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Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer

Cancer is a movable water sign ruled by Moon, which relates to unbridled emotions and mind. Influence of the lord planet gives Cancer a moodiness and directionless emotions but when Mercury, which is a neutral Earth sign, is placed in Cancer, it brings stability to the waves of emotions. It affords the person with the wisdom to channelize emotions and mind in the right direction. Mercury in Cancer makes the person a deep thinker. Such a person is emotional but has a strong mental power and memory. They acquire a lot of knowledge and learn from their practical experiences in life.

These people can easily memorize information such as names, dates and historic events. They tend to be quite sympathetic towards others and are good listeners. Their imagination is vivid and fertile. They also have a strong intuition that helps them connect to people on a psychological level too. These natives tend to be quite sentimental concerning their lover or spouse. They often remain loyal and faithful to their partner. They can be patriotic too. They are quite fluent in their speaking and are articulate communicators, always ready with an answer.

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