Jupiter in Pisces

(Moon Sign Based)

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and expansion makes you curious, innovative, anxious, and intelligent. If not afflicted, Jupiter in Pisces will bless you with loving relationships and financial stability.


Jupiter in Pisces


This placement is associated with empathy and psychic powers. You can also be engulfed in a sea of emotions. You are deeply spiritual, philosophical and love sharing knowledge with others. Your imaginative capability is a boon, because of which you can plan well for the future. You have a sense of direction and significance in life, which allows you to utilize your inner potential and creative abilities.

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You are usually considered soft hearted and sweet; you care about others and are easily affected by human suffering. You see yourself mirrored in other actions, granting you almost boundless compassion. You would always be on a quest for knowledge and try to develop skills for your own enrichment.

Jupiter in Pisces is a planet of great positivity and reward, and in this sense, the reward is a greater connection to loved ones. You would truly help others on the right path through your knowledge. It’s a beautiful planet that would help to strengthen your relationship with everyone. You will have the healing capacity through your words and touch.


What happens when Jupiter retrogrades in Pisces?

Retrograde Jupiter in Pisces causes many kinds of problems in your life. It can destroy the relationship, financial prospects, and your health. Things will get delayed and will not allow any event to happen on time.

It will give you obstruction, sickness and can also bring adversaries in your life.

One finds it very difficult by this placement as you may have to face financial loss and instability in life.


What happens when Jupiter combusts in Pisces?

As Combusted Jupiter in Pisces, you will have inferiority complex and getting stuck with past. You will not be able to make right decision and will be stuck in challenges.

Your relationship or marital life will be very bland, and spouse will be disinterested. You will be working with minimal wage job and will lead a depressive life. You will have psychological problems like depression, loneliness, anxiety, and fear towards failure.


Jupiter in Pisces: Effects in all 12 Houses


Jupiter in Pisces in 1st House

You will break the monotonous habits in your relationship and will add companionship your partner during this placement. Your conversation will be impressive, and you will receive respect from your partner that you deserve.

You will give emotional support to your partner. The planetary position will improve your financial life which will increase your happiness.

If afflicted, then this placement would make you aware about your self-doubts and fear. It may also give you egoistic pride and so be aware of that, you should not have high expectations, which can ruin your marital bliss.


Jupiter in Pisces in 2nd House

Your family desires will be awakened, and you will exhibit a desire to deepen your bond with your loved one.

You will have a beautiful journey which will emphasize on happiness and contentment with your partner, however, you must work on your communication and follow a polite tone.

This placement will create remembrance and you will win your partner’s heart by using sweet words. Jupiter will give an internal pull towards spirituality which might teach you to be happy, despite getting triggered by the arguments and conflicts that can create distress in your love life.


Jupiter in Pisces in 3rd House

You will enjoy more valuable time with your family members. You will do short distance travel, which will provide happiness in your relationship. In love matter, it will test your patience which could mean trying new things with your partner, exploring new hobbies, or simply shuffling up your daily routine.

This placement will make you work hard to achieve certain love and financial goals in your life. You will include your partner’s valuable input in all major decisions.

Jupiter will eradicate the obstacles in your career and pave the path towards growth and prosperity. If afflicted, you will suffer from low confidence and financial loss.


Jupiter in Pisces in 4th House

You will introduce new business strategies in meetings which will help you in collaborating with highly profitable ventures. You will have multiple properties and enjoy comfortable life. You would probably build up a career which requires insights and assistance.

You will be able to showcase your talents and bring more business opportunities. You must utilize your creativity and imaginative skills to actualize the desired business growth.

Your decision-making ability would boost your energy to crack the business deal to your highest profit.

If afflicted, you will not be good in studies and will face many obstacles to gain knowledge. You will not be able to attract good relationships with your loved ones.


Jupiter in Pisces in 5th House

You will embrace the opportunities for intimacy and passion. Planetary positions will eventually make both of you sync with each other, and you may find yourselves enjoying each other’s company more than usual.

