Virgo Ascendant

Virgo ascendant individuals are practical, intuitive and straightforward about their thoughts and tend to overthink about situations to ensure they achieve perfection in everything they do.

Virgo Ascendant


Virgo ascendant is the sixth zodiac sign and its expansion on the zodiac circle measures from 150-180 degrees. You are very practical and calm by nature and well described as the ‘perfectionist’ sign of the zodiac circle. Virgo ascendants are very responsible by nature who feel contended in helping others. You are very observant by nature where your keen observation of people and situations helps you to tackle problem with flexible and practical approach. You are intelligent and prefer to work quietly away from the limelight.

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Mercury is considered as your ascendant lord, that represent your intelligence, mentality, analytical skills, learning power, nervous system, body language, impression, and the strong desire to explore and acquire knowledge in your horoscope. It governs Virgo and Gemini as your ruling signs, ruled by Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, and Chitra nakshatra.
Mercury is exalted in the Virgo sign, debilited in Pisces sign. Mercury shares friendly relationship with Venus, Sun and Rahu and opposition with Moon where it shares neutral relationship with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Virgo is a practical earth sign, who have a grounded and practical nature with good understanding of others’ feelings. You are very caring towards your friends and family. You have the unique quality of sensing when something is not right in your immediate environment, but you do not disclose your disturbance; you take your time to analyze situations and people before responding to them.

Virgo Ascendant: Characteristics

Virgo Ascendant Facial Appearance/Physical Features

The Virgo ascendant is ruled by Mercury which gives you an attractive personality with a brilliant aura of light and warmth that surrounds them and makes them easily connect with others. Your kindness and compassion in your eyes is your special characteristic feature.

Virgo ascendant men are moderately tall and have an attractive personality and broad forehead. They possess a perfectly proportionate body, neither too muscular nor too lean with long straight nose and mysterious smile.

Virgo ascendant women possess a delicate body frame with beautiful personality and striking facial features. They usually have fair colour, sharp pointed nose, full lips, and medium height with soft pinkish glow on their skin.

Virgo Ascendant: Personality

Virgo ascendant gives you the unique ability of being a quite observer who can stand back and analyze the events/people with detail and voice your opinion when you are sure of the facts yourself. You are very talented as your working skills reflect your perfeconist attitude but you dislike being the centre of attraction and like to work in your own space. You belong to the earth sign which makes you practical and reliable that makes everyone approach you in the hour of need. You can be a very good supporter but on the other hand you can be very mean opponents if you are challenged negatively.

Practical and Intuitive: You have the unique ability to judge the others people’s thinking process or the ability to analyze any situation in detail by just observing due to your strong intuition. You have the ability to maintain your calm and composure in any adverse situation, where you step back to observe matters of concern with an optimistic outlook.

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Overthinker: You are usually a calm person on the exterior, but you tend to over think on the concerned matters with excess depth that reveals you become insecure due to over thinking that usually leads to you being stressed and overanxious.

Straightforward: You are very straightforward in your approach towards others. You don’t have the ability to filter your dislikes towards other people and tend to give clear indication to them to leave your company.

Over Organized: You have the tendency to plan your work, where you like things to work in an organized manner and have the desire to work in better organization. You have the initiative to work perfectly in accordance with your planning and any delay in the organized work can disturb your calm state of mind.

Controlling in Relationships: You have the strong desire for your relationships to work in accordance with your expectations. You have the flair of being possessive in love and love to control your partner according to your wishes, which can create conflicts in your personal relationships.

Very Critical: You have the flair of observing the situations and people with minute details, where this attitude is very progressive for your profession, but it may be an annoying trait in your relationships. You have the habit of judging and observing the people you care and love.

Virgo Ascendant: Love Life

Virgo ascendants individuals are easily attracted by love and compassion, but you have the habit of analyzing the pros and cons of your love relationships, so you take your time and pace to agree to settle in any relationship. Being a perfectionist, you have high standards when it comes to relationships and expect your partner to reciprocate your feelings with the same intensity. You should keep your expectations realistic for the smooth working of relationships.

