Saturn Rahu Conjunction

The conjunction of Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head indicates that Saturn being a slow-moving planet of discipline and hard work causes anxiety and pain but also blesses with rewards only after honest hard work whereas, Rahu or dragon’s head is a shadowy planet that is feared on the context that it gives confusions, misunderstandings in mind/thought process regarding any situation or person which may turn out to be a mirage with the end result of utter chaos in that particular area of life. When these two planets conjunct with each other in your horoscope, it indicates a period of harsh reality where this conjunction has the power of creating stress, tension and anxiety with extreme results in personal, professional life and relationships. All these characteristics are defined in your horoscope based on the strength of the Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head conjunction.

Saturn Rahu Conjunction

Saturn in astrology is defined as the planet that recommends boundaries in our success despite our best efforts, hard work and there are delays in the realization of gains as it is a slow-moving planet. Saturn makes you conscious of the reality of any situation and it becomes essential to be sensible and disciplined about achieving your goals rather than reaching for them in an inaccurate manner in life.

Rahu or Dragon’s head is the north node of Moon without the head which has a big role in the mind’s evolution that splits wisdom and makes you crave for materialistic comforts and authoritive position for satisfaction but as usual with restlessness as its habitat.

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  • The conjunction of Saturn-Rahu brings the practice of law and order where the rule breaker- Rahu meets its opponent, Saturn- that is honest and disciplined and gives judgement without discrimination, so with Saturn-Rahu conjunction in your horoscope you can be a Foreign Law Administrator or someone who can become a Lawyer in a foreign country.
  • The conjunction of Saturn-Rahu initiates the will of you of breaking set of laws that can make you a good lawyer, but you may be cunning and a headstrong liar with master minds tactics to make illegal deals/ways to escape from law.
  • The conjunction of Saturn-Rahu will create individuals that are very talented in their professions like Real Estate Brokers, Stockbrokers or someone in finance who has enough talent of making deals between two foreign parties through dual approach of communication with others which is motivated with the hidden façade of personal benefit.
  • Saturn-Rahu conjunction leads to love failures & friendship where personal and familial relationship will not be progressive and there will be no one or very less people that will stick around with you in your ups and downs in life or in other words, you will not be an important person in anyone’s life.
  • The conjunction of Saturn-Rahu or dragons’ head when placed in the 6th or ‘upachaya’ house or house of growth, it gives you great courage to fight with your rivals, but the defeat or victory of you depends upon the influence and placement of the conjunction in your horoscope.
  • The conjunction of Saturn-Rahu is not favorable in the 8, & 12th house of your horoscope where fear and anxiety are the norms of these two strong malefics where they initiate a strong chance of you being caught in any illegal activity, or being sent to jail due to any illegal acts.
  • “Shrapit Yoga” is the harmful conjunction of Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head that can cause physical weakness, joint pains/arthritis, and gastric problem stammering in speech but in extreme cases this conjunction can give health problems like cancer, cataract, breathing problems and ulcers.

Effect Of Powerful Saturn

When Saturn has a dominating role in the Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head conjunction, it inducts you in the professions of Administration, Judiciary and Law where discipline and firmness is needed to attain results with the fine blend of tact of manipulation forwarded by Rahu. Well-placed Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s conjunction will give you the insight of when to move with fast or slow pace, and acknowledging the limits based on the situation. The afflicted Saturn-Rahu conjunction will let you to drift off-limits where the person will wander aimlessly without any direction and may experience setbacks in any given scenario.

Effect Of Powerful Rahu or Dragon’s head

When Rahu or dragon’s head has a dominating role in the Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head conjunction, it indicates your interest in those worldly arenas that rules temptations and materialistic things where you will cross all boundaries to achieve your goals.

You will possess the argumentative type of mentality and will always opt for a bigger share in the gains with a small share of hard work and efforts. On the positive side, Rahu with its ability to breakthrough restricted boundaries and can work well for spiritual breakthrough which will be sudden and surprising act where the efforts may be proposed after gaining materialistic gains in life to self-content.

