Rahu in Aries

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is a fiery masculine planet. Rahu on the other hand is an airy planet so the relationship between Mars and Rahu is not that positive. Air fans the fire so people born with Rahu in Aries are often quite aggressive. They are reckless and impulsive, and always ready to fight without thinking of the implications. However, Rahu is a clever planet. It affords the native with a lot of intelligence and a sharp mind too.

People born with Rahu in Aries get wealth unexpectedly. There is a strong desire to succeed in life. These people are quite determined when it comes to their professional life. Their career often progresses due to hard work and efforts they put in. They struggle to trust people easily and encounter a lot of confusion in making decisions. Their short-tempered approach also causes problems in their married and love life. These people can also be selfish and egoistic at a times, which also affects their love relationships adversely. Overall, this is an average placement of Rahu for a native.

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