Rahu in Taurus

(Moon Sign Based)

Rahu in Taurus is a favorable position, and it instigates a practical and ambitious approach in life. Success and wealth are destined to be yours with this placement. However, it may also lead to selfish and obsessive behavior.

Rahu in Taurus

Rahu in Taurus is an excellent position as Rahu feels happy in Taurus sign. Taurus indicates the earth element which brings stability in life and represents good wealth.

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Rahu is known to tell lies and it makes one a diplomatic person, who only thinks of their own profits. Rahu in Taurus gives good speech, accumulation of wealth and fine dine habits. The individual may try to impress others by showing their cleverness. Rahu is a malefic planet, so it gives illusion, obsession, greediness, and stubbornness. It supports a career in the film industry, chemical industry, food industry, beauty products, and medicine field.

In personality, Rahu in Taurus gives a good expression with an influence on other people. You make practical plans to achieve success in life. However, it may make you selfish and you will think only about your own profit to amplify your business.

Rahu in Taurus gives a good life partner with several good qualities. It is likely that you will get married to someone who belongs to another caste, other culture, or other religion.

Rahu is always in a retrograde position. For Combustion of Planet, Sun is responsible. But in case of Rahu, there is an opposite Rahu eclipse to Sun. Therefore, the theory of combustion is not applied on Rahu.

Rahu exaltation and debilitation cannot be considered because Rahu is a shadow planet. Rahu has no aspects, and it gives the result according to the planet it is conjunct in, the house where it is placed, the result of lord of that house, and the significator of that house.

Effects in all 12 Houses with Rahu in Taurus

Rahu in Taurus in 1st House

Rahu in the first house in Taurus represents a personality with high ambition, communication skills and leadership quality. It is necessary to understand the energy of Rahu as it causes conflicts in our life. It can give a prominent position in professional life. Rahu is so powerful that it controls your mind and controls your thinking style.

Rahu is the cause of quarrel and debate in life, and it affects our mind both in a good and bad view. Rahu in Taurus can create Gold in mud, and it makes you a high stature person. If it is in a bad position, it can even destroy your life, making you a gambler and thief. It may also involve you in an illegal profession.

Rahu gives positive and negative results based on another planet’s placement. It can create a desire to achieve success, name, fame, and recognition in life.

Rahu in Taurus in 2nd House

Rahu in the second house in Taurus represents a person who acts quickly without thinking. You may become angry suddenly. It gives a powerful speech which influences others in an effective way. Sometimes, this position makes an individual tell lies to prove their point. It also gives luxurious facilities to your family members. It is an advantageous position to accumulate wealth.

Sometimes Rahu may give health issues due to unhealthy food habits. You may like junk food and eat junk food daily.

Rahu in Taurus in 3rd House

Rahu in the third house in Taurus indicates power and bravery. It gives strength and power to prove oneself. Venus is the lord of the third and eighth house and these houses make the individual strong if he/she is facing problems. If Venus is placed in good position in your chart, you will rise in your professional life and you achieve good results in your career with self-efforts.

In the third house, Rahu is in a powerful position, so it gives good results to your siblings. It prompts self-efforts through which you may achieve anything what you want. Rahu brings travelling to get more results in life. If Venus is placed in a bad position, there will be problems and changes in life.

Rahu in Taurus in 4th House

Rahu in fourth House in Taurus gives all comforts of life as it bestows you with costly property, luxury vehicles and all luxurious items to live a happy life. In despite of all comforts in your life, you may not have happiness because Rahu affects your mother’s health.

If Venus is placed in a good position, you will be famous and achieve a name and fame in all fields of life. It is a Rajyog because Venus has lordship of Kendra and Tricon houses, i.e., fourth house and nineth house. Rahu in the fourth house gives one their own house in a foreign country. You may settle permanently in a foreign country with your family members.

Rahu in Taurus in 5th House

Rahu in the fifth house in Taurus makes you a creative person. It is likely that you will choose semi-technical education and will learn foreign languages to gain profits in your professional life. You may also study in a foreign country, or your children may get educated in a foreign land. But if you study in your birthplace, you may face problems in your education.

