Sagittarius Ascendant

Sagittarius is the second of the fire signs which represents impulsiveness. It is ruled by Jupiter which represents wisdom. You are carefree, like freedom and exploring the world.

Sagittarius Ascendant


Sagittarius ascendant is the ninth zodiac sign and its expansion on the zodiac circle measures from 240: 270 degrees. You have a confident personality and carefree nature with optimistic perspective and the constantly need to explore your surroundings with freedom.

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Jupiter is considered as your sign lord that symbolizes wisdom, abundance, sincere and optimistic attitude, straightforward and adventurous nature in your horoscope. It governs Sagittarius and Pisces as its ruling signs. It is ruled by Purvashada nakshatra (constellation). Jupiter , is exalted in Cancer, and debilitated in Capricorn. Jupiter shares friendly relationship with Sun, Moon, Mars and opposition with Mercury and Venus where it shares neutral relationship with Saturn and Ketu.

Sagittarius is a dual fiery sign, so you are adventurous by heart and never waiver in your desire to travel to new destinations. You love to associate with intellectual people in relationships who can match your desire of constant change and your relationship will prosper with your partner’s, vibrant connection and mental stimulation with you.

Characteristics about Sagittarius Ascendant individuals

Sagittarius Ascendant Facial Appearance/Physical Features

  • Sagittarius ascendants are epitome of perfection with the ability of creating innovative ideas in their work front and connecting well with the partners that have stimulating and intellectual personalities.
  • Sagittarius ascendant men are classy and handsome with athletic body, fair to olive gold complexion, tall height and dense hair that quotes the ideal definition of perfect personality appearance.
  • Sagittarius ascendant women have sparkling eyes with compassion, perfect body contours with attractive personality, flawless fair skin and melodious voice that attract others towards them.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Personality

You as Sagittarius ascendant are very easy going person who possess immense courage and wisdom to perform well in their personal and professional front but you have problem in working under others’ authority.

Extremely optimistic: You have the ability of maintaining your optimistic and positive attitude even in adverse situations. It is very rare for others not to become positive in your presence.

Focused and Career Oriented: You have the innate quality of wisdom and innovative ideas that blesses you with wealth and success in career. You are not only talented, but also very hard working for achieving your goals.

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Compassionate: You have the talent of making people feel welcomed and respected and you can engage the most introverted person into mutual conversation with you with ease.

Religious: You are extremely spiritual where your belief in almighty is very strong and you believe that success is assured with hard work when it is backed up by luck.

Great Sense of Humor: You have great sense of humor where your flair for constant change makes you adapt with others mentality quickly and you have the ability to attract others with your positivity.

Practical: You are very practical by nature and never take important decisions in the overflow of emotions. You will take calculated risks after analyzing the pros. and cons. of any situation.

Moody and Restless in Relationship: You are very practical and logical in your daily routine, life but you can be moody and get carried away by emotions when you are in love relationship with your partner.

Loyal Lovers: If you are involved in any love relationship no temptation can make you cheat on your partner. You have strong sense of loyalty towards your partner.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Love Life

You as Sagittarius ascendant individual are very loyal and committed towards your partner. You possess and extrovert personality but when it comes in expressing your emotions you tend to get reserve in your nature. You get attracted by the intellectual and intelligent quotient of your partner rather than physical appearance. Your over: expectations from your partner in understanding your feelings may lead to misunderstanding with him/her.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Compatibility in Relationships

You as Sagittarius individual can have challenging situations with your partner in love relationships due to your stringency in expressing your feelings to your partner. You take your own time in getting connected with your partner emotionally. You have the possibility of sharing good compatibility with Gemini, Libra, Aquarius ascendants due to their similar traits as your ascendant.


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Sagittarius Ascendant: Career

Sagittarius individual thrive in careers which have the possibility of new experiences, and this innovation is reflected in your career aspirations. You are not satisfied in doing routine job and need constant change on the professional front that can keep you engage, so careers in academics, law or journalism, social work or advisory roles, sales and marketing suit your personality. Your natural charm connects you with people and you have the ability of building strong professional relationships. You are keen on taking calculated professional risks that will help you to grow and progress professionally.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Health

You have good health throughout life with vigilance over your eating habits. You have the habit of indulging yourself in eating oily/spicy food and drinking or partying out, increases the risk of being obese. You may be prone to developing high cholesterol or back pain due to being overweight and the lack of exercise or bad dietary schedule. You have to careful in your dietary habits and practice good exercise regime to stay healthy in your life.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Psychological traits

  • You have the flair of looking on the positive side of any adverse situations where you are enthusiastic about learning new things, having new experiences and being optimistic in your overall attitude.
  • You love to explore new ideas, things in your work front and sentiments in your love relationships but taking responsibilities in commitment or taking your ideas to completion can be a struggle for you.
  • You can be straightforward at times in your communication with others over matters of concern, where you end up making rude comments over other’s opinions and that can backfire at you.
  • Your opinions are considered valuable and innovative by others but at times they lack depth and details that are important over the matter of discussion.
  • You as Sagittarius individual are very practical, but you shy away from displaying your emotions and feelings. You have concern over the welfare of your loved ones, but this concern is not visible on the surface.
  • You have the ability of tackling all the events one by one in natural flow and rarely lose your optimistic attitude which helps you to live your life to the fullest by keeping your humor alive even in most tough situations. You have the ability to fill the room with fun and laughter without being the centre of attraction.

Various Planets in Sagittarius Ascendant

Jupiter in Sagittarius ascendant: Jupiter here blesses you with optimistic outlook, good health, courageous and intelligent approach which makes you get quickly connected with others in relationship in the personal and professional front. Your hard work and efforts are supported by luck which blesses you with good recognition and gains. You have strong connectivity with your spouse/partner in love relationship and you are likely to get opportunities to travel/settlement abroad.

Saturn in Sagittarius ascendant: You have egoistic behaviour with others due to your inner insecurities in your love life. You get the opportunity to win over your rivals or win a legal case, but here Saturn does not favour harmony in personal relations and may cause separation from your loved ones. Taking care of your health with good exercise and diet regime will be beneficial for your health. Being patient is essential for harmony and peace in relationships.

Mars in Sagittarius ascendant: Mars here makes you very strong, determined, hardworking, with a good decision power & vitality for being action: oriented to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. You will have happiness from mother, inheritance, good relationships in love/marriage and success in career with profits in partnership. Mars here makes you creative and logical.

Venus in Sagittarius ascendant: Venus here blesses you with luxuries and wealth from maternal side. Despite having wealth, you become greedy and this desire of yours can lead you to the loss of your status and good will. Venus here blesses you with abundance of wealth, but it also brings distortion in your personal relationships.

Mercury in Sagittarius ascendant: Mercury here in Sagittarius has the power to give you good earnings from your career and with a good reputation. You share a good bond with your loved ones and partner in personal relationships. Caution is advised for you to remain moderate in your work and relationships as going overboard may bring setbacks in your gains over the work front and personal relationships.

Moon in Sagittarius ascendant: Moon here blesses you with the positivity of mind and thoughts despite initial confusion related to the matters of life. However, your constant positive approach towards life helps you overcome your loss and move forward in life by overcoming your emotional disturbance.

Sun in Sagittarius ascendant: Sun here is the most beneficial planet for you as the Sagittarius ascendant individual and blesses you with the inclination for higher studies, spiritual consciousness where you love to be protective in relationships. You have professional success and your hard work is backed up by your luck for your overall success. You have the ability to lead others and impress them with your innovative ideas and lead them as a team for collective success.


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