Mercury in Leo

(Moon Sign Based)

Mercury in Leo represents the one who formulates strategies, ideas and decisions in such a way that dominance and dignity can be established.


Mercury in Leo


Mercury in Leo placement is akin to a Prince on a throne, signifying that the behavior is equivalent to a King, but not quite exactly as they are still in a learning phase. Hence, this is a good placement for upgrading skills, especially administrative skills, and pursuing government services.

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Leo is the sign of throne and authority, and Mercury in Leo means the behavior and communication style is royal. Mercury in Leo can make you the center of attention through your noble and charismatic speech.

Mercury in Leo signifies that you are uncompromising with your choices, and always choose the best. It can also make you a nature lover, making you love gardening, planting trees, and laying in sunlight.

Generally, you are fair in complexion, your forehead is broad, and you love to wear branded and expensive clothes because your Mercury is all about how you present yourself.

This placement favors success in government and administrative jobs. Also, it makes you brilliant in doing business in clothes (especially woolen clothes), jewelry, wheat and anything related to nature. It also includes theatre and art performances wherein you may receive the adequate platform to showcase and express yourself through stage performances.

You can work well as an advisor to the government and can manage money by working as a banker, IRS (Indian Revenue Service), and Finance Ministry employee.

As far as health is concerned, skin related problems, headaches, and issues related to mental growth can be seen. It has been seen that an ill-placed Mercury can create issues to your kids as well, for example, mental or physical growth of the kids can be hampered.


What happens when Mercury retrogrades in Leo?

When Mercury retrogrades in Leo, a chase for throne begins, signifying that you become extremely competent and skillful and use tactics and conspiracies to achieve the goal or authority through any means.

It makes you keen on fulfilling your own desires and makes you clever through speech. Furthermore, you can easily influence and manipulate others to change their mindset and ideologies. When Mercury gets Retrograde in Leo, you give preference to your own goals over those of other people.


What happens when Mercury combusts in Leo?

If Mercury combusts in Leo, you will be over-confident about your skills and image owing to which you may also face rejections. There might be a possibility that you will put efforts through an administrative post, but the credit will be taken by a minister.

However, the best part of Combust Mercury in Leo is that it makes you an excellent and successful mathematician. Moreover, Combust Mercury in Leo makes you seek appreciation for your skills and decision-making abilities.


Mercury in Leo: Effects in all 12 Houses

Mercury in Leo in 1st House

This placement makes you good-looking, royal, rich in personality, intelligent and quite smart in dealing with people. Your voice could be a little bit heavy too.

Additionally, wealth is good, and you can earn gains from government and have immense wealth and luxuries. It is also likely that you are born in a prestigious family.

However, you could be bad in savings and a spender, making it necessary to learn how to save money. There might be a possibility that you are the eldest among your siblings, making you responsible towards your family and will share a good bond with family, siblings, and friends.

In terms of health, eyesight can be affected, and speech or ear problems may arise. You could have issues related to skin or headaches. Despite these challenges, your career is good and you can become a good entrepreneur or administrator.


Mercury in Leo in 2nd House

This placement creates a possibility that you belong to a rich and good family. You may be fond of jewels and expensive antiques. Also, your voice might be heavy and attractive, with good oratory skills. Since childhood, it seems you have been pushed to never give up and always move with a fighting spirit.

You can also generate wealth through foreign lands as it is lucky for retaining and expanding wealth and savings. It also indicates that you will spend a lot on your home to give it a luxurious and royal touch.

A few ego clashes may be present with your siblings. It also indicates issues related to ENT (ear-nose-throat). You may have a wide taste palate and enjoy eating food at expensive and luxurious hotels, restaurants and resorts.


Mercury in Leo in 3rd House

This placement makes you strong willed with a good sense of humor. It also makes you skilled in writing and communication, a risk-taker, sportive and quite intelligent. Furthermore, your presentation and how you carry yourself is always appreciated.

You may be the youngest among your siblings but the most intelligent one. Your mother could be strict with a dominating personality. There is a high possibility that you will change your place and will live somewhere else. Also, you will be of good height with a fair or wheatish skin tone.

You can do well in the field of sports and business and can become a successful writer or journalist. If Sun is placed well in conjunction, you may be excellent in mathematics and calculations. Mercury in 3rd House in Leo is good for wealth as well.


Mercury in Leo in 4th House

Mercury’s placement in this house makes you rich, wealthy and have a good reputation in society, making you enjoy good assets, luxurious houses, and vehicles. Your mother could be a strict and disciplined personality with a strong image in society.

This is a good placement to attain an authoritative post in the company and you may become a politician as well. If you are looking to clear any government service exam, the placement fosters favorable results. Mercury in Leo in 4th House can give you success through innovative ideas.

There is a possibility that you will take a loan to expand your business or to purchase a property. You will be educated and learnt and intelligent as well. Mercury in Leo in 4th House indicates that your happiness and emotions reside in materialistic things.

