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Jupiter in Gemini

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, which is a dual air sign. The relationship of Jupiter with Mercury, the lord of Gemini is inimical. However, both the planets are benefic in nature so this placement turns out well for the native, more so because both these planets are associated with wisdom and intelligence. As wise and learned people, these natives are exceptional in their studies. Even if they do not get formal education in their life due to circumstances, there is a strong intellectual curiosity in these people. They always find a way to learn, and gain a lot of experience and learning from their travel and adventures in life. These natives are always open to new ideas and interpretations.

Jupiter in Gemini also makes the person diplomatic; native has the ability to handle critical situations with tact. Their physical stature is impressive. Such natives tend to be well built and tall. As a person, they are quite helping, dedicated, skillful and devoted to their work. They are quite dependable and take their responsibilities seriously. Their heart is pure. They do well in fields involving psychological understanding and intuition such as teaching and occult areas like astrology. Jupiter in Gemini also makes the person a great poet.

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