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Rahu in Leo

Rahu shares an inimical relationship with Sun, which is why their conjunction is also held to bring negative results in Vedic Astrology. Leo is ruled by Sun, so naturally when Rahu would be placed in the sign of enemy planet, the results might not be favorable. Leo is a fire sign, fire means aggression, desire, passion and ambition. Rahu aggravates all these in the native. These people also have a strong desire to get their ethics and beliefs recognized and admired.

Rahu in Leo often detaches the native from family. Moreover, such a person also shares misunderstandings and clash of opinions with father. These people make good strategists though. They have impressive intellect and sharp mind. They are intelligent but can be shrewd at times. Ego and self-interest are high in these people. They face problems with children and progeny matters too. They like to travel in forest and wild places. They are good debaters too and are quite valorous like a lion.

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