Mercury in Libra

(Moon Sign Based)

Mercury in Libra represents the one who is smart enough to negotiate anything and highly skilled in balancing everything.


Mercury in Libra


Mercury in Libra signifies a balanced and intelligent brain. Libra is the sign of balancing, dealing, compromising, and mediating things. When the sign is associated with Mercury, it indicates that the brain can handle anything through balance.

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Mercury in Libra is a good placement for making business deals, especially dealings between two parties for compromising and achieving mutual goals and objectives, taking diplomatic decisions at various platforms including national and international levels, establishing work life balance, balancing relationship between couples, client and customer, superior and subordinate, material and spiritual life, home and society, evil and good quality, and between feelings and logic.

The placement of Mercury in Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius is a symbol of intelligence. In Libra, intelligence is achieved through balance and Mercurial intellect is seen in the form of commercial wisdom and negotiation.

Mercury in Libra can make you a successful businessman, advocate, governor (especially of the bank), a foreign diplomat, judge, a cricket umpire, head of any election commission or any other field where you can establish mediation.
Mercury in Libra is a good placement, but every placement has its pros and cons.

If this placement gets severely afflicted, it gives issues related to kidney, hair fall, thyroid, paralysis, and impotency. Loss of consciousness or balance can also be seen if nodes interfere in the placement.


What happens when Mercury retrogrades in Libra?

When Mercury retrogrades in Libra, it signifies that Mercury is involved in the best way of dealing. Surprisingly, the best decision comes even after a delay. The Libra sign is slow paced naturally as it is the slowest sign in zodiac belt, hence this is a time-consuming placement if Retrograde Mercury is placed in Libra.

If Retrograde Mercury is placed in Libra in 5th House, you can be a slow learner; if it is in 8th House, you can come out with the best research or idea. The favorable and unfavorable side of any planetary placement is reflected by the house it is placed in.


What happens when Mercury combusts in Libra?

When Mercury combusts in Libra, intelligence gets hampered. Combust Mercury in Libra placement makes you unable to take the right decision and most of the decisions stem from ego. Everything gets one-sided, and there is no balance.

Combust Mercury also gives the possibility of debilitated Sun, which makes it difficult to handle people and situations well. The placement is good where non-negotiable decisions are to be taken.


Mercury in Libra: Effects in all 12 Houses

Mercury in Libra in 1st House

This placement makes you lucky, smart, intelligent, and good at making deals. In terms of appearance, you look fair and beautiful with an innocent face, even if you are male. Marriage is lucky and you may even marry a foreigner. You will be able to keep your married life happy, despite the difference of opinions.

You may be inclined towards foreign culture and their ideologies. This also helps you to think out of the box as you possess knowledge of different ideologies. Furthermore, you can do well in the field of business and diplomacy, as you are creative and confident.

As far as health is concerned, you may face hair fall but before it happens, you will have beautiful hair, most probably curly. You may also face some issues related to skin and eyes, especially if the Sun is influencing and Mercury is combusted. Hence, you need to take care of your health.


Mercury in Libra in 2nd House

This placement makes you clever in speech, good in choice and attached to your family roots and culture. Your face might be childish and attractive with small eyes. Also, it is likely that you have at least one female sibling and may belong to a business family.

Furthermore, it is possible that you will work on your family business. There is also a high possibility that you will be working in a bank or a financial institution. Working as a consultant or counselor in a reputed firm is also beneficial for you.

You could have issues related to speech and the pace of your speech could be slow. Also, you could be prone to cough and cold problems, and weak eyesight. You could have many old and childhood friends as well.


Mercury in Libra in 3rd House

This position makes you intelligent, expressive, business-minded, and creative. You prefer smart work rather than hard work and are good at expressing yourself. You know whom to talk to and when to talk. Furthermore, your ideas are aligned, and you always go with plans.

However, earning wealth can be delayed and it comes through efforts. You can earn huge wealth as a lawyer or especially as a journalist and do well in the field of IT and media. In summary, you need to do something where you can guide people.

Support from siblings will provide you gains. It is advised to take care of your health because issues related to thyroid or sinus are indicated, and immunity might be low as well.


Mercury in Libra in 4th House

This placement makes you smart with a curiosity to learn something. It also makes you a keen observer with a skill of trade. You have acquired all these traits from your mother, making you dedicated towards her. Also, you have good assets and property.

It is likely that you changed your home many times in childhood. There is a high possibility that you will live in foreign lands or in a place far away from your birthplace. Also, you may connect with foreign land through export-import business.

