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Mercury in Virgo

Virgo is a dual earth sign ruled by Mercury. Since Mercury is in its own sign in an exalted position, this placement is deemed positive in Vedic Astrology. The energy of Mercury affords the native with a rational mind and a practical approach. Such a person is quite careful in their dealings. They are perfectly suited for entrepreneurship as they have strong business acumen. Their actions are backed by an acute attention to detail and common sense. Their observation and analytical abilities are exceptional.

These people thrive in intellectually challenging environments. They are always up for a mental showdown or activity. Intellectual stimulation is necessary for these natives. They are quite calculative and excel in fields such as mathematics and accounts. They do well in life as teachers, accountants, astrologer etc. They utilize their education and technical skill set effectively in order to get success in their professional life and improve their financial position. Mercury in Virgo gives strong communication too; so they particularly do well in written communication. Writing thus is another good career option for them.

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