Positive Saturn- Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in any horoscope indicates that though both planets are strong malefics and have opposite attributes against each other, the positive placement of this conjunction can bring about your ability in legal professions where discipline & rigidity with a fine blend of sudden & strong energy of Rahu and the blend of manipulation & unique ideas to win over others to attain result is required.

The positive combination of Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head will give you the ability to discriminate the events with the unique and sudden way of breaking the old traditions and working with success over achievements in life with the interest that are more inclined towards personal gains.

Negative Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in any horoscope indicates that sudden events are likely to take place with lot of chaotic activity, but the events may not have any real shelf life and that may be the manifestation of your illusion without any strong base.

Negative Saturn-Rahu is the uncontrolled weak-minded or extremely cunning individual that would love to acquire all worldly temptations by indulging in immoral deeds that may go against the law. The negative conjunction can lead you to be obsessed with personal achievements that you may become careless and unconcerned about the other’s feelings and emotions.

Some Notable Houses Placements For Saturn–Rahu or Dragon’s head Conjunction

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in the 1st house indicates you will always be worried, ruled with negative thoughts with afflicted health that is likely to indicate low vitality or disease that will require medical assistance.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in the 2nd house indicates problems in speech, disputes in family relations and less accumulation of money will have problems with colleagues on the work front.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in the 3rd house can give you fluctuations in life due to less initiative for progress, devoid of sibling happiness, may have less concern about the quality of communication.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in 4th house is not a very progressive placement in the house of happiness and stability where it will affect your personal relations with the affects assets (fixed) and wealth as Saturn represents construction and Rahu represents money, obstacles and confusion.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in the 5th house will make you prone to negative thoughts with the difficulty of completing your education, elder siblings relationship will be affected. Progeny prospects may be affected, or children may have bad health.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in 6th house may affect your health due to health concerns like heart attack, blood disorder, debts or the person maybe addicted to bad habits of drinking and gambling.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in the 7th house may give the conflicts with professional partners and coworkers on the work front with less cooperation and rivalry. It can affect your personal relations with your spouse creating a war-zone in your home. Success in all your ventures is indicated with patience and hard work.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in the 8th house indicates bad health, dire relationships and the chances of a secret affair is very likely.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in the 9th house gives a low luck quotient to you with less progressive relations with father but professional success with hard work.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in the 10th house gives personal and professional setbacks and there is a possibility to be punished for government offense.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in 11th house gains are visible through gambling or betting but the elder siblings and children are likely to suffer due to low vitality in health.

Saturn-Rahu or dragon’s head Conjunction in 12th house gives low health prospects, immoral relationships, lack of happiness in personal relations.

Famous People with Saturn-Rahu or Dragon’s head Conjunction

  • Martina Navratilova (Czech-American Tennis player)

Martina Navratilova has Aries ascendant with Saturn-Rahu conjunction in the 8th house. Martina Navratilova is a Czech–American former professional tennis player. Widely considered among the greatest tennis players of all time, Navratilova won 18 major singles titles, 31 major women's doubles titles, and 10 major mixed doubles titles, for a combined total of 59 major titles, the most in the Open.

  • Sunny Deol (Bollywood Actor & Politician)

Sunny Deol has Sagittarius ascendant with Saturn-Rahu conjunction in the 12th house. He is an Indian Actor, Film Director, Producer, Politician and incumbent Member of Parliament from Gurdaspur of Punjab, India. As an actor, he has worked in more than 100 Hindi films and earned the image of an angry action hero.

  • Arshad Warsi (Bollywood Actor)

Arshad Warsi has Cancer ascendant with Saturn-Rahu conjunction in the 9th house. He is an Indian film actor who made his debut in 1996 with Tere Mere Sapne which managed to succeed at the box office. He is best known for his role as "Circuit" in the comedy series Munnabhai M.B.B.S. and Lage Raho Munnabhai.


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