Moreover, your siblings will be rich and supportive and help you in uplifting your career. Also, your siblings could be posted in a reputable firm and be highly qualified professionals.


Mercury in Libra in 5th House

This placement is good for providing wealth and authority. It makes you smart, educated, clever, joyful, fickle-minded, and romantic as well. If Venus’ influence is present on Mercury via aspection or conjunction, you might be inclined towards the opposite sex and get distracted very easily.

It is likely that your mother is a teacher or a consultant. You will never have a lack of assets and property and have many friends. Also, you are good at making contacts and networks, and your qualification could be non-technical.

You can do well in the field of finance, trade, and stock market. Finances will rise after the first child, who will be smart, intelligent, and good at studies and co-curricular activities.

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Mercury in Libra in 6th House

This placement may make you combative with a rude speech. Your health and immunity might be low, and you may face issues related to skin and lower abdomen. You may also feel hesitation to express yourself.

It is possible that you will rise in life by taking a loan. Initially, wealth might be problematic, but you should keep progressing. This placement is favorable for success in the field of law. You can also earn a lot of wealth through solving other people’s problems.

However, it can create issues related to progeny as the health of your child might be affected. You must also take care of yourself because it can give issues related to speech and lower abdomen.


Mercury in Libra in 7th House

This position may make you argumentative, combative, cunning and a selfish personality. It makes you good at balancing tasks, eloquent and expert in convincing anyone. However, your immunity may be low, and health can be affected, especially if Mars is ill-placed.

Professionally, you are a business-minded person and may even become a lawyer. Business in partnership will be beneficial for you and business related to mediation, consulting, traveling, and writing is favorable.

Your spouse could be your neighbor, colleague, or childhood friend. However, your married life could have some issues, especially legal. If malefic influence is present, the placement can be responsible for sexual illness or weakness such as impotency, infertility, or premature ejaculation.


Mercury in Libra in 8th House

This placement makes you wise and intelligent, but jealous sometimes. It also bestows you with good cognitive skills, proficiency with numbers, good sense of trade and business, and an interest in understanding and analyzing economic trends.

You may become a professor or a researcher. It is likely that you will inherit property, but the health of your mother might be affected. She could have issues related to lower abdomen.

Furthermore, married life can be affected and health issues for the spouse are possible. However, in-laws will be good and supportive. If benefic aspects are present on the 7th House, married life will be good, and business related to taxation and insurance will be successful.


Mercury in Libra in 9th House

With this placement, it is likely that you are intelligent but sometimes feel isolated or depressed. You might be religious and a good person by heart. Also, you might be highly qualified and inclined towards learning philosophies. You can talk with people about religious matters in order to settle them.

You are intuitive and research oriented but could have physical or emotional detachment from the father. You will be either be quite religious or your approach will be like an atheist. It is likely that you have different viewpoints on different philosophies.

In terms of health, you may have a long-term illness related to the brain, skin, or lower abdomen. On the bright side, you can obtain parental property as well. Mercury in Libra in 9th House placement is neutral in the long run.


Mercury in Libra in 10th House

This position makes you well-balanced, intelligent, knowledgeable, with a sharp and professional demeanor. You are a steady and focused leader with all the traits of a good manager and administrator.

Mercury in Libra in 10th House is the best placement for career as an advocate. Your luck in career and life rises, especially after the age of 36. Also, you are educated and have a wide variety of knowledge through various sources.

It is likely that your father is a reputable person. Similarly, you will also earn a good image and status in society and be inclined towards Dharma. Also, you are excellent at making deals.


Mercury in Libra in 11th House

This placement makes you materialistic, resourceful, energetic, and blessed with the valor to do anything. You are a qualified individual and have good convincing skills with high wisdom making you receive anything you wish for. You will achieve everything through Karma and intellect.

However, your married life may be a bit problematic and there is also a possibility of having two marriages. You will be able to give your 100% in marriage, but partner’s behavior might be uncompromising.

This is the best placement for earning money through business, especially if you deal with gadgets, technology, and stationary items. Mercury in Libra in 9th House works well if you grow with people together as it gives you a people-oriented approach in career.


Mercury in Libra in 12th House

This position makes you creative, artistic, and imaginative. Wealth will remain fluctuating, but you will never face the problem of poverty. However, you may face health issues and low immunity with chances of hospitalization under the period of Mercury or Venus.

According to this placement, contacts and links can be established abroad. Gains from foreign lands are also indicated and you can do well in the field of spirituality and astrology.

This placement if afflicted, can give eye related issues and problems. Sometimes, mental problems and depression are seen, especially if Rahu interferes with the placement.


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