Mercury in Aries

(Moon Sign Based)

Mercury gives you intellectual and logical reasoning, which comes through your lineage and DNA programmed in you. Your communication skills will improve through public speaking, controlling the masses, and conveying messages to the public.


Mercury in Aries

Mercury is a planet that signifies, education, speech, brotherhood, calculations, critical thinking, and judgement. You can become a profound artist when Mercury gives you the art of mesmerizing others through your melodious voice and creativity. Your song or creativity will deliver the message to the masses and touch the heart of society.

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Mercury indicates youth and if well placed in a horoscope, it can make the individual look younger with gracefulness. It also indicates your younger brother, trustworthiness, corruption to wealth, receiving and giving. Especially in the field of finance your logical mind will help make you profits and gains in your business.

The way your calculative and analytical mind works no one can put you down in the financial sector.

Mercury’s affliction can make you sorcerous, cunning, and make you utilize knowledge in an illegal way. It will give you glitch and hiccup in your communication. You will hoard and possess materialism through intelligence. You can be a boaster and liar who has no control over your pen and tongue. You may be filled with gullibility and brag with no regrets for your actions and speech.

Your intellectual mind will make you put in efforts and gain success in life. You will use intelligence through marketing, sales, coordinating and communicating to sell your product. Mercury will make you a good salesperson who can sell anything.

Mercury rules the logical mind which helps to differentiate and find reasoning. It controls the subconscious thoughts, conscious actions, and power of discrimination, which makes you super clever and intelligent. You will be good at expressing your ideas as per the current marketing strategies, either through verbal or written communication.


What happens when Mercury retrogrades in Aries?

Retrograde Mercury in Aries will make you inflexible, rigid, with a short-term memory and you will not be able to take profitable decisions for your career and growth in life. You will be swayed by your pride and will not listen to anyone. You think of yourself as the smartest and most clever which can make you shrewd towards others.

Retrograde Mercury will give problems in speech and communication, your siblings and loved ones will not have good opinions about you. You will have mischievous nature and will not be trustworthy.

You will be deprived of love and will have deep hurt and resentment for others which will reflect in your speech.

You will not read the full subject and always use short cuts to acquire knowledge. You do not have the patience to delve deep into everything that you study. You will lose respect and credibility if you feel authoritative and commanding over everything.

You will not accept the fact that you are not aware know about the topic and will argue to prove your point.

What happens when Mercury combusts in Aries?

Combust Mercury will burn your cleverness and intellectual skills which might put you in financial struggles and litigation problems. You will suffer from humiliation and people will not listen to your communication which might make you feel insulted. You will face financial loss in your business as you will not be able to deliver as per the demand of your customer.

You will not be good in studies and will face many obstacles to gain knowledge. You will not be able to attract good relationships with your loved ones. You may not be able to become a businessman and gain profits.

Travelling will not be comfortable for you. Your communication with family members will get interrupted and misunderstood. Communication with your loved ones might be through bickering and fighting and it will not be a logical communication.

You will not be good in studies and will face many obstacles to gain knowledge. You will not be able to attract good relationships with your loved ones. You cannot become a businessman and gain profits. Travelling will not be comfortable for you.


Mercury in Aries: Effects in all 12 Houses


Mercury in Aries in 1st House

This position of Mercury gives assertive communication wherein you express your thoughts and emotions in a confident and straight forward way. As a quick thinker, you prefer to stimulate discussions that keep you mentally active. Also, as an independent thinker, you will prefer to form your own opinions with a strong desire to achieve goals.

Planetary position will make you acknowledge your intellectual skills. You develop your own interests, and you will brace yourself to maintain a balanced relationship. Mercury will make you enjoy more valuable time with your family members.


Mercury in Aries in 2nd House

Mercury’s placement indicates that you will possess materialistic things. You will be mentally and logically strong. You will turn your thoughts and words to your favour with self-confidence. Fiery nature will make you take aggressive financial decisions, resulting in mental impulsiveness. You will try new things and explore new hobbies.

In your marital life, your communication might maintain a harmonious life. Your thinking and reasoning abilities can produce profitable results in business. You will accumulate financial growth and might also get family support and family business.


Mercury in Aries in 3rd House

Mercury’s placement will make you a quick thinker and learner through a photogenic memory of your mind. You will have a unique bond with your siblings, neighbors & loved ones. You might have a flirtatious nature which might create problems in your committed relationship with your partner.

