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Jupiter in Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is a feminine watery planet. Venus is neutral towards Jupiter, which in turn is inimical towards Venus. Despite this enmity, the position of Jupiter in Taurus is positive since both the planets are benefic in nature, especially Jupiter. People having Jupiter in Taurus are endowed with a broad body and good appearance. These god-fearing people respect spirituality and religion. Natives with this placement of Jupiter earn a lot of fortune and wealth throughout their life. Luck favors them in the time of need. They also do well in their professional life.

These natives are judicial & wise and make a lucrative use of their assets and money. They have the money and skills to afford the finer things in life. This gives stability to their life. They are skillful, intelligent and quite political too. They have strong business acumen, and handle matters in a cautious and patient way that gives them an edge over the opponents. They use tact and wisdom in critical situations. They easily play with new ideas and experiments and are quite skillful. However, Jupiter in Taurus gives these natives conservative views and an inflexible approach.

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