If Venus is placed in a good position, you will be lucky to have a good child in your life, who may remove your troubles. If Venus is placed in a bad position, Rahu creates addiction and spoils your life. You engage in bad activities or bad company; Rahu controls your mind and spoils your life. If Rahu is conjunct with Saturn in fifth house, the position is not favorable and makes one drink alcohol and take drugs every time.


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Rahu in Taurus in 6th House

Rahu in the sixth house in Taurus represents the power to stop something by using force. Individuals win against their enemies with their competitiveness. You will face all challenges and obstacles in life with strength. Despite several speed breakers in life, you may not care.

You will fight with all situations and work patiently in life to fulfill your desires with effort and earn profits. The individual will have ample expectations in life. If Venus is placed in a good position, you will fulfill your desires with a well-defined professional life and success in your career. You may earn money primarily from business. If Venus is placed badly, you may face problems getting anything in life.

Rahu in Taurus in 7th House

Rahu in the seventh house in Taurus makes one intelligent and hardworking. It also gives you an intelligent, modern, beautiful, and smart life partner. It is the benevolent placement of Rahu which creates good results in life and brings support from family members. Your life partner may like a luxury life and he/she would want all comforts in life. It may also give you a foreigner partner and indicates a love marriage. It brings interactions with diverse cultures, religions, and inter-caste marriages.

Rahu in seventh house makes you want to express your partner’s beauty and achievement of your partner. You may also settle in a foreign country after marriage. If Venus is placed in good condition, the relationship will be good with your life partner.

Rahu in Taurus in 8th House

Rahu in the eighth house in Taurus represents hidden company, secret information, and risks in life. You make a good researcher and may study occult science as it aligns with your life path. If you engage in research, taxation, freelancing business, and manufacturing products, your life will be smooth. However, if you engage in illegal activities, such as theft or gambling, it will disrupt your life completely.

It is likely that you have sudden profits and losses in finances, and you may face problems in your daily routine life. If Venus is in a good position, you achieve more profits in your life with your personality.

Rahu in Taurus in 9th House

Rahu in the ninth house in Taurus represents a brave personality. The individual will believe in religion and will travel to a foreign country. With this position, you may be possessive with your father and deeply attached with him. In professional life, you will achieve success.

If Venus is in a good position in the chart, it creates a spiritual life which will enhance your personality. Your family will also take an interest in cultural activities. If Venus is in a bad position in the chart, your father may have health issues, but he will be famous in professional life. Additionally, be cautious as your unhealthy food habits affect your health.

Rahu in Taurus in 10th House

Rahu in the tenth house in Taurus represents work hard in professional life. It gives you professional growth and expands your business skills. You will get a name and fame with a prominent position in life. You use your skills with earnest efforts to get success and your communication skills are good to attract customers. Your profession may be in areas related to wine, chemical, poison, and medicine.

If Venus is in a good position in the chart, it gives a high position in your career. If Venus Dasha is coming in your life in career, it gives name, fame and money with your own efforts. It will give you many opportunities in life.

Rahu in Taurus in 11th House

Rahu in the eleventh house in Taurus represents hard work in life. It makes you eligible for gaining massive profits in professional life. Your mother will be responsible in providing you a prominent position in your profession. You are an emotional person but in career you take strong decisions to prove yourself. You take risks in your profession and achieve high status in your career life.

It is likely that your friends are in a good position, but they may be involved in wrong activities which may trouble you. If Venus is in a good position in the chart, it gives you high position with name and fame. If Venus is in a bad position in the chart, it creates endless desires and expectations which may involve you in bad company.

Rahu in Taurus in 12th House

Rahu in the twelfth house in Taurus represents a highly talkative person with persuasive communication skills. You may work in multinational companies, foreign companies, and educational companies. In your career, your communication skills will aid to achieve success in life, and you may give consultation to people.

If Venus is in a bad position in the chart, it gives obstacles in life. You may face a problem with your left eye or leg. If Venus is in a good position in your chart, you achieve success and a luxurious life after the birth of your child. In terms of children, you are lucky because your child will achieve success in a foreign country.


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