Virgo Ascendant: Compatibility in Relationships

The most compatible sign for you are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn for friendship and romantic relationships, where they have the ability to understand and take similar approaches in life, such as security in relationships with Taurus, nurturing and care with Cancer, similar preferences in life with Scorpio, and natural rapport on the work front with Capricorn.


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Virgo Ascendant: Career

Mercury is your career lord, which makes you intelligent and analytical and hard working as you crave perfection in your career ventures. You love to work hard with excellence and perfection in all your tasks on the work front, and also expect the same from the people who work for you or with you. You are a quite leader motivating your team with your actions rather than words, where you love to perform your work with excellence and precision. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, which can give you career success in finance, investigation and digital research.

Virgo Ascendant: Health

You will have good health throughout your life. Good health is your priority and it is the way of life you choose to live. You like being well groomed and love to stay physically healthy by following a disciplined life with good eating habits and exercise regime for a better lifestyle. You will have the inclination to try out different forms of exercise rather than adhering to one routine. You love to enjoy different cuisine in food but it is essential maintain balance in your dietary habits.

Virgo Ascendant: Psychological Traits

  • You tend to be a perfectionist. You may not appear outwardly emotional but can be very sensitive internally to matters of concern.
  • You can be very sensitive and tend to over analyze situations/ relationships and can criticize yourself and others over faults leading to emotional sensitivity.
  • You have the ability to solve problems as you have the innate quality of thinking analytically and in a solution-oriented way towards problems.
  • You are an achiever who works and acts with purpose in any given situation. However, on the other hand, you are very good at concealing your nervousness over any matter.
  • You are organized in your work and can be straightforward to voice your opinions if you do not like any person or appreciate their work.

Impact of Various Planets in Virgo Ascendant

Mercury in Virgo Ascendant: Mercury here indicates that you possess a keen and analytical mind, which gives you the ability to express yourself with precision. Your practical methods help you work with perfection in your personal and professional life. Your approach in your professional life is with attention to working details with sense of responsibility and authority. But be cautious that you do not go overboard in expressing your expectations to others.

Venus in Virgo Ascendant: Venus here blesses you with good wealth and fortune where you have good relationships with your family and partner with their unconditional support in adverse situations. You are likely to get involved in long journey plans that may be professional or leisure time to spend with your loved ones. You enjoy good name, fame and wealth in your life based on the placement of Venus in your horoscope.

Mars in Virgo Ascendant: Mars here makes you active and you work with more efforts and actions to achieve success in life. You will work hard and make your subordinates work hard for you, which will create obstacles for you on your professional front. Strong attitude and communication with your partner and loved ones will bring discontent in your relationships.

Jupiter in Virgo Ascendant: Jupiter here indicates that hard work and patience are the best mediums to manifest your ambitions. You are focused on helping others in their endeavours, which brings you a sense of contentment. You are very capable on your professional front due to your natural ability professional management.

Saturn in Virgo Ascendant: Saturn will make you shrewd and innovative, but you struggle to believe in your own calibre due to your critical nature, which can lead to self doubt and excess worry. You need to work on your over expectations of being perfect in all your tasks and managing good relationships with everyone perfectly.

Moon in Virgo Ascendant: Strong Moon here will bless you with a strong intuitive power, where your slow and steady approach will help you to achieve your goals. You are caring, responsible and practical in your nature that brings success in your life. On the other hand, weak or afflicted Moon in your horoscope can make you over critical.

Sun in Virgo Ascendant: Sun here gives you the strength of having an individual approach with a calculative mind and strong communication to express your thoughts to others very effectively. Expertise in writing is possible with this placement as Sun in Virgo makes you more inquisitive and you like to pay attention to the details on the matter of concern to solve the problems with your intelligence.


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Virgo Ascendant

Virgo ascendant individuals are practical, intuitive and straightforward about their thoughts and tend to overthink about situations to ensure they achieve perfection in everything they do.

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