Mercury in Sagittarius

(Moon Sign Based)

Mercury in Sagittarius represents the one who is excellent in educational and academic pursuits and can excel in the knowledge of Dharma and philosophies around the world.


Mercury in Sagittarius


Mercury in Sagittarius fosters a philosophical state of mind. Mercury, the intellect, in the sign of Sagittarius signifies a chase of wisdom. Mercury is IQ but Mercury in Sagittarius is associated with emotional maturity. Apart from this, Mercury in Sagittarius also creates curiosity for learning and makes you curious about everything.

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Mercury, when connected with Sagittarius, makes one slightly aggressive and ready to fight, especially for their ideas. The attitude becomes challenging, and the perception is of a fighting spirit. Mercury behaves like a powerful preacher who gives advice or sermons to the masses, signifying that knowledge is reflected through communication.

In the context of career, Mercury in Sagittarius favors a career in the field of education, consulting, astrology, law, finance, and botany. Mercury in Sagittarius makes one a good teacher, as against being a good student because Sagittarius has an inflated ego that can refuse a student to learn something but can motivate a teacher to perform better. The reputed professors, teachers, priests, accountants, and chief advisors (of big companies, government, army, etc.) are represented by this placement.

As far as health is concerned, Mercury (nerves) in Sagittarius (backbone or Merudand) can give issues related to spinal cord, if gets afflicted. Also, issues related to the brain, central nervous system, forehead, and overall energy in veins can be witnessed. Also, speech might be disrupted or otherwise ears.


What happens when Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius?

When Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Sagittarius, it can make you diplomatic and convincing in speech wherein you can successfully manipulate the masses to believe in your idea or philosophy.

It also means that you can adopt an ideology or philosophy after proper research and logic. You can decode any ritual and can keep a research-oriented approach in philosophies. If this placement falls in the 5th or 9th House, you can go for a PhD as well.


What happens when Mercury combusts in Sagittarius?

When Mercury combusts in Sagittarius, it gives an inflated ego making you believe that whatever you say is right and makes you aggressive about your views.

The placement can also make you a wonderful teacher, professor or coach who prepares the students and players behind the veil and later students perform well in front of masses and gets awarded, but teacher with Combust Mercury in Sagittarius does not get the credit. If you have this placement, there might be a possibility that you will not receive credit for what you do.


Mercury in Sagittarius: Effects in all 12 Houses

Mercury in Sagittarius in 1st House

This placement makes you wise, learned, scholarly and strategic. Your intelligence is unbeatable, and your aura is attractive, making you a good teacher or good guide. You are likely a desirable friend as well since you always have a solution to every problem.

Your spouse will be wise and intelligent, with an overall good married life. If malefic influence is present on the 7th House or Venus is afflicted, it may result in dual marriage. It also indicates that your spouse will enter your life on their own.

Furthermore, your career will be self-established, and you will enjoy good success in your career. If benefic and with favorable dasha, you can become successful in your early 20s. This dasha is good if you go into finance, language, or literature.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 2nd House

It is likely that you are rich, wealthy, and born and brought up in a highly reputed and wise environment. You might have a round and childish face. Eyes could be wise, and nose could be broad. Also, you could be dominating and egoistic in nature.

Mercury’s position makes you enjoy parental property, or property through inheritance. Moreover, you will have good support from your elder siblings, and you will enjoy a lot of gains through the support of family. However, you could have problems with speech and ears if placement is severely afflicted.

In addition, this position favors a career as a consultant, teacher or professor as this placement is best to guide the masses through speech. Your voice is likely commanding in nature and speech is attractive, especially if the placement of Jupiter in the Horoscope is good.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 3rd House

This position makes you express yourself by speaking in an advisable and knowledgeable manner. There might be a possibility that you love to write books and articles and have interest in participating in debates and lectures. You can become a renowned orator as well.

Furthermore, you are quite religious and never compromise with your ideologies, likely performing a lot of rituals and rights. You are productive in nature, and you have good support of your siblings, especially elder siblings. You can also become a successful journalist and writer. Also, you may live in a foreign land and could be inclined towards foreign culture.

However, you could have issues related to throat, speech or food pipe and have a habit of eating quickly. It is advised to take care of your health as you could be lazy in putting in effort.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 4th House

This position makes you active and alert in your young age. It also makes you quite attached to your family, especially your mother and she could be a teacher, professor, or consultant.

The fields of export-import business, finance and accountancy, botany, and education are favorable for you. Also, you will rise quickly in life and your mother might play a very important role in this as you have immense blessings of your mother, especially if Moon is well placed.

