship. Your changed perception & thinking will lead to actual destiny changes in your life which would bring a person close to you out of the blue, making a whole new relationship possible, the relationship which you could have not imagined prior to this year

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  • November Horoscope

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