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Rahu in Pisces

Rahu is strongly associated with spirituality, deep meditation, intuition and mysteries. Rahu also represents our desires. Pisces is a sign associated with dreams, imagination and the world of fantasies. The combination of an airy planet in a water sign gives even more depth and substance to one’s spiritual and meditative tendencies. This placement of Rahu gives a deep thinking to the native. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces and if it isn’t much supportive in the horoscope, Rahu in Pisces makes the native a fake spiritual teacher. This is an average placement overall.

Rahu in Pisces also gives problems in business matters. It also causes some unwanted travels. People born with Rahu in Pisces often travel to foreign countries. In fact, chances of settlement abroad also exist with this placement. Such people work hard in life but don’t always get the desired results. Mental problems and distress is also possible to the native. Such people also suffer from sleeplessness. Natives also feel detached in relationships so problems with spouse are also likely due to this placement.

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