Aquarius 2017 Love and Marriage Horoscope

2016 is going to be a roller coaster for love and marital life of Aquarius. The presence of Rahu/Ketu in 1/7 axis is likely to bring troubles in marriage matters. Expect a lot of challenges on the marital front in the first half of the year. Overall, the year will be positive for love relationships with possibilities of long-term commitments too, but not so good for marital front.  From April 1 to April 29, 2016, you could expect a blissful period in love relationships. The period from May 15 to June 15, 2016 may observe serious disputes and ego clashes in family life but relationship with partner will remain steady and romantic, especially between May 20 and June 13, 2016. This Aquarius Love Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign. Are you an Aquarius Moon Sign? Find it out instantly. Moon Sign is a very significant Astrological Mark to know your future!
Between June 27 and July 6, 2016 is a golden period for lovers, bringing possibility of a new relationship. Those already in a relationship are likely to experience depth and strength in their love affair and may make efforts to consummate the relationship into love marriage or an enduring commitment. For married couples, it does not seem to be a very positive and content year but during this period, you could expect chances of spending quality time with spouse too. For marriage matters, the period between August 16 and September 15, 2016 appears to be particularly challenging. Conflicts and arguments are likely to increase with spouse, which could lead to friction in the relationship. It is a time to stay calm and composed, and avoid unnecessary confrontations and discords. If you are struggling with your judgment to make decisions, ask for advice rather than stepping in unwanted territories.

Last quarter of the year will be nothing less than an emotional hurricane. Marital life will observe tidal patterns. While sensuality and sex appeal will rise, it may not help you commence a long-term genuine relationship, but momentary flings. Chances of extra marital affair are high during the period from December 3 to December 11, 2016. Things would become further troublesome on the marital front from December 12 until the end of the year. Clashes and conflicts with spouse will keep you bothered. During the period from December 29, 2016 to the whole of January 2017, you may observe a sudden increase in intensity. This could make you touch extremes in love relationships, from moments of heightened romance to abhorrent clashes and discords. Overall, this is a good year for love relationships but married couples need to pay extra attention to calm down their emotional whirlpool in order to lead a peaceful marital life. You may also like Love Cartography Report to find out the power location where you will find love. What will my life partner be like is another intuitive reading to know the physical and psychological description of your spouse or love partner. 

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