Jupiter in Capricorn

(Moon Sign based)

Jupiter is the significator of prosperity, abundance, children, spouse, and a blissful married life and Capricorn gives ambition, self-discipline and growth with a proper form and structured planning. You will be rooted in your belief system and patterns. However, this position may bring sadness and dissatisfaction despite your achievements.

Jupiter in Capricorn


You will achieve unlimited source of knowledge in higher education, philosophy, and spirituality. You will set high standards for yourself and will pursue them diligently and enthusiastically. You will be ambitious about career and growth and will invest time and effort to build career goals and will be successful in climbing the professional ladder.

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Jupiter in Capricorn has a unique quality of adopting secrecy in your personal and professional life. It instigates jealousy and tendency for emotional hurt in your personality. It is advised to research esoteric subjects to maintain positivity.

You believe in planning and saving for the future and will always plan for long term stability. Financial security and materialism are very important for you. You have a detailed and logical approach, and you can’t be in a fantasy world and visualize things.

Spirituality is pragmatic for you, as you will only follow the rules and regulations of religious beliefs. But Jupiter gets weaker in Capricorn sign so there might be a possibility that you may develop a lack of courage and willpower which will affect your decision-making ability. The negativity can be nullified by giving time and using logic before making essential decisions.

You will be ambitious to serve humanitarian cause and will have long term goals. You will maintain a disciplined and structured life. Due to the expansive nature of Jupiter, you will over commit and will take on too many responsibilities which you will not be able to fulfill. If Jupiter is in an afflicted sign, then one might experience setbacks in pursuing education or higher knowledge.

You are generous and always inclined to do charitable donations and good deeds. You will be inclined towards exploring new philosophies and occult studies. You will have multiple streams of earnings and will accumulate wealth. But on the other hand, if you go overboard and over attached with too much kindness and empathetic actions, it can lead to poverty.

Your fixated thought can create disharmony in relationships. You might end up having excess food which will increase your weight and spoil your health. You might ignore self-care and land with health and psychological issues in case Jupiter is afflicted. You will not be able to fulfil your desires and goals, which might make you anxious and create financial insecurity.

What happens when Jupiter retrogrades in Capricorn?

Retrogression of Jupiter in Capricorn will create a negative impact and difference of opinions with your elders. There might be delays in getting the expected desire fulfilment in financial and personal aspect of life.

This position can drag you to face relationship challenges because of wrong financial decisions so do not ignore the suggestions of your partner and elders to make the right financial decision.

You will not bear the fruit of your hard work and will not be recognized for your work. Try not to make any major investment and avoid giving money to others because there are chances of cheating or fraud transition.

An impractical approach will lead to instability in terms of finance and money. Basically, Retrogression will not help you in expansion and adopting a practical approach in terms of profession and personal life.


What happens when Jupiter combusts in Capricorn?

When Jupiter is combusted in Capricorn, it might test your patience by giving challenges in the marital life. Lots of misunderstanding will be created in your love life, which might create conflicts and discrepancies.

Jupiter’s position will not give positive insights and you might doubt your own knowledge and perspective which will create confusion in decision making. Try to look at things on a positive note and Jupiter’s influence suggests you not have a lazy approach and avoid having blind faith.

An active approach and research ability will help you to get clarity so that you will make the right decision.


Jupiter in Capricorn: Effects in all 12 Houses


Jupiter in Capricorn in 1st House

This position can give you emotional turmoil, so you must have gratitude and generosity of spirit and involve in philanthropical acts by engaging in donations and services to the society.

You will be inclined towards religious belief system and will thrive on trust and disciplined life. You will possess knowledge about many subjects and will pursue teaching. You will strive for a regular source of income and can achieve it through planned and strategic work to get stability in terms of money and finances.

This position will give anxiety to get your work done on time. It is advised not to be overwhelmed at work, think before reacting to any situation, and take the advice of your seniors.

You might feel high cortisol level in your system which will cause health issues. Go for a regular checkup and inculcate positive habits like mantra chanting, positive affirmations, breathing techniques, etc.


Jupiter in Capricorn in 2nd House

You have positive notions and dynamic thoughts to accumulate money. You possess exceptional talent and knowledge to fulfil your desires, especially materialistic ones, but due to a resentful nature you will not be able to utilize your knowledge in a positive way.

At times your egoistic behavior might spoil the situation, so it is advised to be polite and go with the flow. This placement might zoom your thinking abilities which can produce harmonious results in communication and professional skills.

You are fortunate to have a wealthy and respected family, with enormous knowledge and mental strength to sort out every issue of life. You are sharp and witty, that will influence your social circle.

Your innate curiosity and thirst to maintain a harmonious relationship will give you positivity to fulfil your desire. But due to the weakening position of Jupiter, despite having everything you will still be on the quest for materialism and will never be satisfied. You will be a foodie and will explore different cuisines.


Jupiter in Capricorn in 3rd House

You will not be open to tackling challenges in your love life, and it is advised to be careful that your anxiety towards commitment should not backfire on you.

In a committed relationship, you will have difficulties reaffirming your love and strengthening the bond with your significant other. You will be highly intuitive and will have mental power to have visions. You will excel in writing and might publish your own books.

You will have sibling rivalry, and you will love travelling and exploring new things.

You will be honest and trustworthy in your committed relationships but due to the planetary position you will not attract a trustworthy partner as you will not hold each other’s hand during tough days and might end up with sadness and resentment.


