Pisces Ascendant

Pisces is the last zodiac sign and the last water sign of the horoscope. It symbolizes over-sensitivity and empathy.

Pisces Ascendant


Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign and its expansion on the zodiac circle measures from 330 - 360 degrees. You as Pisces ascendant individual have compromising and honest nature where you have two bends in your emotional quotient. Your one side reveals that as a dreamer, you believe in unconditional love where you will support your partner in need. On the other hand, you need emotional support throughout your life and your mental strength increases with maturity, as you are inclined towards spirituality.

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Jupiter is considered as your sign lord that symbolizes wisdom, abundance, sincere and optimistic attitude, straightforward and adventurous nature in your horoscope. It governs Pisces and Sagittarius as its ruling signs. Pisces sign is ruled by Revati nakshatra. Jupiter is exalted in the Cancer sign, debilitated in Capricorn. Jupiter shares a friendly relationship with Sun, Moon, Mars and opposition with Mercury and Venus where it shares neutral relationship with Saturn and Ketu.

Pisces is water sign, where Jupiter blesses you with pleasant disposition, good health and an inner strength and the ability to resolve impossible situations.

Pisces Ascendant: Characteristics

Pisces Ascendant Facial Appearance/Physical Features

Pisces ascendant has intensity in their eyes which look dreamy and little hooded as you are holding secrets in them. You are blessed with peaceful persona which excludes lot of emotions simultaneously. You have a serene and attractive behavior pattern with others that bring peace and tranquility in your immediate envoirment.

  • Pisces ascendant men have sensational and intellectual personality with average height, well-built body and dreamy eyes to captivate your attention. They have charming personality good and loyal partners with strong physical intimacy towards their lover or better half.
  • Pisces ascendant women have a slim figure attractive body with average height, very soft and delicate hands, flawless fair skin to medium brown complexion that gives the first impression of being shy and reserved in nature.

Pisces Ascendant: Personality

You as Pisces ascendant individual are emotional beings with flexible and helping nature and adapt yourself quickly according to others. You have a good nature and you do not get aggressive very quickly, where your optimistic attitude makes you overlook practical reality of situations and relationships which makes you an easy target for betrayal by others.

Duality: Your sign has the symbol of two fishes chasing each other’s tails moving in circles which depicts the constant movement of your mind and emotions. Your mind is connected to your consciousness, where you have your own world of spiritual connectivity. On the other hand, your conflicting thoughts and emotions make you strive for materialistic comforts of life where you want to indulge your energies pleasures, alcohol and waste your time with an escapist attitude.

Shy not Unintelligent: You as a Pisces ascendant individual have a reserved personality but you are capable of balancing your emotions well according to the situation. You cannot be fooled easily, as you have the awareness of all the activities going around you.

Compassionate: You love to help the underprivileged ones by making extra efforts for their welfare. They care about the feelings of others so much that they get over-indulged in the life of others and unconsciously get hurt.

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Over Sensitive and Emotional: You have the art of balancing your emotions in public, but your over-sensitive nature disturbs you mentally on a personal level. So it is not easy for you to connect in love relationships.

Passive-Aggressive: You will not share your dislike with a person through straightforward communication, but will withdraw in actions and the other person will come to know your feelings through other sources or people around you.

Jealous Lovers: You are a very loving partner in love relationships where you will take care of your partner with extreme kindness and understanding but once you feel insecure in relationships, you can react very strongly and negatively even if it a public place or you are with your social group/friends.

Intelligent and Successful: You are wise and capable of deep learning and research-related subjects due to your inherent wisdom. Jupiter here blesses you with the ability to learn quickly once you have made up your mind.

Pisces Ascendant: Love Life

The love life of Pisces ascendant will be drawn towards strong bond in love relationships where you tend to be dreamy, sensitive and intuitive partner, caring and selfless towards your partner that can bring deep emotional connections. You may have the initiative to go out of the way to surprise your partner with thoughtful gestures or pleasant gift surprises or meeting arrangements over lunch/dinner.

