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Rahu in Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and the relationship between Rahu and Mercury can be termed positive. Both the planets are airy. Rahu in Gemini makes the person skillful in many fields. Rahu affords the native with mystery & manipulation and Mercury is associated with wisdom and intelligence so people born with this position of Rahu are often intelligent and tactful. These natives have a solution to any problem that comes up. However, Rahu also gives confusion to the native.

Rahu in Gemini also makes the native a good communicator and debater; however, they can be impulsive talkers, meaning they do not think before they speak. The native is risk-taking and confident. These natives are also very courageous. Rahu also gives short travels to the native with this placement. Such people are usually interested in computer and technical fields. They also do well in business in the field of communication and media. Theirs is a clever mind but they seem to be too invested in thinking which sometimes leads to stress.

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