Mercury in Taurus

(Moon Sign Based)

Mercury in Taurus represents communication and intellectual skills and grants excellence in writing, public speaking, journalism, and as a public reporter or salesperson. Mercury creates a quick thinker like an entrepreneur who can manage multiple things at the same time and communicate efficiently. You will be able to grasp everything quickly and will have a photographic memory which will help you to become a successful person.


Mercury in Taurus

You can become an excellent salesperson, politician, and lawyer, especially litigation and criminal lawyer, i.e., someone who communicates a message and needs to have excellent communication skills. Since Mercury is the significator of communication and intellectual ability, you can succeed in the aforementioned fields with this placement.

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Mercury has a twin energy, which means your partner can also help you out in your business or profession. Mercury’s intellect and logical mind can turn this partnership into a business deal. You are a romantic person but will be too busy in your own calculative world and will never allow your romantic nature to shine.

However, you do need a partner with whom you can communicate. So, it is better if you and your partner are business savvy. You are a particularly good communicator and specially in business wherein you can be an influential personality.

You can be extremely calculative, critical, and analytical in every action in your life, which can create some problems. An individual with Mercury placement tends to seek intelligence and then tries to figure out solutions through the 12th house of subconscious mind.

You will lead a happy marital life and your children will be bright and intelligent. Your partner will be caring and supporting with a peaceful and conjugal life.

You may work in mass media, communication, printing press, media agency, digital marketing, blogging, technology field, software developers and web designers, and these fields will provide you material gains and an enhancement of status and prestige.

You love to invest your intelligence in verbal communication and arguments. You will gain and receive gifts from your maternal uncle.


What happens when Mercury retrogrades in Taurus?

Mercury bestows a logical and analytical mind which will make you a calculative person who will only make relations for their benefit or monetary profits, otherwise you do not bother to make friends.

You will be self-centred and will not listen or believe to anyone’s guidance. You will think you know everything, and your logical mind is the solution for all the problems. You will also hurt and will have rude behaviour with your loved ones and coworkers which will create disharmony in your relationship with several people.

You will control everyone as per your point of view which will create disharmony in your life. A lot of people might not be able to understand your communication as you will be shrewd and harsh in your communication. You might be knowledgeable and intelligent but arrogance will stagnate your growth.


What happens when Mercury combusts in Taurus?

Combust Mercury will impact your communication skills with respect to your business and professional aspect. Even your relationship will be affected by your unexpected and rude behaviour.

You will face struggles and many difficulties in your career and may end up in legal issues with your partner. You will have immense argumentative nature and will quarrel with anyone until you prove your point.

Combust Mercury will increase your internal agony towards your relationship. You will always expect a lot from the opposite person and will end up cribbing and complaining.

You will not get many opportunities in your field and will always feel jealous by looking at other’s growth. You will pick up fights easily with your partner and will spend time on sulking and arguing.

You will be gullible and will boast about many things which might not be real. Your intelligence may become destructive for you, and you will try to be a control freak which will hamper relationships and financial gains. Your speech may be affected, and people will ignore you which will increase your agony.


Mercury in Taurus: Effects in all 12 Houses


Mercury in Taurus in 1st House

You will reflect on your emotional connections and will consider the level of commitment you are willing to put in a relationship. You will be passionate for your work which will make your creative skills prominent to get the desired result in your career.

Mercury in Taurus in 1st house will give you logical communication skills and philosophical mind. You will be an extremely extrovert person and will have an enormous social network.

You will always indulge in group discussion and know the knack of delegation of work. You like to debate and explore intellectual topics.


Mercury in Taurus in 2nd House

You will be blessed with humor, wit, and presence of mind. You will be a good salesperson and can succeed as a public speaker and orator. This placement of Mercury can bring you success & glory in creative fields like arts and entertainment.

You will tackle the high energy of Mercury in your love life, however, be careful that your anxiety should not backfire on you. In a committed relationship, reaffirm your love and strengthen the bond with your significant other. If afflicted, you can cheat others for money.


Mercury in Taurus in 3rd House

You are a quick learner with a sharp memory who will never forget anything. You might be flirtatious by nature and will face relationships issues as you will not take love seriously.

You will love travelling and exploring new things. You shy away from commitments and responsibilities but like to be friendly and supportive.

The placement of Mercury will make you a prosperous businessperson. You will fulfil the desire for self-discovery and self-expression.