Pisces Ascendant: Compatibility in Relationships

The emotional compatibility of Pisces ascendant is very well connected with Cancer and Scorpio due to their mutual emotional intelligence and nurturing instinct that makes you good lover for whom understands the needs of your partner.

You are pure-hearted and honest in your relationships till the time you don’t feel insecure or challenged in your relationships.


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Pisces Ascendant: Career

You are very creative, but you are not very materialistic by nature and prefer to work in that environment in which you connect emotionally with others. Your natural charm connects you with people and you have the ability of building strong professional/personal relationships. Due to the planetary influence of Jupiter in your horoscope you can have great career in education industry, hospitality industry actors, musicians, artists, lyricists, poets, directors, designers, psychologists, counselors, teachers, healers, spiritual guides, nurses, and caretakers.

Pisces Ascendant: Health

You have good health throughout life with vigilance. Physically, you will have a good health but personal negligence over yourself may lead to frequent health issues related to eyes, digestion and psychological disorders like stress and anxiety due to your oversensitive nature. You have to careful in your dietary habits and practice good exercise and mediation regime to stay healthy in your life.

Pisces Ascendant : Psychological traits

  • You are generally content by nature with the generous feeling to share and give where your intentions are good and try to help others to the best of your ability.
  • You have the habit of retreating in your shell when you feel challenged in your relationships, or you are not able to handle any situation, giving you an escapist attitude over challenges which will make you miss the experience of life due to having a non-involvement attitude during that phase.
  • Learn to deal with your conflicting emotions and being oversensitive over the matter of concern. Meditation and involvement in spiritual practices can tone down your anxiety levels.
  • Unproductive thoughts can consume your tremendous amount of energy that can leave you tired and fatigued.
  • Choosing your options wisely is very essential for your progress or else you will be living with an illusion of success that will not only sap your physical energy but will drain you mentally.
  • You have the innate quality of nurturing and taking care of your loved ones in relationships but over-expectations of reversal of feelings will leave you discontented.

Impact of Various Planets in Pisces Ascendant

Jupiter in Pisces ascendant: Jupiter here blesses you with optimistic outlook and intelligent approach which makes you get quickly connected with others in relationship in the personal and professional front. Your hard work and efforts blesses you with good recognition and gains. You have strong sense of ethics and moral values, but on the other side, it can give you strong indulgence in pleasures and excesses that can lead to weight gain and can affect your health adversely.

Mars in Pisces ascendant: Mars here gives new direction to your aggressiveness and actions where you stand for the justice of the right cause for others. You perform good deeds and share good relationship with your family and spouse/partner. You have innate spiritual inclinations that initiate you to help others with your strength and knowledge.

Venus in Pisces ascendant: Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus here gives success with efforts that is backed up by cooperation from your siblings/partner/mother. You are likely to get benefit of land and property from mother and unconditional support from your elders/spouse for your overall progress, but vigilance is essential in all walks of life.

Mercury in Pisces ascendant: Mercury here blesses you with good communication where you are like to have good gains from your mother /spouse related to property, vehicles or inheritance, but it may give you strained a love/marital relationship. Caution is advised for you to remain moderate in your work and relationships as going overboard may bring setbacks in your gains over the work front and personal relationships.

Moon in Pisces ascendant: Moon here brings beneficial results for you where you have the chances of earning through your creativity that will give you financial stability. Moon here makes you practical in the matters of concern thus rewarding you with mental peace and emotional stability.

Sun in Pisces ascendant: Sun here gives you good professional sense where you’re daring attitude will make you win over your rivals with your independent and tactful approach. Sun here blesses you with courage and you make your efforts to make your family life progressive and at times make excess expenditure to make them happy and satisfied.

Saturn in Pisces ascendant: Saturn here gives you wealth, fame and recognition in the later part of your life. You will have to work hard initially for social and professional status and reputation with initial struggles, but you are likely to gains success later. Taking care of your health with good exercise and diet regime will be beneficial for your health. Being patient is essential for harmony and peace in relationships.


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