Mercury in Scorpio

(Moon Sign Based)

Mercury in Scorpio represents the one who deeply invests their intellect in various endeavors and extracts dark or good things by the choice of emotions.

Mercury in Scorpio


Mercury in Scorpio signifies a mysterious persona with a sharp intellect, used to digging deep and exploring something to reach at the root cause. It also fosters dark humor and thinking, making you fond of dark things. Mercury in Scorpio can make you inclined towards watching or reading dark genres such as horror stories, conspiracy theories, criminal psychology, murder mysteries, alien life, pornography, sexual taboos, dark mythologies, cybercrimes, hacking, prostitution, corruption, violence, bloodsheds, etc.

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This placement provides a research-oriented approach and makes you protective and somewhat rigid about your ideas. Mercury is how you express yourself and Scorpio makes you keep the things hidden. The combination of the two means that expressions and emotions are hidden and whatever is projected outside is not the reality.

Mercury in Scorpio can make you a detective, hacker, occultist, astrologer, researcher, scientist, and inventor, but if afflicted, it can make you a thief, hacker, clown, or a psychopath. Mercury in Scorpio is both mysterious and mystical as well as hidden and horrible. Things can become worse if malefic starts influencing the placement.

As far as health is concerned, a hidden illness or one that cannot be diagnosed might be endured and it could be related to speech, brain, head, skin, throat, tongue, or ears. Sexuality can also be hampered.


What happens when Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio?

When Mercury gets Retrograde in Scorpio, the mind becomes more strategic, mysterious, and darker. It is not the brain of a conspirator, but that of a psychopath. However, if benefic, it can make you an extraordinary scientist.

Retrograde motion intensifies the traits of Mercury in Scorpio. The positive and negative path is determined by the benefic and malefic influence on the placement respectively.


What happens when Mercury combusts in Scorpio?

When Mercury gets combust, it becomes darker and will make you more secretive with hidden feelings of hatred, most probably out of misconception. If this placement is aspected by benefics, it will push you towards spirituality, especially through Tantra and occult field.

You might also be attracted towards witchcraft or black magic, if both malefic and benefic aspects are present.


Mercury in Scorpio: Effects in all 12 Houses

Mercury in Scorpio in 1st House

This placement makes you mysterious and intelligent with an inclination towards conspiracies, frauds, or scams. You might also be a pessimist and misuse your intellect for the sake of your own benefit. If benefic aspects are present, then your character will be good.

Also, it makes you desire material gains and luxuries. In terms of your married life, it can be affected and there might be a possibility of having two marriages since the first spouse could be highly aggressive and materialistic. A proper match is important before entering a marriage.

This placement may also give you a mark or wound on your head. Furthermore, you will enjoy inherited wealth and it makes you concerned and protective about your image. To achieve so, you may use tactics since the placement makes you determined and fearless.


Mercury in Scorpio in 2nd House

This position makes you the protector of your family, savings, and wealth. It can also make you a liar and manipulative as you hide things and share only those which you find important or necessary.

However, your wealth and your father’s health can fluctuate, and he could have some undiagnosed illness. In terms of wealth, it can be generated through investment, including your business and job. You might also be indulged in your family business.

For your career, you have the potential to be a consultant, researcher, physics or IT teacher, and translator since you can analyze the intentions of people when they talk to you.


Mercury in Scorpio in 3rd House

This position makes you intelligent, a smart worker, and efficient in technical skills, with a determined and ambitious personality. However, you may have to go the extra mile to achieve something in life and your career will rise through efforts.

This is a good placement for journalism and writing, especially writing about something mystical or dark. If malefic influence is present, the efforts can be projected towards the wrong path. Hence, your efforts should be analyzed.

However, this placement can create issues related to personality disorders, throat problems, skin problems, and problems in the head. If Saturn’s effect is present, you should take special care of your health. Some clashes are also possible with siblings.


Mercury in Scorpio in 4th House

This placement may make you dominant and stubborn. Despite it, your wealth is good, and you will enjoy all sorts of comforts. Your mother too could be rich, and you can acquire gains and property from her. She is likely to have a highly intelligent personality.

You can obtain wealth by working in supply and logistics, especially in the field of real estate and can become an undercover agent or officer. Also, you could have intense feelings of patriotism and write about political history, especially the dark side of your nation.

