Rahu in Aries

(Moon Sign Based)

Rahu in Aries makes an individual brave, aggressive and impulsive. They are willing to take risks, and try new methods, ideas and experiences since Mars is the lord of Aries. 

Rahu in Aries

The Aries Sign, ruled by Mars, represents the fire element and is the first zodiac sign in celestial plane. Since Mars and Rahu planets are both vengeful, they have high determination, controlled emotions, and leadership qualities. They have the power to win competitions. Rahu in Aries grants the ability to take risks and challenges. It proves the best performance in the profession of sports, military, and politics.

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However, often individuals with this placement can suffer with problems in their head as they overthink without any reason and face stress issues. Rahu in Aries indicates a vivid imagination, and they wish to fulfill their desires. It also indicates high intelligence. Individuals may be creators or fighters, but they do not concentrate much on their work.

Rahu is an observer, and it observes things before doing anything while Mars is a speedy planet that works fast without analyzing the result of work. Rahu creates an illusion. So, Rahu in Aries may induce wrong decisions by an individual to make shortcuts.

Rahu is always in a retrograde position. For combustion of any planet, the Sun is responsible, but in case of Rahu, it is opposite as Rahu eclipses the Sun. Therefore, the theory of combustion is not applied on Rahu. Rahu’s exaltation and debilitation cannot be considered because it is a shadow planet and has no aspects.

Rahu gives results according to the planet it is in conjunction with, the house where it is placed, the result of lord of that house, as well as the significator of that house.

Effects in all 12 houses with Rahu in Aries

Rahu in Aries in 1st house

Rahu in the first house makes you an intelligent and broad-minded person. It enhances your personality which attracts people with your immediate action. However, sometimes Rahu in the 1st house in Aries creates an unconcerned attitude and aggressiveness in work which is often the reason of downfall of the individual.

Rahu and Mars, both planets create shortcuts in their work. Rahu and Mars make you active in your career. You may use shortcuts to succeed in your career owing to your sharp mind. Therefore, sometimes it makes you take wrong decisions to achieve success in your profession which may lead to loss in your life.

It affects your health, and the health issues may create problems in your life. Rahu creates an illusion that you are a great person. An individual with this placement can get good financial status if he/she engages in the fields of social work, artistic work, media, and management.

Rahu in Aries in 2nd house

Rahu in Aries in the second house makes you an intelligent and alert person. It makes you work extremely hard to accumulate wealth either by hook or crook. Rahu and Mars both are speedy planets, so they give you speed in your speech but sometimes you may use abrasive words in your speech, making you face problems in your life by your harsh speech. It is likely that even your family may often dislike you because of short tempered nature.

Rahu can grant you a career as a motivational speaker wherein you may teach how to accumulate money with low efforts because Rahu’s observant qualities make you better than others. It gives wealth through active work. Rahu gives you a big family but creates family problems in your life. You may face difficulties but at the end will achieve success in business.

Rahu in Aries in 3rd house

Rahu in the third house makes you the elder or youngest person in your family. It may induce more efforts in your life to achieve success. The individual may have to face problems from younger siblings. Rahu makes you strong through self-efforts because the third house is Tri Shaday Bhav and Up Chay Bhav. Rahu in the third house demands more effort from an individual than those who do not malefic planet in the third house. However, in the end, you will achieve success in your life. Rahu makes you travel and connect with people.
It favors a career as a travel agent, communicator, and commission agent.

Often, it may affect your health due to travelling. Rahu also grants marriage to a known person, but you may face problems in marital life. It is an advantageous position to improve yourself with self-efforts. Rahu makes you financially strong through your siblings.

Rahu in Aries in 4th house

Rahu in the fourth house brings the state of changes. It creates a break in continuation of work in the home environment and it indicates changing of houses. It gives high emotions and attachment to mother but may also create health problems for mother.

Rahu gives you a big house and all comforts in your life with self-efforts. But sometimes Rahu disturbs your happiness, and this affects your health. Rahu may also create heart problems for individuals. It may create a career in property related ventures such as property dealer or agent of property. Professionally, Rahu gives success to individuals owing to their sharp mind.

Rahu in Aries in 5th house

Rahu in the fifth house makes you a creative person. The fifth house is the house of education, children, creativity, passion, and romance. It gives you technical education because Rahu and mars both are technical planets. In this placement Rahu may create an ego problem because Rahu is in Mars Sign. When Rahu rules your mind, you may take wrong decisions.

