Jupiter in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the own sign of Jupiter so naturally this position proves benefic for the native. Jupiter gives the native inclination towards religion and spirituality. Such people are compromising in nature. They also indulge in charity and social service. These people do well in fields such as astrology, banking, teaching, mentorship of some kind, counseling etc. They earn a lot of wealth in life. Luck always seems to favor them. They also come out winning in challenging situations and circumstances.

Jupiter in Sagittarius also gives business acumen to the native. Sagittarius natives are usually fond of traveling and when Jupiter is placed in Sagittarius, the native usually travels to religious places and goes on pilgrimages. These natives have faith in their abilities. They also have a strong influence on others. They are determined souls who take their work seriously. They also have a strong interest in religious Vedic scriptures. They also like to read and study books related to religion and spirituality. These natives are justice loving and always stand for people in need.

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