It is also likely that you will do well in the banking and IT sectors. Note that any field where you showcase your skills in analytics and date interpretation will be lucky for you and will bring huge wealth and success.


Mercury in Scorpio in 5th House

This placement makes you emotional, mysterious, and sensitive with an abundance of creative and artistic talent. It also creates an interest in astrology and other domains of occult with brilliant writing and stage skills.

However, you may have misconceptions and communication barriers with siblings and face issues related to progeny. If Jupiter is well placed, then progeny related issues can be improved, and your child may move abroad for studies.

This position ensures that your qualifications will be good, making you a bright student and involved in various activities in school. However, there will be fewer good friends and in teenage or young age, you might be distracted in studies.

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Mercury in Scorpio in 6th House

This position blesses you with intelligence and good analytical skills. It also makes you a keen observer, good at arguments and other technicalities, making you a good candidate to become a lawyer. You are highly competitive and can clear any government exam with ease.

However, your mother’s health might be affected, and you could have few issues with your maternal uncle, if malefic aspects are present. Also, you can build your property through loan but only take one if Mars is placed well.

You need to take care of your health as issues related to lungs, chest, skin, or head can be witnessed. There is a possibility that you could have some pain or illness which has not been diagnosed yet.


Mercury in Scorpio in 7th House

This placement makes you cunning, mysterious, and materialistic. Furthermore, your family might be concerned about your social image a lot since you are romantic or fickle-minded.

It is likely that you will have a love marriage. You may marry someone belonging to your family background, caste, community. Married life could have some issues, especially sex related issues or illness.

There might be a possibility that you will have an unconventional approach towards sexuality and union.


Mercury in Scorpio in 8th House

This placement makes you intelligent, smart, analytical and makes you one of the brilliant minds in the room. Furthermore, your immunity might be low but your cognitive skills are high and have a tendency to ask a lot of questions.

Mercury in Scorpio in 8th House can give you a long-term illness related to speech or throat since these are the areas that fall under the signification of Mercury. Illness becomes severe if malefic influence is present and will be treated if benefic aspects are present.

In addition, this placement degrades the relationship with siblings and induces health issues to siblings. There is also a high possibility that relationship with siblings will become worse, especially if Mars is ill-placed or afflicted.


Mercury in Scorpio in 9th House

This position creates a mystical persona involved into learning dark and tantric philosophies. You may also follow sects of different religions and ideologies since you are intuitive, and you have ability to reach high spiritual realms.

It is likely that your spouse too is highly spiritual and learned with a good knowledge of dharma, religions, and ideologies, but this can create ideological clashes with spouse.

Moreover, you may go for spiritual travels and be fond of visiting pilgrimages. You may also be fond of reading and learning religious scriptures and ancient texts that help you in spiritual growth.


Mercury in Scorpio in 10th House

This placement induces an educated, ambitious, and goal-oriented personality. Mercury in Scorpio in 10th House also signifies that your career will require a degree or certification and you can do well in the field of research, IT, taxation, and insurance. Also, this placement favors a career in trade and economics, and becoming a professor.

The placement can give you quick success and appreciation with sudden fame. If you are willing to go for technical or IT field, this placement is good for you.


Mercury in Scorpio in 11th House

This placement may make you lazy and philosophical, with weak immunity. However, wealth is good, and luck will favor you in gaining wealth. Also, you are intelligent, innovative and possess excellent technical skills through which you can generate ideas for people and society.

In addition, your tone might be sarcastic, and you could face issues related to ears or have multiple minor illnesses. You can expand your business or wealth with the help of a loan.

There might be a possibility that you have friends as hidden enemies at the workplace. Even among friends and relatives, you face trust issues, conspiracies, and misconceptions. Hence, you need to stay cautious of those trying to create a web behind your back.


Mercury in Scorpio in 12th House

This placement makes you spiritual and artistic with an inclination towards foreign culture and ideology, making you settle abroad.

As for your married life, it will be neutral, and you will either marry abroad or marry a foreigner. A Foreign link will surely come in your life, either through marriage, through career, or both.

Career too will be related to export-import business, and doing anything related to traveling and spirituality will bring good results. However, it is advised to take care of your health as issues like sleeplessness and mental stress can be faced.


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