Mercury in Cancer

(Moon Sign Based)

Mercury in Cancer represents the one who is emotion-centric and deals with every event of life psychologically while protecting their own feelings and dignity.


Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer indicates that your intellect is constantly in motion and creates restless emotions. The sign of Cancer is all about emotions and Mercury pertains to logic and intellect, creating a clash of energy.

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Mercury in Cancer creates both positive and negative effects depending on how you channel the energy. If you focus on your emotions, you will perform well in respect to self-introspection and self-realization; on the other hand, if you respond to your own emotions, for instance, creating conspiracies (mind) for revenge (emotions), it becomes destructive. The malefic and benefic influence depends on the placement, especially that of Moon.

Mercury in Cancer grants you intuition, psychic abilities, and a depth of emotions. Mercury is your ability to focus and when placed in Cancer, it makes you unable to step out of your emotions and may cause depression, anxiety, frustration, extreme possessiveness, and other psychological and mental problems.

However, Mercury in Cancer also gives healing abilities, if placed well. It also makes you perform well in the field of medicine, astrology, ayurveda, spirituality, teaching, and mass communication. Mercury, a business minded planet, in the sign of Moon, another business minded planet, creates innovative entrepreneurs. If you have Mercury in Cancer, there might be a possibility that you are good with calculations.


What happens when Mercury retrogrades in Cancer?

When Mercury gets Retrograde in the sign of Cancer, it creates fickle mindedness and a lot of mood swings. Apart from this, it makes you selfish and opt for practicality even in your emotional pursuits.

It also makes you selfish among your friends and relatives. However, if this attitude is towards your enemies, it works well. Retrograde Mercury in Cancer makes you an easy target for distraction and hence self-control is needed.


What happens when Mercury combusts in Cancer?

When Mercury gets Combust in the sign of Cancer, it gives emotional frustration as the mind finds it difficult to deal with emotional traumas and failures. This painful experience can push you either towards cruelty or towards spirituality.

It creates emotional detachment out of frustration since your mind becomes weak to cope with emotional fluctuations. Combust Mercury in Cancer brings a state of emotional weakness, and the antidote is spirituality.


Mercury in Cancer: Effects in all 12 Houses

Mercury in Cancer in 1st House

You are an emotionally driven personality with good intellect and can convince others to work the way you want. You always express yourself emotionally. You may be fickle-minded and childish, but quite creative.

You may have minor issues in limbs or may have some minor skin issues. There is also a possibility that your face and abdominal portion is heavy, but hands and legs are thin.

Furthermore, you may be good with numbers and calculations. You may also be a good poet and writer, fond of writing emotional, psychological, and romantic novels and poetry. Your imagination is good and promotes pursuing of script writing and film direction. You may also be a good businessperson.


Mercury in Cancer in 2nd House

This placement creates the possibility for your face to be innocent and childish. However, you may lie to and manipulate a lot of people. Also, you may not be able to build savings, be inclined towards your mother and love her a lot, and have many close, childhood friends. You love spicy food and there is a high possibility that you love green or white or both colors. This placement also makes you slim and tall.

You are attached to your family, their roots and culture and there is a high possibility that you are born into a business family.

There might be a possibility that you talk fast, and it becomes difficult for people to understand what you are saying. You may also have some issues like stammering, weak eyesight, and can frequently catch cold.


Mercury in Cancer in 3rd House

You are creative, artistic and an extrovert personality, but you do not have a risk-taking capacity. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to come out of your comfort zone. You are not driven by challenges but driven by the area of your interest and desires. Your cognitive skills are good, but you may have low immunity and weak physical growth.

Moreover, you may have more than one or two stage talents and can become a very good anchor or reporter. A career in writing will also be good, but Media and journalism is the best career for you. Furthermore, you may be fond of traveling.

However, you should take care of your health. Tonsils, thyroid, sore throat and cold are some of the common symptoms if you have Mercury in cancer in 3rd House. Apart from this, restlessness, fear, and ear problems can be caused due to this placement.


Mercury in Cancer in 4th House

You are an overthinker, moody, introvert, and habitual of being stressed even on small issues. You may share a good bond with your mother, but her health may be affected.

There is a possibility that you have changed many places or homes from childhood to teenage years. In future as well, you may live away from your birth or native place.

You are a homely person, and your strength lies within family and possessions. You will always be protective and responsible towards your family. However, breathing issues and chest problems can be seen if you have Mercury in 4th House of Cancer.


Mercury in Cancer in 5th House

This placement makes you wealthy, reputed, successful, and earn a lot through investment. You might have been a bright student in your school or college days as you are quite intelligent, but also street smart.

It is likely that you will gain happiness through your mother and spouse.