Mercury in Leo in 5th House

This position makes you clever, good in mathematics, skillful and a confident personality. You are multi-talented and possess good writing, communication, oratory, and interpersonal skills. You are a bright student and a quick learner as well.

You can earn a lot through speculation, especially by investing in government securities and treasury bonds. Your technical skills are good and there might be a possibility that you have completed your education through a government school or University.

However, a few issues can be experienced related to progeny as the health of the kid may suffer. You too could have some issues related to liver or skin. Despite this, you have a regal nature, and your advice is always valuable to others, giving you the potential to become an ideal student as well as an ideal teacher.

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Mercury in Leo in 6th House

This placement may make you restless and have weak immunity. You may face issues related to skin, throat, heart, or lungs. You may also experience health issues related to nerves. You need to take care of your health and should spend some time in nature and greenery.

Married life could have conflicts due to the egoistic and dominating nature of your spouse. Also, your spouse could be extremely choosy and demanding, with a lot of expectations from you. In your family, mother’s health could be affected after your birth.

Mercury in Leo in 6th House signifies that you will defeat your enemies through authority or the support of powerful people. It also indicates issues related to skin. However, the placement grants you the potential to become a lawyer, politician, and administrator. The placement is also good to clear any tough exam.


Mercury in Leo in 7th House

This position makes you slim and tall, with curly hair. The spouse might be egoistic and clever in nature, but they will be quite beautiful and have good status and recognition in society. There might be a possibility that your spouse is richer than you.

However, a few problems may be experienced in marriage as one of you could face some health troubles, especially to the spouse. You too may have some issues like frequent headaches or pain in veins. However, if Sun is well placed, this placement can give you love marriage.

Mercury in Leo in 7th House can give you good connections with government. In fact, you are bestowed with several opportunities to make a career in politics. Professionally, you could be in government and administration service. The people at the workplace will be highly intellectual and experts.


Mercury in Leo in 8th House

This placement makes you intuitive and secretive, with an interest in the occult, or a high inclination towards your ancestors. There is a possibility that you love to worship your ancestors. However, this placement may not be good for your father’s health.

Furthermore, you may face emotional or physical detachment from your father. You also need to take care of your health as Mercury in Leo in 8th House can give long-term illness. Hence, it is advised to practice Yoga and meditation.

For your career, the placement is good for research and education. It can also give good results in the field of taxation, accounting, and insurance. Working in a government owned mining field will be favorable, especially if they are gold mines.


Mercury in Leo in 9th House

This placement makes you lucky, royal, virtuous, and intelligent. You always perform good deeds and have a great technical mind. You can learn new things easily, love nature and love travelling to royal and natural places.

This placement is good for your career, and you can do well in the field of architecture, medical, and government services. In context of business, you can deal with jewelry, woolen clothes, products related to temples, and natural products. This is a lucky placement for establishing your own business.

In terms of your married life, it will be neutral, and you may have ideological clashes with your spouse as they are likely dominating and aggressive in nature. Your spouse might be a traveler, government administrator, businessman, astrologer, or mathematician.


Mercury in Leo in 10th House

This position makes you intelligent, dominating, skilled and blessed with creative talents. You may be a government employee and do better in the field of politics. People will always be influenced by you as you are disciplined and have all the qualities of an ideal leader.

You can establish your own firm where a lot of people will be working for you. Furthermore, you can achieve great heights if you do business in a joint venture with the government. You may also be selected for any administrative service post or do good in the field of finance, taxation, and insurance.

However, you should not get involved in any kind of illegal or unethical activity otherwise you can face allegations and punishments through the government. You should invest in a career which is research oriented. You may also perform as an undercover agent officer.


Mercury in Leo in 11th House

This placement makes you lucky in obtaining wealth and making contacts with people as you can earn wealth through establishing links, managing teams or as a team leader/supervisor. You could have good relations with people, especially the board of directors, government authorities and powerful ministers.

This position makes you spend a lot on people and makes you a charitable person. However, you could have issues like weak veins in your leg, problems in chest or heart, or issues related to ears or hearing.

Additionally, your father could be a reputable personality and you can obtain gains through your father, most probably parental property. You and your father might be connected with a religious community. Also, you will enjoy success through guiding and serving the masses.


Mercury in Leo in 12th House

This placement makes you creative and mindful, with a flair for painting and sketching. You might be inclined towards foreign lands and their culture. Foreign settlement is possible making you establish a career in foreign lands.

However, you can face issues like sleeplessness, weak eyesight, and pain in your feet. You can also face depression and stress if a malefic influence is present. You need to be cautious otherwise you might get addicted to gambling.

You will garner success as a painter or healer. Furthermore, it is likely that you might teach Yoga, work as bureaucrat, work or in a foreign embassy as a representative of government or become a tourist. Overall, abroad connections are lucky for you.


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