Libra Ascendant

Libra ascendant individuals are curious beings with a strong sense of justice. You are creative and intelligent and are generally known as the ‘peacemaker’ by your connections.

Libra Ascendant


Libra ascendant is the seventh zodiac sign and its expansion on the zodiac circle measures from 180-210 degrees. You value balance, harmony and diplomacy in relationships and can be well described as a “cooperative and compromising” sign of the zodiac circle. You emphasize on your strong aesthetic sense, positive reception for romance, and your importance on peace and harmony.

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Venus is considered as your ascendant lord, cooperative and compromising in nature that symbolizes beauty, desire, wealth, luxuries, and relationships in your horoscope. It governs Libra and Taurus, as its ruling signs. Venus is ruled by Chitra, Swati and Vishakha nakshatra (constellations). Venus is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo. Venus shares friendly relationships with Mercury, Saturn and opposes Sun and Moon, while it shares neutral relationships with Mars and Jupiter.

Your symbol is ‘the Scales’ where Venus is the planet of love, beauty and values and due to your air element, you are deeply committed to maintaining decorum and balance in situations/ your relationships. You can struggle with indecision for the fear of upsetting others, but it is essential for you to remember that being truthful is more important in any situation or relationship.

Characteristics about Libra Ascendant Individuals

Facial appearance/physical features

Taurus ascendant is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so both men and women generally have attractive looks with good charm in their personality.

Libra men have an extremely handsome personality, usually quite tall with an athletic body, symmetrical forehead, seductive eyes, and fair to tanned skin that attracts others towards them, especially women.

Libra women have a penetrating gaze that can read your intentions well and have slim bodies, flawless skin that makes them look younger than their actual age. They generally have medium height, attractive personalities and long dense hair.

Libra Ascendant: Personality

Having a Libra ascendant gives you a pleasant personality where your appearance and first impression leave a significant impact on others. Your social behavior plays an important role in defining your personality, where you are constantly motivated to maintain tranquility in your personal and professional life/relationships. You are always ready to flow naturally with events with a positive mindset even in adverse situations due to your belief to cross bridges and move on in life. This does not indicate that you don’t possess feelings or get hurt, but you are all about positivity with cooperation and compromising to move forward despite any setbacks. You are usually a well-mannered, warm and good-natured person, who hardly raises their voice until you are challenged.

Creative and Intelligent: You have immense love for artistic flair, which blesses you with creativity and unending passion and appreciation for beauty around you; this is due to the planetary influence of Venus.

Strong Sense of Justice: You are a positive evaluator with unbiased opinions over matters of concern, which makes others trust your judgment over any particular event/relationship.

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Curious Beings: You have the strong desire to love new things and explore new cultures, which indicates that if your life is partnered with them, it can bring excitement in your love relationships and new experiences in life that may be due traveling or social exposure.

Peace Makers: You are generally intelligent and use your logic to resolve any dispute, which reveals that you believe that violence and aggression are not the solution to any problem. Solutions are often created through cooperation and compromise.

Straightforward: You are generally in favor of resolving problems with mutual consent and adjustments. However, when challenged strongly, you have the willpower to have an unbiased discussion that is straightforward about the concerned matter, without any hesitation.

Impatient and Restless: You are logical and rational in your daily life over concerning matters but your entire personality changes in love relationships, where you have over expectations from your partner to reciprocate your love with the same intensity as yours or you start feeling restless and frustrated.

Libra Ascendant: Love Life

You are very dedicated towards making peace for others in their conflicts. As a natural activist, you are always present for your partner and make it your priority to be with them in the hour of need without a need for their acknowledgement. Love means that you have the right to be involved in every matter of your partner, even if you are not involved directly in that issue of your partner. You tend to align with those people who share your values in love relationships.

Libra Ascendant: Compatibility in Relationships

The most compatible signs for you are Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius. Gemini and Libra connect well with you due to easy rapport and light approach in relationships. On the other hand, Leo and Libra are balanced, which gives them a strong understanding of routine life.

You would blend well with Sagittarius in relationships due to them being understanding, as both air and fire signs give growth and expansion through innovation and hard work.

You and a partner with an Aquarius ascendant will have the ability to work in coordinated silence and cooperation on the work front.


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Libra Ascendant: Career

Moon is the planet that governs the 10th house of your career prospects, which naturally makes you imaginative. You will prosper in career spaces that allow you to work as creative designers or consultants. You can also work well in the field of hospitality, as you have a strong nurturing instinct for others. It is difficult for you to work continuously for an extended period, so it is beneficial for you to work with your freedom and space for better performance.

Libra Ascendant: Health

You will have robust health with good vitality and health throughout your life, with the ability to recover quickly from any illness. You should be extra cautious towards kidney disorders by staying hydrated with an ample liquid intake in your daily life. You may have sensitive skin and keeping a watch over your dietary habits will be beneficial for your overall good health.

Libra Ascendant: Psychological Traits

  • You are well known as a peacemaker as you have the insight to connect with others in their respective positions and are well liked by others due to your unbiased decisions.
  • You have an essential requirement of having a balance in your life events and relationships; so, you are vulnerable to losing your internal balance very quickly. You become quite restless until the time you regain stability in yourself.
  • Responsibility is another component that you take very seriously in your everyday life, and you can go beyond limits for the benefit of others.
  • You do not like complications around you and any type of betrayal and imbalance in your life events and relationships affects you negatively. You need honesty and trust in all your events and relationships around you.

Impact of Various Planets in Libra Ascendant

Venus in Libra Ascendant: Venus here gives you a certain charisma in your personality that goes beyond your physical appearance. Venusians energy in your ascendant exhibits the visible love for beautiful surroundings and luxury in life but it also gives you a good social reputation. On the other hand, sudden changes in your life bring instability due to obstacles that come unannounced in your life due to Venus’ placement in the house of obstacles in your horoscope.

Mars in Libra Ascendant: Mars here makes you possessive and insecure in love/marriage relationships. Strong Mars makes you a daring person, which will help you win over your rivals and give you gains in your ventures. On the other hand, you may feel insecure in taking any risks for progress in life with weak Mars in your horoscope.

Jupiter in Libra Ascendant: Jupiter in Libra ascendant may occasionally make you selfish, greedy and unforgiving when you are being challenged by others. But mostly it is likely to make you strong, wise and emotionally connected with your family and partner, allowing you to keep your family safe and well-provided by your efforts. You will be courageous and help the less privileged ones. You will make good gains from foreign trade and inheritance with the ability to overpower your rivals.

Saturn in Libra Ascendant: Saturn here blesses you with a balanced and calm mind. You can earn well with your creative intelligence while well-coordinated efforts are bound to give you progress in life. You will have a good income from passive earnings from property. You are likely to have good relationships on your personal front over love/family matters.

Mercury in Libra Ascendant: Mercury shares a good bond with Venus in Libra ascendant, so it will bless you with spiritual enlightenment that will make you more caring towards others. This placement helps you earn well and gain a good reputation during its period. You are likely to get benefits from endeavors due to your luck and intelligent efforts.

Moon in Libra Ascendant: Moon is the career lord here and you are likely to have emotional approach on the professional front that will create problems and imbalance in your professional life. However, you will do well in careers that are related to taking care and nurturing others (hospitality).

Sun in Libra Ascendant: Sun in Libra will make you feel lazy with less energy and initiative in your routine work. You will have less confidence in your caliber and look around for the opinion of others. You may blame others for your failure or disappointments in your relationships.


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