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Virgo Ascendant

Virgo Ascendant

Natives with Virgo Ascendant sign or Rising sign tend to be a little serious and reserved, almost opposite to Leo. They do not prefer to speak their intentions or achievements aloud. Rather, they tend to work behind the scenes and never take the center stage.

They are quite organized, disciplined, and clever and this aura of intelligence is quite apparent in their personality.

Observation and analysis give them a sense of satisfaction. They always take time to scrutinize things before accepting them. They make observational remarks upon people and situations.

They also take time to form relationships, as they tend to first analyze people. Sometimes, these natives are also criticizing in nature.

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Virgo Ascendant or Rising sign people are highly aware of their bodily needs, especially concerning what they wear and what they consume. They tend to follow a disciplined diet and workout regime.

Little discomfort and change in the environment lead them to health issues like allergies. They are indeed quick to sense and be affected by little changes in their surroundings. They tend to get attracted towards a workout that enables seamless sync of mind, body, and soul.

If a native is born in Virgo Ascendant or Kanya Lagna, he or she will have an acute attention to detail. Their observation is strong so they tend to notice the little details that others often consider irrelevant.

At times due to their criticizing attitude, their relationships can suffer despite their inclination to project themselves as cool and collected.

They are the people who surprise you a lot, behaving in ways you least expect from them. Sometimes they would help you out when you don’t even ask. Sometimes they would take a stand for you, in a distant way though.

Virgo Ascendant or Kanya Lagna also tends to be a perfectionist. They just want things to be in order. This is because of their methodical and analytical approach towards people and things.

Virgo natives also tend to be cleanliness freaks. They want everything to be clean, their body, soul as well as environment.

There is also a tint of self-doubt. These natives are not sure of their abilities even if they are very capable. They always feel that they lack in something, or they are not good enough for a particular task.

No matter what, Virgo ascendant natives tend to be loyal, intellectual, and fun in a quirky way. They usually look younger than their age.