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Mercury in Scorpio

An air of mystery surrounds the people born with Mercury in Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, high in emotions, passion and ambition. The relationship between Mercury and Mars, the lord of Scorpio is inimical so placement in an enemy’s sign does not prove much rewarding for the native. Those born with Mercury in Scorpio are secretive in nature. They can do very well as an investigator or researcher. Theirs is a probing, inquisitive mind that questions everything around them.

Mercury in Scorpio gives a disposition and speech that sounds harsh, candid and at times aggressive too. But Mercury also gives a logical mind so while Moon in Scorpio gives unbridled passion, Mercury in Scorpio gives sanity and rationality so the native’s decisions are more driven by logic than emotions. At times though, these natives tend to take impulsive actions that they have to repent later. There is a strong desire to unmask the hidden truths and mysteries of life in these natives. Whatever they say or write has a deeper meaning to it and is generally quite insightful. They tend to use sharp language to articulate what they have in mind. When it comes to forming intellectual connection, they are quite inflexible. They think quite high of themselves.

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