Aquarius Love Horoscope

Aquarius is the last air sign which resembles a detachment in its nature. It is almost in a sense an ascetic zodiac because of its capability to remain detached to everything and everyone. In love, it is practical and emotional involvement tends to make it uneasy.

Aquarius Love Horoscope


Aquarius is the sign which resembles detachment. It detaches itself from everything around it. It is quite Buddha-like in its approach to life. These people would not have any issues moving forward from one phase to another in their life. They have a different definition f love which is based on practicality and the physical realm than on spiritual or emotional wavelength.

  • They do not express emotions easily and have complex emotional make up. They tend to leave their emotions aside because its too hard to handle for themselves. They do not take a close look at it due to their own hidden fears and detest anyone who tries to take them through their own shades.
  • As a lover, they are focused more on how something makes them feel on the surface, such as a good session of sex is enough for them to conclude that a certain person can be looked at as a potential match. This comes from the understanding that good sex is equal to a good sex life as well, which for these people is enough in a relationship. They are well paired with all fire signs, and tend to inspire each other to grow.
  • Water and Earth signs don’t go well with them since they require emotional connection and stability in a relationship, respectively. Aquarius looks for someone who is materially-stable, is analytical- just like them, and is sexually-inclined. All these combined can make for them a perfect partner.

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Traits of Aquarius in Love

An Aquarius is not a believer of the concept of ‘true love’ or ‘eternal love’. Their sense of loyalty or commitment comes from the fact that their needs are fulfilled. They do not look for a emotional connection, but may stick with you as long as they/you wish only because of the three major factors being fulfilled- sex, material stability, analytical thinking.

  • They can easily move on to the next person after the relationship is over in their mind. If any of these three are lacking, they will move on to the next person who offers it.
  • If a person tries to unearth their emotional side, it might make them feel confined. Sexually, they are expressive in the form of seeking and giving pleasure while being completely detached emotionally.
  • No amount of physical closeness can get them emotionally involved, nor do they wish for it. Sex for them is purely pleasure-based and not love-based, which brings us to safely conclude that its not something they generally wait for with a partner, since it’s the very basis of what they’re seeking in the relationship.
  • The angle of intimacy will never be a part of it.
  • In their formative years, Aquarius tends to question the concept of true love altogether. They might remain detached, indecisive, and even nervous. Even when they finally accept that they have fallen for somebody, they aren’t that vocal about it.
  • While dealing with an Aquarius love partner, you must be ready for shocks and surprises of all kinds.
  • Aquarius believe in the concept of freedom and independence since they cannot compromise with it. This leads them to never be jealous or possessive in a relationship.


Aquarius Love Horoscope

Weekly Predictions (19 May - 25 May)
This period is good for married individuals as any mutual estrangement will vanish and you will come closer to each other. You will spend quality time with your partner. However, you may also feel confusion with your partner, creating doubt in love. It is advised to avoid such feelings.

Aquarius Man in Love

Aquarius man is generally handsome and likes to have many casual relationships. He isn’t focused on being a one-woman man, until commitment comes into question, if he’s in a phase for a long-term relationship.

  • The idea attracts him, but he’s not really into the ups & lows of it. He is caring and can entertain you, but not be as emotionally involved, which might come up as ‘not being on the same page’ emotionally, leading to either complete detachment in the relationship or uneven emotional involvement and upheavals.
  • He does not know how to cater to someone’s emotional needs, while he’s perfect at catering to your sexual and material needs.
  • He will do things that please you such as a candle lit dinners, fairy-lit rooms for a weekend date, or sex on a full-Moon night because it ‘seems romantic’ to the partner, but to him it doesn’t make much difference.
  • As universally-known, ‘Attachment is the cause of all suffering’, this man was born with the tendency to stay detached and has hidden fears of rejection or hurt within him which makes him chisel this quality, instead of facing himself.
  • The best part however is, this man is a strong feminist. He is not the one to demand you to leave you life and ambitions aside to live solely for him.
  • He very gratefully and positively upholds the idea of being an important part of their partner’s life, but not their entire life itself. He doesn’t like a woman whose life revolves around him.
  • He expects to be with a woman who is independent and a person with her own mind. He would respect and adore the part where a woman has the balls to go against him if he steps on any of her ambitions or boundaries.
  • It may surprise you, but he will happily change/move cities or countries away from his own comfort zone if his partner’s career demands it, in fact, he might be the one to suggest it.
  • He is fluid when it comes to adjustment of such sorts.
  • This alone, might seem as an extremely romantic thing to do, and straight-up definition of love & support for a woman, which by the way, in his head, is the most practical thing and not from an angle of romance. This is how an Aquarius man will surprise you, without even realizing, because how many men have you met who can do that?
  • He detests women who puts him on a pedestal.


Aquarius Women in Love

  • Aquarius women love independence, so do not try to cage her, else she will feel suffocated and quit the relationship.
  • Trust, honesty and communication are the most important factors for Aquarius women's love life.
  • Aquarius woman in love can easily catch lies and see the true intentions of her partner, so always be honest with her to have a successful relationship with her.
  • Once she is completely in a relationship, she likes to talk a lot.
  • She is the most devoted partner, more like a best friend than a lover.


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Love Guide for Aquarius

Fire signs Sagittarius & Leo go well with Aquarius

Fire and Air, as a rule, are the elements which foster each-other’s growth. Both are looking for the same things, and can provide each other with what they want.

  • Fire signs are looking for them to be put on a pedestal most of the times, which Aquarius has no issues with since, he detests anyone putting him on a pedestal instead.
  • He doesn’t see the logic behind the push & pull or controlling or unhealthy competition to prove oneself the strongest in the relationship and it wont matter to them. He is so much at ease with himself that he’ll calmly give it away to the fire without feeling the impulse to prove anything.
  • Secondly, Fire signs look for material stability and sexual passion in a relationship, Aquarius can provide that without feeling uncomfortable, since both these are easily attainable for them.
  • The more talking and less feeling dynamic works for both, as there can be lots to talk about without conflicting natures. Fire and air do not subside each other the way fire and water do, instead the dynamics brings harmony into the relationship because fire enhances in the presence of air, as simple as that.
  • Sexually, Aquarius can provide exactly what these two fire signs are looking for to feel satisfied.

Rohini Nakshatra in Taurus is the best compatible partner for Aquarius- romantically & sexually.

An Aquarius doesn’t easily fall for anyone, even though the world easily falls for them. However, Rohini is an exception.

  • Rohini looks for material stability and is blessed with sexual prowess. Both have what the other wants. Rohini seems meek and has the ‘damsel in distress’ aura about her which instantly makes an Aquarius take up the position of responsibility and protectiveness which was so far hidden deep within.
  • An Aquarius man, especially, will have no clue why he finds her so charming, but her timid appearance of a fawn-like nature that needs protecting and loving will bring out the lover in an Aquarius almost instantly.
  • The most important thing is that it happens naturally for them, without them realizing its happening, which makes it all the more beautiful.
  • With a Rohini, true love hits an Aquarius in the deepest spot of his heart (something he was running away from) and he won’t be able to help it.


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