However, you may become an arrogant child but could be an expert in your field. You have the power to learn anything, and you are always curious and ask a lot of questions. You will never face issues related to money and will be able to handle everything.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 5th House

This placement makes you wealthy and you might be posted in an authoritative designation. Mercury in Sagittarius in 5th House is the best placement for teaching, making you pursue Ph.D. or progress as a professor. Overall, you will be highly educated.

In addition, your progeny will be wise, and your reputation and wealth will rise after the birth of your first child. You will have success in love affairs as well, especially if Venus is well placed. You might be very good in finance and biology and could be the favorite of your teachers.

However, you need to take care of yourself as it can create issues related to digestion. Mercury in Sagittarius can give you a fatty liver as well. On the bright side, you can earn a lot through the stock market and investment in gold will be fruitful for you, making you enjoy immense wealth.

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Mercury in Sagittarius in 6th House

This placement might make you emotional and frustrated as you may face issues in convincing your viewpoints. It can make you argumentative and create issues related to headache, migraine, and skin.

Also, you may face conflicts with your siblings, especially the elder siblings. These conflicts could stem from property disputes and ideological clashes with them. Legal issues are also possible with siblings, neighbors, or colleagues.

In addition, you may face issues like high expenditure on illness or on maintaining health. This placement also makes you intellectual enough to crack any government exam, especially if Sun is well placed. You may have less or no enemies but may have health issues.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 7th House

This position makes you intelligent, quick witted and knowledgeable, with a vast knowledge of religions, literature, and ideologies of the world. Your mother is a good guide for you, and she might be a teacher, consultant, or professor.

It is likely that your spouse has the same profession as your mother and will be wise, cunning, and beautiful. Your married life will be happy, and assets and property will rise after marriage. However, if affliction is present, communication gap and sexuality related issues can arise.

This is a good placement for becoming a teacher, professor, writer, scholar, or astrologer, making you gain good respect in society as you will be listened to and loved by people. Reputation will rise especially after marriage. Also, it is likely that you will approach your spouse first.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 8th House

This placement makes you spiritual, wise, and good in guiding people. Your voice is likely attractive, polite, and sometimes childish too. Your brain is sharp, and you are good at conducting research.

Additionally, you can do well in the occult field. However, you may face problems related to the birth of your first child and may face at least one break up. Also, there might be a possibility that you will face a break in education. You may not be good in studies, but you have good common sense, which can bestow you with various gains in life.

In terms of health, you might face issues related to speech, if afflicted. Dental problems can also be experienced, or swollen gums. You might talk or think slowly but you are practical in life.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 9th House

This position makes you religious, well mannered, and a scholarly personality, with a good knowledge of religions and philosophies. You can become a great professor, orator, or judge in the court of law. Your speech will be important to people, and you will be good at providing guidance.

It is likely that you have power in your signature and are reputed. Your kids will raise your name and respect in society and your father too might be a reputed personality. Also, you will do a lot for your siblings, and they will be lucky for you.

However, you may face issues related to thighs, spinal cord, fist or speech and you need to take care of yourself as you could face digestive problems. You may have several enemies, but you will defeat them through your wisdom and enjoy good wealth.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 10th House

This placement makes you well reputed and successful in society, making you enjoy authority, most probably at a young age. It favors a career in government service, teaching, or journalism as you are curious, and people too are curious to listen to you.

It is likely that you will find your spouse at the workplace, and they will be reputed and wise. If malefic affliction is present on 7th House or 10th House, it may lead to dual marriage. Also, ideological and ego clashes can arise in marriage, and you need to respect each other.

There is a high possibility that you lived in a joint family and later separated into nuclear families. Your mother is quite intelligent and may be good at calculations. She could be an accountant as well.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 11th House

This position makes you kind, compassionate and want respect in society. You will have a circle of reputed and intelligent friends and relatives. Also, you will enjoy inherited property and you can do well in the field of IT and politics.

It is likely that you will have twins and your kids will be intelligent and will garner dignity in society. Also, you may have one serious relationship before marriage. But things will improve after marriage, and you will obtain a sudden rise in luck after your first child.

However, you may face problems related to digestion and face hearing problems. Your wealth will keep growing and you will enjoy a designated post in society, likely as a professor, school principal, college dean or director.


Mercury in Sagittarius in 12th House

This placement makes you creative, artistic, and quite philosophical in nature. You might be inclined towards foreign culture and can even become a traveler or settle abroad.

You may also face emotional or physical detachment from your father and ideological clashes might be present between you. It is likely that you are fond of visiting pilgrimages, however, at one point of time, you may face delays in applying for a visa for a foreign trip.

In addition, you may face issues related to speech or ears and depression can also be experienced. You may face monetary problems but once you live abroad, problems will start declining. Mercury in Sagittarius in 12th House means luck will rise in foreign lands.

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