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Rahu in Cancer

Cancer is a water sign and when Rahu is placed in a water sign, it makes the native highly emotional and caring. Cancer is ruled by Moon, which represents emotions and Rahu gives confusion. People born with Rahu in Cancer thus struggle to feel emotionally stable. Their emotions and feelings are overwhelming and confusing. Rahu is the Dragon’s head and when placed in Cancer, a water sign, it gives deep penetrating thoughts to the native. Such people tend to be a little indecisive due to their wavering thoughts.

Rahu in Cancer affords the native with a lot of wealth though. Such people often enjoy an authoritative position too. Right since childhood, these natives have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Lack of peace of mind and discontent persists throughout life. These natives also struggle to enjoy happiness from mother. Disputes in property and land related matters also take place in their life. These people have a tendency to play with others’ emotions. They can also betray others if needed.

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