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Mercury in Leo

Leo is a fixed fire sign and represents all that’s royal. Sun is the lord of Leo and Mercury is friends with it. Mercury rules communication and when it is placed in the fierce sign of Leo, the native often has a kingly manner of speech, refined yet bold. Such people have a commanding voice, roaring, like that of a lion. These natives tend to be quite intelligent and they have a strong thinking power. Their mental capabilities are exceptional. With an ironclad will and confidence, these natives can lead the masses. Their leadership skills are excellent and Mercury’s sage influence keeps them away from domination.

These are strong natives, who do well in life. They make efforts to realize their ambitions and have a desire to be famous. They seek to be at the center of all action, and want others’ attention too. Leadership roles suit them the best. Their efforts also bring them a lot of wealth throughout life. Their personality is impressive and so is their disposition. They seek independence. There is a certain force and authority in how they express themselves to others. These natives do well in position of authority. Mercury in Leo people excel as leaders, politicians, astrologers, teachers, counselors, administrators etc.

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