Rahu in Virgo

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, an airy planet. Rahu is also airy but here, it is placed in an earth sign. Since the relationship between Mercury and Rahu is positive, Rahu’s air continues to push the native to go higher but Virgo’s earth element also keeps the native grounded at the same time. Rahu is the karaka of skill, while Mercury is associated with wit and intelligence. Such people do well in the field of management. Rahu here also gives a strong desire to earn name and fame in life.

Such people have a lot of courage and determination. They do not get afraid of enemies either and are usually victorious. Such people however suffer on the health front at times. Their communication and argumentative abilities make them great at debates and negotiation. These people face all the challenges head on. Rahu in Virgo also gives the native the skills of a politician. These people tend to enjoy a position in authority and government. Chances of starting own business also exist. Such people can also do well as writers. However, their journey to success is not always smooth and some bumps are likely.

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