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Mercury in Taurus

Mercury is a neutral Earthy planet and when it sits in Taurus, which is also a fixed Earth sign, the person tends to be fixated in views. It is difficult to budge these individuals once they have made a decision. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which also shares a friendly relationship with Mercury so this placement proves to be fruitful for the native. Such a person seeks stability in life. They are practical beings who believe in logic. Their concentration power is exceptional. They are in fact quite dependable and loyal too, especially in money matters. They excel in money management.

These natives also have strong business acumen. They can however be conservative in their views, because they do not like change in life. These people are good organizers and do well in managerial roles. They like to live a luxurious and secure lifestyle. They like beautiful objects, jewelry, and flowers, things that appeal to their senses. They are quite soft-spoken and polite to others. On the love front, sexual satisfaction is important for the smooth running of their relationship. Mercury relates to muscles and Venus represents beauty, an amalgamation of these energies makes the native fond of physical exercises. These people pay attention to how they look.

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