Always remember to put effort into keeping the romance alive and making time for each other. You would listen to your heart when it comes to love and romance.

The placement of Jupiter will make you reflect on your needs and will give you the ideas to make your relationships stronger. If afflicted, you would not be satisfied in your love life. You would struggle with financial abundance.

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Jupiter in Pisces in 6th House

You believe in clearing the grudges and misunderstandings to lead a purposeful life. At the same time possessiveness towards your companion will create a lot of internal stiffness and insecurity.

Jupiter in Pisces will help you in rectifying your mistakes and to work on your instinct to resolve any situation in a relationship.

There will be time when you might feel burdened with the stereotype relationship. Your ability to assert your needs and boundaries without compromising your values strengthens your bond. You would be placed in a high government profile.

If afflicted, you will be ruined by your enemy. You would not be successful in life and will have health issues.


Jupiter in Pisces in 7th House

Jupiter in Pisces will develop the resilience to deal with the emotional stress without sacrificing your professional and personal space. You will have harmonious marital life and will be fascinated with your partner’s beauty and splendor.

You will get involved and make new friends which will gradually increase your social circle. You will thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and would relish the intimacy.

It’s a great planetary placement to have a clarity on your thought which will eventually pave the road for success. It’s time to grab this opportunity when it gives everything you need to make your career a success.

Your present career will pay you well for your work and will shape you to work for your betterment soon.


Jupiter in Pisces in 8th house

You would want to spend more time with your loved ones but there might be few disagreements with differences of opinions and ego clashes. Too much of restrictions might create differences and disharmony, try to give some space to enjoy the moment.

This placement will create some confusions and misunderstandings at your workplace. You will be rewarded for your honest efforts by paying perks and remunerations.

Jupiter’s movement will expand your thoughts and will give you new innovative ideas for achieving financial success. You would get ancestral property and would accumulate wealth. If afflicted, you would face challenges and suffer from chronic disease.


Jupiter in Pisces in 9th House

Jupiter’s position will make you fell in love with an honest and trustworthy person. You will plan long distance travelling with your partner and enjoy the love life. You will find your love for ever and will share good moments together. You both will express your love messages through heart and will not hide any emotions.

This placement will enhance the growth of your business by expanding the wealth and fortune. It will eradicate the obstacles in your career and pave the path towards growth and prosperity.

Jupiter will connect you with vast business and professional opportunities. If afflicted, you will have to face financial challenges.


Jupiter in Pisces in 10th House

You can expect an increase in your finances as indicated by the Jupiter placement. Your work will be appreciated by the seniors and your teammates will cooperate to achieve targets.

You will notice an increase in your creativity, but this energy might put you in high expectation with others and can create misunderstandings and conflicts if Jupiter is not well placed.

Your spouse will try to make you understand and help you to come out of these illusions. You will have inner strength and courage to deal with the situation by coming out of limitations.

If afflicted, this placement can develop misunderstanding in your job profile which can give you mental stress.


Jupiter in Pisces in 11th House

Things will demand to develop your own interests and then to brace yourself to maintain a balanced relationship. Instead of relying solely on your partner, proactive planning can enhance your romantic experience.

Jupiter’s placement will make you focus on those who make you feel content and some qualities of your partner which will be worth cherishing.

You will be able to gain profits from your investments and share markets. The planetary positions will give you financial stability and you will learn many avenues to invest your money which will give you good returns.

If afflicted, you will face challenges and difficulty in making friends and social networks.


Jupiter in Pisces in 12th House

You should be attentive in terms of your health and relationships. Try to take the initiative at the workplace and don’t make any aggressive decisions which will lead to challenges.

Relationships will demand some space, and your rigid approach and negative thoughts can bring challenges.

Sudden opportunities far from your present place and an inclination towards spirituality will be there. You need to take care of expenditure, health, and relationships.

Your professional front will demand more effort, so you need to get ready to come out of your comfort zone. If afflicted, you would face legal issues and other challenges.


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