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Retrograde and Stationary planets

Planets have a different impact with the direction and speed of their movement. Here's an interesting take on how the effects of retrograding and stationary planets have different meaning in horoscope and course of life.

Retrograde and Stationary planets


The movement of the planets play a significant role in our lives. There is a time period when some planets move in the backward direction, and this term is known as the Retrograde motion of the planet. The time period before and after the retrogression, the planets move very slow, and this phase is known as the Stationary state of the planets.

When the Planets get Retrograde and Stationary Motion?

According to Vedic Astrology, the planets move with the retrograde motion when they get placed in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th houses from the planet Sun. The planet moves with respect to the earth, and becomes stationary for a certain period of time. The stationary position of any planet will occur before and after the planet gets into Retrograde and also in the direct motion. Direct motion is the time period when the planets come out of the Retrograde period.

The Retrograde motion of Rahu and Ketu:

The shadow planet Rahu and Ketu is always in the retrograde motion. These two shadow planets move in backward direction from one zodiac sign to another. Both these shadow planets signify our karmic blocks, which we have to finish. Because of Rahu and Ketu, rebirth occurs. The placement of these planets in a particular house will give the clue which work you need to finish in this birth.

The planets that never have the Retrograde motion:

Sun and Moon are the royal planets which will never get retrograde or stationary. These planets have their own significance and power in the astrology. The Moon rules over the time period, which will run throughout our life, known as the Mahadsa and Antardasa (Main/Sub period) and affect our lives in many ways. The Sun is the king and who signifies our soul, who knows the eternal truth that we all are here on the earth just to finish the past deeds and we have to go back to the eternal source so these two planets are out of these Retrograde and Stationary work.

How the Retrograde Planets work in our life:

Planets in retrograde motion will give the courage to do work which is not easy for anyone. There will be a change in your life because of the Retrograde planet.

The game starts when the five most important planets retrogrades in the zodiac plane. All these planets play a significant role in our lives. The placement of the retrograde planet and the house owned by the retrograde planet gives changing events in our life and we will feel the retrograde motion in our life with the repetitive event in our life.

Mercury retrogrades three times in a year. The most gigantic planet Jupiter retrogrades every year for some months. Mars and Venus once in about two years. The planet which is known for the slow speed, the Saturn, also retrogrades once in a year for some months. All these five planets signify relation, intelligence, courage, knowledge, luxury, and status, in our lives, and the retrograde planets will put us into a situation where will struggle to get all the happiness related to these things in our life. Because the planet in retrograde motion says that you will struggle with the things related to the planet doesn’t mean you will not get all that in your life, the retrograde Planet just wants you to learn the lesson that be humble and overcome from the ego, jealousy, enmity etc.

  1. Mercury retrogrades

Mercury retrogrades for 24 days and is stationary one day before and after the retrograde motion. The Mercury Retrograde in your horoscope will control yoin three ways. The Gemini and Virgo are the zodiac sign which is ruled by the planet Mercury and the placement of Mercury will also play a vital role. The relationship you have with sisters, your education, and your throat, might have problems that will be faced by you, if Mercury retrogrades in your horoscope. The stationary Mercury signifies you that you need to be cautious while in conversation, and don’t curse and abuse anyone to get the good results related to the planets Mercury, like the right intelligence, good relationship with sisters, and to have financial gain as well.

  1. Mars Retrograde

Mars retrogrades for 80 days and becomes stationary 3 days before and after the retrograde period. Mars is courageous, has quick intelligence, improves land prospects and relationships with siblings in our life. Where the Mars get placed while in the retrograde period, it will give challenges related to that house. Mars rules over the Aries and Scorpio, and the retrograde Mars will give the influence over these zodiac signs where ever that gets placed in your horoscope.

  1. Jupiter Retrograde

The most benefic planet and the one who is known as the teacher of God (Dev Guru Brhaspati),

Jupiter will retrograde for 120 days and be in the stationary position for 5 days. Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac sign and with the retrograde, Jupiter will struggle to attain wealth and there will be many challenges to attain academic knowledge. Stationary Jupiter says that you must give respect to your elders and teachers in your life.

  1. Venus Retrograde

Venus will retrograde for 42 days and be stationary for two days before and after the retrograde period. Venus rules the Taurus and Libra zodiac sign and affects the significance while in retrograde motion. You will not have stability in your life and there will be relationship problem in life as well. Take some time to analysis your mistakes and be honest with your partner as well.

  1. Saturn Retrograde

The Saturn retrogrades for 140 days and will be in stationary position for 5 days before and after the retrograde period. Saturn is the one who gives you the tough task to bring a strong foundation in your life. But when Saturn retrogrades, it means that there is something you need to be very attentive about. That clue will come with the placement of Saturn and the zodiac sign ruled by the Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn signifies hard work, persistence, humanity, honesty, and being humble with all the creatures and also the most important thing which we all forget in the tough time, i.e., the Devotion in the divinity. If you have the Stationary Saturn in your horoscope, you need to cultivate devotion with pure consciousness.

Be careful to take decisions with respect to your Retrograde Planets otherwise you will get stuck in a situation where you might have to come back again and again to do the same work, because of the retrograde planets. Follow the rules related to the retrograde planets, and have the blessings from that retrograde planet because the courage of the Retrograde planets can give you that which can’t be attained from any other Planets.