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Jupiter in Leo

Leo is a fire sign, ruled by Sun, which shares a friendly relationship with Jupiter. While Sun can be malefic at times, Jupiter’s position in Sun’s sign lessens its negative impact, so the fire of Sun no longer ‘burns’ but gives the much-needed ‘warmth’. And since both planets are friends towards each other, Jupiter’s placement in Leo works in the native’s favor. People having Jupiter in Leo in their horoscope have a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem, along with streaks of ego and superiority complex at times. These people have the ability to lead and administer. They never forget to appreciate and admire those who are kind to them.

They are quite ambitious in their career and have a broadminded approach. There is also a tendency to brag about their status and prosperity, in quite a dramatic way at times. Their physical constitution is strong and they have a lot of energy. They also like hilly places and dells, much like a lion, which also happens to be the mascot of the Leo sign. Leo tend to have a generous heart, and when Jupiter is placed in Leo, the charitable instincts of the person increase even more. These people are always there to help those in need.

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