Mercury in Gemini

This is a comfortable position for Mercury since it is the lord of Gemini, a dual air sign. Naturally, this placement turns out positive for the native as per Vedic Astrology principles. People born with Mercury in Gemini have a sophisticated appearance and always project themselves as mannered and polite. These natives tend to be quite soft-spoken. They have a strong hold over communication and articulation. Such natives also excel in mathematics, accounts and languages. They earn a lot of respect and recognition in society and live an affluent lifestyle.

Mercury in Gemini also gives them an acute ability to argument and win. They are always up for a good debate. Their way of life is quite independent. They like to have freedom and personal space for growth. They are quite logical and practical in their ways. Their mind is a storehouse of ideas. They like to acquire new information and learn new ideas. They quickly get to solution to problems using their intellectual abilities. These natives do well as astrologer, reporter, teacher, singer, poet and writer. Their interests are quite diverse.

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