Your expectations with your significant other might be a barrier in your relationship. You may have unnecessarily high expectations which will not be fulfilled and tolerated by your companion.


Mercury in Taurus in 4th House

Your mother will be a tremendous intellectual influence in your life. Your political connections will bestow financial and professional growth. You may delve into real estate business and home-based business which will give you success.

You will be inclined towards solving other’s problems and might take interest in psychological healing.

It is advised not to get overwhelmed at work, think before reacting to any situation, and take advice from seniors and professionals. You might lose some important business clients and face business losses if Mercury is not well placed.


Mercury in Taurus in 5th House

This placement of Mercury is all about fun and exploring new learnings and secrets of the world. You will earn wealth through verbal and written communication skills.

You have a strong network to build up your business. A routine job is not for you, and an exploration and creative spirit gives you thrill. You believe in earning good and leading a lavish lifestyle.

You will have determined and hard-working employees in your team. You will have immense knowledge of speculative investments, will do well in the financial sector, and will be calculative about money. You can shine in your career if you let go of your ego and pride.

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Mercury in Taurus in 6th House

You will have clarity of thought in decision making and your way of working will be impressive and almost perfect. But keeping the same type of expectations from others will create disharmony and conflict of thoughts.

You will be tech savvy and will achieve success in your profession through technology.

Mercury’s position will make it difficult for you to acknowledge your stubbornness or recognize the pride in you. You might feel detached and wish to be left alone.

You develop your own interests but brace yourself to maintain a balanced relationship.


Mercury in Taurus in 7th House

You believe in long lasting commitments and maintaining a harmonious relationship with everyone. You will have a practical approach in life which will give you success in both personal and professional life.

You will believe in a forgive and forget approach and will have empathy for others.

You might be ready to take on new projects and other responsibilities. If Mercury is not well placed, it can lead to bad relationships and can develop misunderstandings in your job and leas to mental stress.

You have a good grasping power and will express your feelings in an appropriate way. Your hard work will pay off with success in financial outcomes.


Mercury in Taurus in 8th House

You will be an influential personality with your elegant and graceful speech. You will live a long life with accumulated wealth and inherited property. Your deep thinking and research work will make you a successful person.

You are equipped to investigate any situation and give insightful guidance to others. This planetary placement will give you creative ideas to overcome the problems.

Your expectation with your significant other might be a barrier in your relationship. You will have unnecessarily high expectations which will not be fulfilled and tolerated by your companion.


Mercury in Taurus in 9th House

You will be blessed with youthfulness, high energy, goo education and will engage in long distance travels and exploration of religious places. You will commercialize your ability and knowledge to earn money. You will constantly be on the quest for new knowledge and detailed studies.

You will meet many business-oriented associates who will help you to enhance your professional skills. You will encounter new opportunities to meet new people which will be advantageous for you.

If afflicted, you would not like to share your knowledge and will also get involved in stealing and marketing other’s intellectual skills.


Mercury in Taurus in 10th House

You will have the quality to express your thoughts and feelings in an impressive way which will make others agree with your point of view. You have multiple talents, and you will also learn numerous languages.

You will explore travelling and will acquire an authoritative position in your career. Your utilization of knowledge is commendable.

Your spouse will support you in maintaining a harmonious relationship. You will be inquisitive to know everything about your partner which will help maintain a good relationship between both of you.

Furthermore, your innovative ideas will impress others.


Mercury in Taurus in 11th House

Your charming personality and brewing fresh ideas will grab success in life. Your quest for knowledge and sharing it will help develop a strong social network and communication skills. Your personality will make you admire others, and you are flexible to adapt as per the situation.

If not well placed, you will become lazy and will not be able to utilize your logical mind. Relationships will demand space instead of being stuck in past mistakes.

You might face a clash of opinions and if afflicted, you may face low success in life.


Mercury in Taurus in 12th House

You may get settled abroad and will do your best to achieve success in life. You will be intelligent, logical, and will flourish in the singing, acting and entertainment business.

You will work independently, and your intellectual skills can help attain profits in import – export, stock market, trading, and share markets. You are known for perceiving unknown energies you’re your psychic abilities.

The affliction of Mercury will give you a lot of trouble, financial problems, instability in career and relationships. You may face sexual problems and health issues.

You may also face scarcity of money, heart breaks in love affairs, and immature decisions which will lead to financial losses.


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