You might not be trustworthy in a relationship which might make you feel deprived of love and have deep hurt for others. Your determination and hard work will be aligned with your professional growth. You will not waste time, in fact will utilize it in a productive way.


Mercury in Aries in 4th House

Mercury’s placement will make you nurtured by an intellectual mother and she will be a great influencer in your life. Your communication skills will be utilized by society at a national level.

You will be bestowed with excellent communication skills, good memory, and high intelligence. You will be committed to your relationship, with a bond of trust and honesty.

This placement will ensure a regular source of income and will give favor of luck to get stability in terms of money and finances.


Mercury in Aries in 5th House

Mercury makes you use your impressive communication skills by playing tricks, jokes, mimicry, and humor. You will be the most attractive and appealing person. You can develop your own creativity and will teach others by developing many innovative ideas.

This placement may cause early marriage and childbirth.

You will achieve a respected position, and Mercury will help you to realign your inner strength to achieve your financial goal. You will support your team members to accomplish the targets on time, which will embark respect and gratitude in your work area.

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Mercury in Aries in 6th House

You will constantly think and calculate about every aspect of your life which can make you anxious. You will be detail oriented and expect the work to be perfect. Perfectionism and finding flaws in others will become your core nature. You will not have gratitude for anyone.

You may seek a government job or become a surgeon. You may also teach in the medical field or research in the medical profession. Either you will escape from the problems or will start seeking spiritual guidance. You may settle down in foreign or isolated places to get rid of the problems.

You will be overburdened with work, so take a leap of faith and wholeheartedly embrace the flow of work.


Mercury in Aries in 7th House

Mercury in Aries in the 7th House can make you a businessperson, dealing with import and export and other trading. With mercury being the significator of business, you will be skilled in selling and buying many products.

You can even become an attorney who deals with intellectual and calculative aspects. You will be good in intellectual and calculative aspects. You will work on legal issues and can become a lawyer or counsellor. You will lead a blissful marital life. Your life will revolve around communication and speaking.

The placement of Mercury will give you ideas to invest in share markets and speculative businesses, as you might get a profitable deal. Your mind might be in a state to take profitable decision.


Mercury in Aries in 8th House

Mercury in the 8th house rules the occult, secretive things, and hidden talent. You will win lottery, inheritance, and bear sudden losses. Your financial status will be enhanced through research work. You will unravel the mysteries and secrets of occult studies. It can make you settle in foreign countries with good savings.

Overexpectation from your team members might put your moral down. Due to other planetary influences, you might at times procrastinate your work and pile up files to finish for some other day. So, avoid laziness so that you can achieve the given targets on time.


Mercury in Aries in 9th House

Mercury’s placement may help you acquire more knowledge and intellectual knowledge in a selected field. You will earn a lot of money in foreign lands and will exchange philosophical ideas with others. You will take bold decisions which will affect your long-term finances.

You will feel strengthened and empowered, but don’t get overwhelmed and get into arguments/clashes in your personal and professional front. Mercury’s placement will replenish your personal relationships and will create disharmony in relationships. You will plan long travels with family to spend more time with each other.

You will attract the masses through spiritualism. You will play a vital role in your career and social networking.


Mercury in Aries in 10th House

You will achieve many professional possibilities and career attributes. You will get the expected support on a professional front, as indicated by Mercury. You will be able to overcome the challenges in professional life.

You will have multiple sources of income and will explore various types of professions and business. You will have articulation skills to achieve recognition and rewards to gather many feathers in your cap.

Your positive attitude will demand more commitment, and you will be content with solitude.


Mercury in Aries in 11th House

You will maintain a good connection with everyone. You will get the opportunity to meet business associates and have a profitable business. Financially, it is a welcoming placement and does not involve any investments or blockage of money.

It is highly recommended that you maintain a balance in your personal and professional life. You will have a friendly approach to everyone and will have an expanded social group. You will become a successful entrepreneur with good networking and communication skills. You can understand and go along with all age groups.

This placement is going to be progressive for you in terms of relationship and career. A new friend circle and financial opportunities will always be waiting for you.


Mercury in Aries in 12th House

You will have many travel opportunities in life and will be settled abroad. You will enjoy a wealthy and lavish life. You will start your earnings with a low income then will reach a great financial height.

You will have influential contacts and will work with high profile aristocratic lifestyle. You will develop an interest in poetry, writing and journalism.

This planetary placement will make it simpler for you to surround yourself with bright and clever individuals because it will have a significant effect on your work. With new knowledge and other people's company, you will have a better chance of obtaining the desired achievement on the professional front.


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