Taurus Financial Year


Each financial year is different from the last. Vedic astrology attempts to study the position of your ruling planets and the houses, to determine for you how your finances will be placed during all quarters of this FY. Give it a read for better understanding.

Taurus Financial Year

Taurus is a fixed earthy sign of the zodiac. The Taurus natives will do charismatically well in their professional life. However, the year 2021 is going to be an average year in terms of their wealth and finances. Rahu will be posited in your ascendant giving you a daring and confident approach in life. Jupiter will cover your Ninth house of fortune and Tenth house of career along with Saturn, which will remain posited in your Ninth house of fortune throughout the year.

April 2021 to June 2021 – You will have the complete favour of luck during this period as the planets are creating a benefic combination for the Taurus natives. You will find many sudden gains and opportunities this year. Your expenses however may rise in the month of April 2021. Nevertheless, Jupiter’s movement in the sign of Aquarius signifies that you will have ample opportunities in gaining wealth. Taurus natives will get gains from multiple sources. Venus is in the second house of wealth. Your investments may get high, as you may have to spend your money on a new business activity. This expense will yield positive results later.

July 2021 to September 2021 – It is a good time for Taurus natives in terms of wealth and finance in 2021. The transit of Jupiter will bring a favorable time regarding financial growth. Saturn’s presence in the Ninth house of your horoscope will bring gains but there could be expenses that may go high and your income may lessen. It is essential that Taurus people become proactive in saving money for rainy days. Try to keep your expenses under control.

Try not to speculate with your money as you may consider taking loan to fulfill your immediate money requirements.

The period between August and September, 2021 will be quite rewarding for the government employees born under Taurus moon sign. This period also indicates a time to buy vehicle if you are planning one.

October 2021 to December 2021 – The third quarter of the FY (2021-22) may bring mixed results to the Taurus natives. You will have to be more cautious, particularly in October, November, and December, regarding your finances. It will show you an average time regarding financial growth. You will either make no profits at all or profits will be reduced to a lesser degree. Both Jupiter and Saturn will be retrograde in the house of fortune where your fortune will also neglect your efforts and finances will be your prime concern.

January 2022-March 2022 – Your personal planet will be in the Eighth house in your horoscope bringing hurdles and obstacles in your life. Avoid lending money to anyone during the first quarter of 2022. Be vigilant over your money matters and do not invest in any lucrative saving schemes.