Jupiter in Capricorn in 4th House

Jupiter’s position will make you generous and honest, but your daily life will not be easy and will have obstacles. You will have refined knowledge about religious beliefs and traditions.

You will not have control over financial matters and might create financial problems in the business. You will work hard to become wealthy and will have a supportive spouse and children. You might not receive proper nurturing from your parents and will have trouble maintaining good relationships, especially with your mother.

You will be able to make clear decisions which will bring financial abundance if you plan and use logic. You will make profits in your financial investment plans by taking proper professional advice. You will be guided to earn profits by utilising your intellectual and leadership qualities.

The planetary position will give you resilience, but you must understand other’s point of view and use them as a steppingstone towards a brighter future. Your expectations towards each other in a relationship might bring discrepancies.


Jupiter in Capricorn in 5th House

This position might create a lack of generosity, warmth, and romance in relationships. Jupiter’s position in this house brings luck and wealth majorly after turning 30.

You will have in-depth knowledge of stock marketing and other investments. If You focus, plan, and put in more effort in the correct place you will get the desired result.

You should know how to avoid stress. You will craft your milestones and brace yourself for tough times. You will climb the ladder with great effort and ample knowledge.

You will find that your seniors might not support your cause and help you out with your hurdles. In business, you will face a lot of hurdles and experience a bumpy ride with ups and downs in case of Jupiter’s affliction.

You might not be able to close business deals without proper planning and preparing impressive presentations. Negative aspects of Jupiter will give you marital and childbirth problems. You may face financial loss and humiliation.


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Jupiter in Capricorn in 6th House

You will work hard and will be engrossed in pursuing good deeds. You may get detached from worldly comforts and pleasures in old age. You will gather knowledge of art and music.

There will be ego clashes and disapproval with your spouse and family members. You will not be able to put your point of view in an appropriate way which can hurt others emotionally.

You will get a chance to prove your skills and will receive appreciation from your seniors. But financial growth might demand more creative and innovative work. It’s a tough planetary placement to achieve financial goals and you will not get good returns on your long-term investments.

With regards to your efforts and determination, you will come across opportunities helping you seal promotion in between transitions.


Jupiter in Capricorn in 7th House

You might face challenges and disharmonious relationships in committed life. The planetary position will give you courage to crack the business deal if you control your overwhelming attitude.

You must think and prepare yourself for business meetings and other professional obligations. You might plan for long-distance travel but it is better not to have too much hope for the desired result.

This placement will give you warmth and comfort with your family members and loved ones. You will enjoy the period of intimacy and you will exhibit a desire to deepen your bond with your loved one if you have control over your emotions. It is advised to win your partner’s heart by using sweet words.

You might indulge in a lot of business travelling to close important business deals through foreign collaborations which can raise your financial prospects.

Jupiter in Capricorn in 8th House

You will get financial benefits from your family members, and spouse’s family. You will be highly intuitive and will serve others with your psychic healings. You may have new insights and an inclination to join a religious or spiritual group. You can get a lot of chances to travel.

New people will enter your life who will work as mentors for you, but their approach of expression and guidance might be different from others. You will start working on your personality and growth with the support of Jupiter in your life.

Spending time on creative ideas for your business will bring substantial good luck. You will find great opportunities that will put you on the path to financial security. You will have impressive communication skills which will bring a good remark in your work area and will contribute to your financial growth.

You might handle multiple important projects and will finish your task with perseverance.


Jupiter in Capricorn in 9th House

You will be determined to do multiple tasks in one shot successfully which might give you huge success. Jupiter’s position might bring difficulties to enhance your innovative and creative ideas which can descend your promotion and you will end up doing more hard work.

You will procrastinate and pile up files to finish for some other day. Others will take undue advantage of your diligent work and knowledge. You might anticipate a period of success in the stock market.


Jupiter in Capricorn in 10th House

You will be filled with new ideas but might not implement them in a positive way which will increase agony in professional life. You like to be a free spirit in your relationships and will take decisions on your own with respect to the welfare of both, however your partner might have difference of opinions.

Your compatibility needs to be in balance to maintain harmony in your personal life.

Jupiter’s position might influence everyone with your impressive work and at times this can create jealousy and envy. You will develop an internal pull towards spirituality which might disturb your love and romantic life. This might not fulfil your partner’s desire and create distress in your love life.

You will have some unfavorable times due to this planetary position. You can bridge the gap of misunderstandings with your efforts and positive attitude in your love life.


Jupiter in Capricorn in 11th House

You will prioritize your own needs and will take time for introspection. You will appreciate your partner with true essence of gratitude. You are committed and take the lead of your life. You will accumulate money through multiple sources, but you might also be involved in illegal business.

Planetary placement will create friction between you and your partner. There might be conflict of thoughts and misunderstanding between both of you. You may lack honesty and truthfulness with your companion which can create trouble.

This placement will make you work hard to achieve love goals in your life. You must include your partner’s valuable input in all major decisions.


Jupiter in Capricorn in 12th House

You will face challenges in love and might not be able to attain emotional stability with your romantic interest. Jupiter’s placement will make you feel the importance of communicating your concerns to your partner in an appropriate way.

You will explore foreign collaborative business with proper planning and impressive presentations. You must work on your internal team and delegate work as per their professional skills.

You will understand that love is not only exchanging gifts but also to be there for each other and create a warm and loving environment for each other. But this position of Jupiter might not allow you to use a logical mind.

It is advised to maintain a calm nature in your personal and professional area. You might get detached from worldly desires and might get into spirituality.


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