Rahu in Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Both the planets are airy and share a positive relationship. However, such people are under the strong influence of the air element. They have strong desires and high aspirations. They have a tendency to build castles in the air. Saturn concerns with society and status. When Rahu is placed in its sign, the native has a tendency to seek social recognition. Such people want to be admired and respected in their social sphere.

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This placement of Rahu often affects the health of the native. Such people also suffer detachment from loved ones. However, this is a positive placement of Rahu concerning one’s financial prospects. Such people earn well in life and acquire good wealth. They increase their earning with their own efforts. Their strong willpower helps them fulfill their desires. These natives have a tendency to spend a lot on luxury items. They carve their own place in the society and earn a lot of recognition with their own efforts.

Jupiter in Capricorn

(Moon Sign based)

Jupiter is the significator of prosperity, abundance, children, spouse, and a blissful married life and Capricorn gives ambition, self-discipline and growth with a proper form and structured planning. You will be rooted in your belief system and patterns. However, this position may bring sadness and dissatisfaction despite your achievements.

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Jupiter in Pisces

(Moon Sign Based)

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and expansion makes you curious, innovative, anxious, and intelligent. If not afflicted, Jupiter in Pisces will bless you with loving relationships and financial stability.


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