Furthermore, acquisition of fame and fortune is possible through artistic talent. You may also be very good at mathematics. If the Moon and Venus are well-placed, you will marry the one who you love and be inclined towards reading and writing religious texts.

Also, you and your kids will share a happy bond. Luck and success will rise after the birth of the first child and there is a high possibility that your first child will be a girl. You will enjoy the company of your mother, spouse and daughter.

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Mercury in Cancer in 6th House

This position makes you habitual of being stressed and vulnerable to catch cough and cold. Your immunity is low, but your brain is sharp. You are a homely person and there might be a possibility that you love to work from home. Also, you are intelligent and can argue on various topics.

You are strategic in nature and have the potential to defeat your enemies through conspiracy. You need to take care of your lungs and chest as breathing or asthma issues may be experienced. There is a high possibility that you will be blessed with one baby girl.

In terms of career, it is good overall, but struggle might be faced initially. You have the potential to become a CA, advocate, a teacher, or a professor in the field of finance and commerce and succeed in the medical field.


Mercury in Cancer in 7th House

You are smart and cunning, and deal with people bringing in facts and reality. This placement may make you an atheist, good at money management, and a business minded personality.

Married life can be affected adversely due to your mood swings and inability to express yourself. There might be a possibility that you are sexually weak or have some unconventional approach towards gender and sexuality.

Your career is good overall, and you may be good in calculations and mathematics. Also, you may be a good businessman or accountant and love to travel a lot, promoting a career in the industry of tourism. Mercury in Cancer in 7th House is also beneficial for telecommunication industry.


Mercury in Cancer in 8th House

You are mysterious, deep, emotional, and a research-oriented person. However, you may get involved in unethical and illegal activities and have a lot of jealousy and emotional frustration. If you learn to channelize your energy in a constructive way, you can grow spiritually and mentally. For this placement, meditation is always the best.

Married life may go through various transformative events and emotional troubles. Problems from in-laws may also be experienced. Health may suffer due to issues in the body portion of nose to chest. If it is highly afflicted, speech related problems can also be seen.

This is a good placement for having a career in the field of astrology, mathematics, science, and IT (especially hacking). If you have Mercury in 8th House, you can understand complex studies and calculations with ease.


Mercury in Cancer in 9th House

You are intuitive, psychic, and a religious personality who loves to read scriptures and novels. You love to travel around rivers or to seaside areas. Your communication skills are good, and you could also be soft-spoken. There is also a possibility that you might manipulate people and religious beliefs and ideologies for your own sake.

Mercury in Cancer in 9th House is a financially sound placement making you grow financially and enjoy paternal property. You can also earn a lot while travelling and may work in foreign institutions and embassies. There is a possibility that you mostly deal with women in career or could have mostly women at your workplace.

There is a possibility that you might suffer from thyroid and throat issues. Father too could have some long-term health issues. Mercury in Cancer in 9th House can also create cervical or pain.


Mercury in Cancer in 10th House

You are intelligent, emotionally balanced, self-controlled, and passionate about your career. If you have this placement, you can attain huge success in your career as an entrepreneur, especially through establishing foreign links.

Moreover, you perform pious deeds and enjoy the company of good people. You will always be surrounded by people who will guide you in the right direction. There is a high possibility that you will start living away from your birthplace.

However, you will also earn a lot away from your birthplace. Also, you could have two sources of income. But you need to take care of your finances because at one point of time, you will have to go through some sudden losses or sudden decline in health, but you will get favors from government or authorities as well.


Mercury in Cancer in 11th House

You are ambitious, luxury seeker and a success-oriented person, making you attain greatness in career. Mercury in Cancer in 11th House gives good gains, contacts, and networks, especially through females. You may also establish foreign links in your career. If you need quick success, the shipping industry will work best for you.

You will enjoy good wealth since you are lucky and attached to your family roots and culture. You may be very fickle-minded, but innovative. You have potential to bring change in society through connecting masses. It is a good position to go into politics.

However, Mercury in Cancer in 11th House can create issues in arms and ears, hearing problems, and pain in arms due to a lack of calcium. You should drink a lot of water.


Mercury in Cancer in 12th House

This placement makes you emotional and creative, but you could also be lazy and have a bad habit of roasting people and saying abusive words. You may be addicted to various things. Mercury in Cancer in 12th House can degrade and distract you.

Furthermore, savings and income will fluctuate and the only money that will be lucky for you is the one that you receive through gifts and remittances. Despite fluctuations, you will never experience lack of money. However, you can face issues like depression, skin problems, mental problems and sometimes speech disorders.

There might be a possibility that you will do something related to your family business or may further pass on some legacy. You can do well in a teaching or consulting firm, and you can obtain a good amount of money in foreign lands.


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