You can give solutions to other people to earn money. However, this placement creates problems in love because Rahu gives multiple relationships. It may lead to a breakup with your partner, but it also indicates love marriage. Individuals become stronger in their romantic relationship, but they cannot be satisfied with their connections.

Rahu may give you a career in creative management, sports, and different languages. It may create problems in childbirth such as delays in childbirth or birth through operations.


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Rahu in Aries in 6th house

Rahu in sixth house gives you the ability to fight with enemies with your active and sharp mind. It enhances your strength and power to excel in life. It gives a competitive spirit in every field and makes you win in competitive exams with your activeness and self-efforts. However, it may create a challenging situation for health as Rahu gives health issues stemming from extreme hard work.

It may lead to a career as a criminal lawyer or surgeon. It is a good position for maternal relations of an individual and creates deep attachment with maternal family. In sixth house, Rahu placement is good for an individual. At the end, Rahu ends your problems automatically because you have a great heart and work patiently.

Rahu in Aries in 7th house

Rahu in seventh house gives you a modern and young spouse. It gives you an intelligent business partner as well. It indicates inter cast marriage or inter religious marriage. Rahu is the karaka of foreign, so it may give a foreigner partner. Rahu supports careers in trading or foreign business.

It is likely that if your partner is not modern, you will face marriage problems. If your partner is simple, you will not like your partner as you will wish to marry someone modern. In marriage, Rahu makes you expressive to your partner and you must give importance to your partner. This placement indicates love marriage. Rahu in seventh house makes you a dominating person. You may face problems with your life partner and in your daily work. But in profession, you will work hard and succeed.

Rahu in Aries in 8th house

Rahu in the eighth house makes you a secretive and clever person which enhances your personality. You will not share your secrets with anyone because you have a fear that no one should overtake you. It may give you a career as a secret agent, data analyst, surgeon, or deep researcher.

Rahu in the eighth house makes you achieve success through secrets works. Sometimes, it may also lead to chronic diseases. Rahu gives sudden profit or loss in your life. It makes you a king with a shortcut. It may give sudden wealth through dowry. It may also give secret relationships in your life which can disturb your marital life. It also bestows one with inheritance property from in-laws or family.

Furthermore, it may give a career in occult science. Rahu in eighth house consists of several different and connected parts, making it a challenging placement. Rahu is the planet of illusion, desire, and occult.

Rahu in Aries in 9th house

Rahu in the ninth house makes you a spiritual person. But sometimes, it creates problems in following one’s own rituals and makes one follow other’s religion. The individual does not take interest in their own religion. Rahu also creates long travels in career. It gives a career as a consultant, foreign related business.

This placement gives the blessings of father and guru. It may also bring a foreign spouse and active partner. Rahu in 9th house affects your father’s health. If your father’s health is not good, it hampers your life as you have extreme importance of father in your life. Without a father you feel lonely, unhappy, and depressed, and end up being disinterested in God.

Rahu in Aries in 10th house

Rahu in tenth house gives one a prominent position in business because Rahu is the shadow planet of expansion. It spreads your business with significant efforts and shows progress in your professional life. It gives multiple businesses and grants fame and fortune. The individual may take interest in technology, modern trends, IT sector and research sector.

Rahu gives an administrative power and makes one ambitious with an active nature. It creates problems with business partners due to their highly ambitious nature. Your motive in life is to progress your business by hook and crook so it may even affect your health. You overrule others with your aggressive nature which may create problems in professional life. Rahu in tenth house creates positive but challenging situations. It signifies the person’s ambitions and may create a strong desire for fame.

Rahu in Aries in 11th house

Rahu in eleventh house brings forth multiple love relations in your life which affects your marriage and may create breakup with your partner. It creates a huge social circle. Rahu fulfills your desires through social circle, friendship circle, elder brother/sister, as they bring great opportunities in your life.

Often Rahu may make you greedy to gain profits with shortcuts. Rahu in the eleventh house makes you the elder brother or sister in your family. You will gain profits from younger siblings or friend circle. You may have to struggle related to your income, however, these struggles make you a fine person and help you to achieve success.

Rahu in Aries in 12th house

Rahu in twelfth house gives foreign career and import-export business. Rahu creates challenges in 12th house to achieve success in professional life. It makes you invest your money in foreign business, and you will spend your money on health issues. It also indicates over expectations in marriage with your life partner. Therefore, sometimes it creates separation with your life partner.

This placement may also affect your health due to loan issues and litigation. You may also have a problem with your left eye. After marriage, you may settle in a foreign country. Also, you may spend money without thinking about the future and lose it. You may have to face difficulties with debts, loans, and diseases. But you have the power to succeed in family business.


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