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Mercury in Aquarius

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, also ruled by Saturn. While Mercury in Capricorn people are grounded and realistic, those born with Mercury in Aquarius tend to brag a lot and fly too close to the Sun due to the airy quality. A lot is contained in their mind, words unsaid, feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Their mind is hyperactive, constantly working, occupied by a lot of negative thoughts too. Their ideas however are innovative and original, at times abstract. They are emotionally detached people but that doesn’t mean that they do not feel the pain of others. They are humble and humane, always ready to help those in need. In fact, they often carry the burden of other’s problems on their shoulders.

They tend to indulge in a lot of social service too, without involving themselves emotionally. This sense of emotional detachment also pervades their thought process. They base their actions on thoughtful scientific analysis than emotions and passion. Their intuition is also powerful which helps them easily judge others’ characters. These natives strongly uphold the idea of equality and justice. They always play fair in life. Their nature is quite accommodating. They are always open to new ideas and are quite witty too so keep the atmosphere light and bright.

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